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  1. Why is online local co-op broken?

    Does the 2nd account have PS+? I believe that might be a thing now. My gf and I play local online co-op all the time. But i tried to play it with my daughter (no PS+) and it wouldn't let her join online.
  2. I think that EVERY THING that has bones should, at least, have a small chance of dropping bone shards. It could even be a 1% chance.
  3. Retrofitting world

    So, I finally got around to being able to play again....and I do have salt and cookie cutters! Thanks for responding. Hope everything gets fixed in everyone's world.
  4. Frickin' hounds!!!! (Venting)

    Although, the hounds aren't really a problem for me...I do run to the caves sometimes. Just so I don't have to deal with them. My girlfriend keeps the tooth traps stocked and loaded. lol
  5. Retrofitting world

    I'm not saying that my world is salt-free. I'd just noticed that my worlds didn't 'count down' for retrofitting, after the update. I haven't sailed around to see if there is any salt yet. I made a bridge over to the moon biome to avoid sailing. lol. I'll make a boat and let you know, when I get a chance.
  6. Frickin' hounds!!!! (Venting)

    Oops...I actually did mean Klaus....not Krampus. I'll fix that. And as for The Beard; I actually learned a lot from him when I first started playing DST, not knowing how long and misinformed a lot of his videos actually are.
  7. Frickin' hounds!!!! (Venting)

    Seems the same way for us. I try to remember when the last hound attack was before I start a fight....but I can never remember. lol And in her defense, for the Krampus fight....there were A LOT of hounds. lol.
  8. This is just my 'venting' post...... ......about those dang hounds! lol So, my girlfriend and I are playing, last night, in our day 600+ world.....Day 666, to be exact.....so what could go wrong, right? She's not really a 'fighter' in the game....and I'm not a pro either. She likes to stick around the base, making it look nice and neat. Well, it's the end of winter and she doesn't like to base build during the winter because of the snow on the ground....and she's standing around saying, "I don't know what to do!" So I say, "Wanna' go fight Klaus?" She's like, "Who?" I know, I know....day 666 and she doesn't know who Klaus is.... **face palm**. Well, I've never fought him either....but I do know who he is, and his kite pattern (for the most part). I send her a YouTube video for her to watch, and then we're off to prep for the fight. We get everything together, and summon Klaus... While I'm fighting him....yes....me..... She's running around in circles screaming, "Every time I get close to him, he raises his hand for the fire or ice! I wish he would stop doing that! He keeps crushing the fire pit! Oh, God...now the shadows are chasing me!!! OMG! " Well...after a long phase...he finally goes down...the first time. She screams, "We did it!!! No....You did it!!! Wait........What?!!! He's alive!!!" I'm like, "Did you watch the video?!" She says, "Yes....well, kinda....it was too long!" (Thanks, Beard777 ) So, Klaus is in his 2nd phase now.....and.....here comes the hounds!!! She's screaming, "Get to the tooth traps!" I'm screaming, "No!!! Just try to kill them!" She's screaming, "There's too many!!!" I'm yelling, "Don't let them get the deer!" She's screaming, "Why not?!" I'm shouting, "Because....if they die............" Annnnd that's when....one died I scream, "THAT'S WHY!!!! RUNNNNNN!!!!!" If you guys could have seen the TERROR in her face....lol Thanks, hounds.... I'll probably never get her to fight with me again.... Any stories out there of the hounds ruining your night? lol
  9. Deerclops hit registration issue

    I'm having the same issue too..... I just use my tooth traps to kill him now, because the hit registration is annoying now.
  10. Retrofitting world

    Yes....i meant the Salty Dog update. No countdown.... And Deer Clops also has a weird hit box now. He doesn't flinch at all when being hit.
  11. Retrofitting world

    I noticed that after the ROT them update came out....my system successfully updated, and the DST main menu changed, but my 600+ day world didn't do the retrofitting 'count down' when I started the game. I'm not sure if it has really retrofitting because I don't sail, so I haven't seen salt formations yet. Has anyone else's world not done it also?
  12. Deer Clops

    So, I've just encountered Deer Clops for the 1st time after the ROT update... I didn't defeat him yet (because I wasn't fully prepared, and had to run lol), but I did attempt to fight him.....and while I was fighting him, I noticed that he didn't flinch at all when I was hitting him. Nor were there any sounds of me actually hitting him while attacking. Has this happened to anyone else?
  13. Salt statues.

  14. tooth chainsaw

    Throw an electrical doodad in the recipe, and you may be on to something!
  15. Wait...you read the entire thing?!!! LOL Cheers to you....