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Cooked carrots satisfy way too much hunger

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Initially with the new update, I found myself seemingly starving quicker and having to adapt. This is a good thing. What keeps me playing is a challenge, not simply going through the motions. If I want to do that, I have my life ;)Anyway, with the new update, it's clear that there are a lot more carrots in the world. I went about setting traps and catching rabbits, then cooking the morsels for food. They satisfied me marginally. I figured, with all the carrots now, I should make catching rabbits a priority.That is, until I ran out of rabbits and only had a stack of carrots for the night. I was low on hunger and decided to cook them up. Well, they satisfied a great deal more hunger than the cooked morsels did... and I found myself completely frustrated that I bothered to catch and cook the rabbits at all. I estimate that it took, at most, 4 cooked carrots to get me from meager hunger to full. Whereas four or five morsels took me to about 3/4 full.This makes no sense. If you're going to up the spawn rate on the carrots, fix them.

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Carrots are very limited in original sandbox.. I personally love having a food that I can get excited to see pop up in my farm :p They nerfed eggplants so Carrots are all i really have to look forward to you know ;)

This does not address the issue I have raised at all.
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Carrots are 25 filling and most other veggies/small meats are 12. So yes they are double and it only takes 6 carrots to go from 0 stomach to full. But they don't respawn, and they will just all spoil if you run around picking up 50 of them by day 5. Also this isn't the final version and I suspect the final story mode will probably have less carrots, since Kevin said the story mode will be very difficult to beat. The current story mode for this patch already has a LOT less berry bushes.

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