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  1. I didn’t want to be the one to mention it, but this roadmap has nothing in it. It mentions the Forge and Gorge, while I, a console player, have never played the Forge or the Gorge at all. It mentions new content, but doesn’t say anything about it. More character refreshes..? Last years content was mostly fluff too.
  2. Playstation 5

    Do you plan to bring DST to PS5 and if so, will we be able to transfer our worlds over with us?
  3. Showcase for untidy bases [1]

    Geez I thought mine was messy. I think you win!
  4. The world is incredible. I think the new Wharf is really cool.
  5. 1:30 in and I want to disown that pet.
  6. crossplay

    I am dressed up like Willow right now. Oops I thought it said cosplay...
  7. Should Giants be able to destroy catcoons?

    Catcoons, volt goats, beefalo. Any type of creature that doesn’t respawn somehow should have a way to return to the world if they’re aren’t any left.
  8. Rock Lobster Relocation

    I use them for depth worm attacks. I think I planted 6 spider dens near them too.
  9. Rock Lobster Relocation

    I’m not 100% positive. If the 4 you grabbed, one was the leader, it should still work. As you move screen by screen with them, when you stop moving, you can tell by their behaviour. If they start roaming around the new area as home or if they want to go back to their last one. I Don’t think I ended up with 6 myself. Maybe only 4-5.
  10. Rock Lobster Relocation

    I believe they are similar to volt goats. They have a group of 6 and a leader for the group that they will try and return to. Or it’s similar to volt goats and it’s their spawn area they return to. I usually try to move a herd very very slowly. Feeding all 6 and making them follow me. I stop almost every single screen and make sure they aren’t trying to return. You have to change their spawn area again and again as you walk and they follow.
  11. Next Roadmap?

    I do like the addition of the seas and the lunar island. However, content wise, it’s just a bunch of added fluff. Nothing is necessary, or even that useful to the game. Malbatross feathers? A salt box? Nothing very exciting or game breaking. A new boss or 2 should be added to the lunar island or the seas. Next would be caves. The ancient gateway. It should probably lead us somewhere in the future. In my years of playing this game I feel like it’s content has been updated very slowly. Almost like 1 expansion in 3 years. I mentioned last year about PS5 and it will be here soon. I still wonder about Klei and DST plans for PS5.
  12. There are many different reasons. I own a Playstation 4, a Nintendo switch and a PC. I play games on PS4 and switch only. I believe PC is only a developers playground for games to come to consoles. Consoles are made for video games. Here’s a list of Sony’s PS4 and Nintendo Switch’s exclusive games. https://www.playstation.com/en-au/explore/ps4-exclusives/ https://www.gamespot.com/gallery/best-nintendo-switch-exclusive-games-updated-decem/2900-2122/19/
  13. Beefalo Pen, help

    I find it’s easier to do this with smaller herds, yet I always struggle with the process as well. A small herd of around 6 or more is much easier than when a herd reaches maximum size at 24. I wish there was more knowledge here about this. Beefalo move very slowly on their own.