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  1. Birdcage OP

    It's not exactly hard to survive on vegetables either with massive farms, and making a lot of dragonpie, stuffed eggplant, ratatouille and fist full of jam. Just as easy as you can on meats with meaty stew, meatballs and eggs and bacon. Then of course there's the honey foods...honey ham, honey nuggets, pumpkin cookies and taffy. And don't forget the fish and frog food if you manage a stockpile of those. The point is that each of these food sources should be balanced for early, mid and late game. certain recipes are more mid/late game recipes but most of them are accessible from very early on if that is your focus for food collection. And most of these food sources scale pretty well from early to late but there a couple problematic ones. Birdcage needs some sort of limitation to force you to have more birdcages if you really want an expansive meat feeding operation. It's really just a problem with meat conversions...I think vegetables into seeds is perfectly balanced since there is a built in time and cost factor in creating farms and waiting for the harvest. For meats all you need to do is plop that stuff into a crock pot.I think Tallbirds are a bit too easy to kill as well still being able to be stunlocked and very easy to separate and kill one at a time since there are never that many in the world to begin with.
  2. Birdcage OP

    How is it any different than any other type of farm? Pigs, Beefalo, spider, bee, or other vegetation farms. You build up resources the longer you survive in the game. It is a natural progression and it makes sense that the items scale from early to late game.and regular meat isn't any harder to get than monster meat. So it really isn't an issue of monster meat but rather that every other food generating item is scaled such that to gain resources on a massive level you need multiple copies of the item.
  3. Birdcage OP

    birdcages just need to scale better into lategame. make the bird refuse food when fed a thing or two like pigs do, and if you feed them monster meat it is an extra long wait. if you can collect the mats to make 10 birdcages, you have probably survived for quite awhile and built up a pretty big base.
  4. New Update

    chester was hotfixed like a week ago :)and we know that the next 3 patches are mostly story mode stuff, and balancing and maybe a few small goodies.
  5. you can use anything flammable as a fuse. trees, grass, etc. as the fire spreads it will light the gunpowder.edit: you don't need to plant it either just drop a trail of grass or whatever.
  6. my favorite recipe is 1 monster meat 3 berries for meatballs. though any combination of meat/veggies that don't use more than 1 monster meat or more than 3 meat overall (morsels counting 1/2) and doesn't use any special veggies for other recipes will product meatballs. 3+ meat will make meaty stew (again no more than 1 monster you can do monster meat+meat+2 morsels). Fistfuls of jam and ratatouille (vegetable stew) are also good. as mentioned they last longer so it helps you to stockpile food for the winter and not have it all spoil.edit: wiki link
  7. Oh good lord, people.

    Sorry, my idols are Maxwell, Dr House, and the Fonz. I'm bad to the bone and I was born that way.
  8. You probably won't be forced to restart in a new world, but you'll probably want to since they are constantly improving the world generation with each patch and some things added to the game will only show up at world generation which means you need to start a new world (or use the teleporter in an existing one) to see them.But the official release patch is the same as any other patch...steam automatically updates the game when an update is available. The developers have also committed to at least 6 months of updates post release. So you'll get new updates through september at least.
  9. Got The Ice Staff!

    Yeah because your sample size of 1 means a lot. Oh wait, it doesn't mean anything
  10. Carrots are 25 filling and most other veggies/small meats are 12. So yes they are double and it only takes 6 carrots to go from 0 stomach to full. But they don't respawn, and they will just all spoil if you run around picking up 50 of them by day 5. Also this isn't the final version and I suspect the final story mode will probably have less carrots, since Kevin said the story mode will be very difficult to beat. The current story mode for this patch already has a LOT less berry bushes.
  11. Don't Starve Winter strategies

    I haven't played the new patch yet but you don't need a crock pot right away. Just cooking carrots/berries/meat in a fire every other night is sufficient for the beginning. Carrots are pretty plentiful initially to help you transition into midgame. As far as recipes go, you can pretty much put any combination of veggies and meats in there and get something useful. I tend to make more meatballs than anything because its a simple least 1 meat (morsels/drumsticks count as half a meat) and the rest veggies. If you put at least 3 meat it turns into Meaty Stew instead which is really good but meat is harder to get early on.By the time you are ready to make crock pots, you should also be ready to make some turbo farms. Then you have a near limitless supply of veggies to cook with, since seeds are so easy to collect. 1 seed and ~1 day with a turbo plot and it becomes a veggie. You can also feed veggies to birds in a cage to have them make specific seeds, i.e. feed it pumpkin and it will give you pumpkin seeds. These seeds will only make pumpkins on a farm plot, instead of a random veggie.The only thing other than meats and veggies you can put in a crock pot anymore is honey which is great stuff later on and also twigs (combine with meat to make kabobs).The quality of food you put in the crock pot determines how good the result is as well. So less filling veggies will make less filling meals. Or if the food is spoiling it will be less filling.
  12. Basically it gives you a reason to pick flowers as you navigate/explore the world, and you now have to keep a straw roll on you in case of emergencies. Seems reasonable to me.
  13. There was a crashing bug discovered with wormholes in the preview stream last night. So it might take a little longer for them to fix that one before shipping the new version.