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  1. Geometric Placement?

    I'm hoping that this will be the 'something new' for console players, with the TOT update coming in the near future. **Fingers crossed**
  2. Redeeming Funko codes on PS4

    It used to be there...but Sony has too many restrictions allowing them to have it. So, it's not Klei's call.....
  3. Gotcha'....I see now... Don't mind me...been a long day at work... Thanks again!
  4. So, I'm a little confused about this statement. Will console NOT be getting TOT, but something else? Either way, I'm excited....just a little confused at the moment.
  5. Niceeee!!!! Finally! Now I just have to wait for the PS4 update to happen! Hopefully sooner than a few weeks!
  6. Poll on Lag

    I play split screen pretty often with my girlfriend, and we have lag at times....but it isn't game breaking. The only time the lag gets pretty bad is when you're around mobs in high numbers. So, we completely take he killer bees out of the game....the lag with them were pretty game breaking. We try not to let the beefalo herd numbers get too crazy. We tend to run to the beefalo for protection from the hounds until we get the tooth traps placed, but if the beefalo numbers are too high (more than 6 or so), then the lag comes....especially with fire hounds. Frog rains used to be an issue, but it hasn't in a while. Try to keep your spider nest numbers low, too. I play on PS4, so I can't speak for XBox, but I Hope this helps.
  7. Mini signs on chests

    Yea, his set up is very nice!
  8. Mini signs on chests

    Does anyone else have problems accessing their chest if there's a mini sign attached to it? I've gotten around this by placing the sign a short distance away from it, but it looks stupid to me. When I try to open a chest, the sign is in the way, so it takes away from being able to quickly run up to a chest and grab something. I have you slowly inch around the chest until it's targeted. Not game breaking....just annoying.
  9. Wortox's Soul Hop stuck at mid range

    I don't think it's a bug. It's been like that since they released him. It's just one of the joys (punishments) that we go through for playing on console. Sadly.
  10. Something strange about the new what?
  11. [Game Update] - 154

    People actually do that? lol
  12. [Game Update] - 154

    That is one of the main reason's I came into the PS4 forums to see.... What about the retrofitting? Do we have to start a new world to get the complete update?
  13. [Poll] On Annoyances

    Kiting that darn MooseGoose!!!
  14. LOL.....me too! I'm already thinking that I know what it entails....