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  1. No hollow trinkets

    Sorry....I was busier than I thought on Saturday. But I do have some good news. My gf and I played yesterday, and we defeated the Ancient Guardian!! She doesn't watch YouTube or Twitch DST videos, so she'd never seen him before. She was running up ahead of me and she screams, "WHAT'S THAT?!!!" I'm like, "What?!" She says, "IDK....IT'S HUGE! AND FAST!" I'm gonna' die... LOL
  2. No hollow trinkets

    Thanks! I should be available most of tomorrow... till about 6PM EST... I'll message you tonight... I also need help on the Metheus
  3. No hollow trinkets

    Thanks! I most definitely will contact you... I believe I actually sent you a message over the PS4 a while ago, but no response. lol PS4 Tag: DiceArt777
  4. No hollow trinkets

    I've yet to make it there. I play with my gf who is, pretty much, terrified of fighting (or maybe just terrible...lol...idk) .....so, sadly, I haven't fought Toad, Misery or Fuelweaver yet. We (mainly I) have done everyone else.
  5. No hollow trinkets

    That was the first thing that I thought......the clutter! I had trinkets, but not a lot......and absolutely no pumpkins, or pumpkin lanterns in my 1000+ world. Didn't bother me at all. lol.
  6. Gamę its lagging on split screen

    Embarrassing, isn't it?! I was trying to get my best friend into the game, and he died in the swamps (right over a tentacle) on Day 2. I'm like, "Don't worry...I'll get your stuff"...and the lag got me while kiting the same tentacle. He's like, "You're not very good at this either, are you?" LOL
  7. Broken Hit Detection

    LOL.... Yea, it's a little weird at first...but trust me, I played for about 20 minutes with the change and it soon became natural feeling. I went to take on Moose Goose just to practice kiting with the controls....it actually made the fight with her easier! And there was no broken hit detection, at all! Give it another try.....you'll get used to the controls.
  8. Broken Hit Detection

    Hmmmm. Have you tried turning Lag Compensation on?
  9. I need answers klei

    Oh my! I didn't even know that Castle Crashers had been remastered!!! If only I could tear myself away from DST....
  10. Broken Hit Detection

    Yea...I've actually been thinking of moving my bunny/spider farm about 2 screens away. And no problem! I'm willing to help anytime I can.
  11. I was thinking the same thing! "Lure plants, attack!"
  12. Broken Hit Detection

    So, speaking from my personal split-screen play, I would say pick up the random items laying on the ground (ie: gems, football helmets, web....etc). I've found that the more 'stuff' laying on the ground, and not in chests, can create the lag. I've noticed that Klei has tried to help by 'stacking' items together when they're in close proximity on the ground (off screen). For example....in my bunny/spider farm....if i don't go around there often, there's lots of web, rot, carrots, bunny tails and monster meat on the ground....which would cause A LOT of lag when you get near. But, when I go to gather the items, I noticed that if I pick up 1 web, it's actually a stack of 4 or 5....same for the other items. So, try not leave a lot of items laying on the ground....get them in chests. And see if that helps. And also.....try not to Starve!!!
  13. Broken Hit Detection

    I took your advice and turned off lag compensation, and it worked perfectly against Moose Goose...not one missed hit! It took me a while to get used to the 'weird feeling' of the control....but I quickly got the hang of it. Although, sometimes it feels as if I'm running in mud....even with the walking cane. But i also think that could only be in certain spots of my base where I already had heavy lag. Ex: My bunny, spider farm.....when there's a lot of loot on the ground from them fighting and I haven't picked it up in a while, the lag is terrible.
  14. Tooth Traps

    Does anyone else get as annoyed at picking up loot in the midst of the tooth traps as I do? (show of hands) There's gotta' be a better way of picking up items faster, while not accidentally picking up the traps. I think, If they switch the 'reset trap' button to "X" and 'pick up trap' to "O" , things could go a little smoother......since we can't just point and click on the items we want to grab. I main as Warmwood and like to gather the ashes after hound attacks; but trying to grab the ashes, before they blow away, is a pain. In a hurry, I end up picking up 2 or 3 traps! I'd rather, accidentally, reset a trap before picking one up and having to re place it. Does anyone else think the button-swap for traps could be done? @JoeW @PeterA
  15. Console Surprise

