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Compatibility RoG+SW worlds with HAM

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16 hours ago, Duck228 said:

Why I can't combine HAM worlds with RoG+SW worlds? Will this feature appear in future versions of Hamlet?

you are right. Skyworthy doesn't allow file merging with old saves files like the Seaworthy.

I already reported this is in the bug tracker section BTW

one way to work around it is to:

  • leave main base intact in the dlc of your choice
  • IF your base is in RoG create a new SW compatible Hamlet world and viceversa
  • build a shadow manipulator as fast as possible. (U could take one precrafted)
  • find the Hamlet balloon and smash it for the Can of Silly Strings. Take it with you
  • build the Seaworthy (the one linking SW and RoG) and link the new world with the old save file. 
  • travel to main base and build the Skyworthy (to Hamlet) with the Can of Silly Strings
  • enjoy :)


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