  16. [Game Update] - 165

    Same issue for me.... This is, actually, my 1st time playing during the Hollowed Nights event, and I was stoked to hear that they were increasing the rarity of the drops....and sadly....I haven't had reason to stay excited anymore. Same ol' drops.....brown pants....unprotective gloves....blah blah blah
  17. Deer Clops

    So, I've just encountered Deer Clops for the 1st time after the ROT update... I didn't defeat him yet (because I wasn't fully prepared, and had to run lol), but I did attempt to fight him.....and while I was fighting him, I noticed that he didn't flinch at all when I was hitting him. Nor were there any sounds of me actually hitting him while attacking. Has this happened to anyone else?
  18. Don't know if anyone reported this yet, but... If you have the buff from the merm king above ground, and your stats are low....you can enter the caves, and then return above ground and receive ALL of your stats back at 100%. I'm assuming it would be the same in reverse (Merm king in caves).
  19. I'll need help with the Metheus puzzle for sure.... anyone willing?
  20. Why is online local co-op broken?

    Does the 2nd account have PS+? I believe that might be a thing now. My gf and I play local online co-op all the time. But i tried to play it with my daughter (no PS+) and it wouldn't let her join online.
  21. I think that EVERY THING that has bones should, at least, have a small chance of dropping bone shards. It could even be a 1% chance.
  22. Retrofitting world

    So, I finally got around to being able to play again....and I do have salt and cookie cutters! Thanks for responding. Hope everything gets fixed in everyone's world.
  23. Retrofitting world

    I noticed that after the ROT them update came out....my system successfully updated, and the DST main menu changed, but my 600+ day world didn't do the retrofitting 'count down' when I started the game. I'm not sure if it has really retrofitting because I don't sail, so I haven't seen salt formations yet. Has anyone else's world not done it also?
  24. This is just my 'venting' post...... ......about those dang hounds! lol So, my girlfriend and I are playing, last night, in our day 600+ world.....Day 666, to be exact.....so what could go wrong, right? She's not really a 'fighter' in the game....and I'm not a pro either. She likes to stick around the base, making it look nice and neat. Well, it's the end of winter and she doesn't like to base build during the winter because of the snow on the ground....and she's standing around saying, "I don't know what to do!" So I say, "Wanna' go fight Klaus?" She's like, "Who?" I know, I know....day 666 and she doesn't know who Klaus is.... **face palm**. Well, I've never fought him either....but I do know who he is, and his kite pattern (for the most part). I send her a YouTube video for her to watch, and then we're off to prep for the fight. We get everything together, and summon Klaus... While I'm fighting him....yes....me..... She's running around in circles screaming, "Every time I get close to him, he raises his hand for the fire or ice! I wish he would stop doing that! He keeps crushing the fire pit! Oh, God...now the shadows are chasing me!!! OMG! " Well...after a long phase...he finally goes down...the first time. She screams, "We did it!!! No....You did it!!! Wait........What?!!! He's alive!!!" I'm like, "Did you watch the video?!" She says, "Yes....well, kinda....it was too long!" (Thanks, Beard777 ) So, Klaus is in his 2nd phase now.....and.....here comes the hounds!!! She's screaming, "Get to the tooth traps!" I'm screaming, "No!!! Just try to kill them!" She's screaming, "There's too many!!!" I'm yelling, "Don't let them get the deer!" She's screaming, "Why not?!" I'm shouting, "Because....if they die............" Annnnd that's when....one died I scream, "THAT'S WHY!!!! RUNNNNNN!!!!!" If you guys could have seen the TERROR in her face....lol Thanks, hounds.... I'll probably never get her to fight with me again.... Any stories out there of the hounds ruining your night? lol
  25. Frickin' hounds!!!! (Venting)

    Although, the hounds aren't really a problem for me...I do run to the caves sometimes. Just so I don't have to deal with them. My girlfriend keeps the tooth traps stocked and loaded. lol