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Canis' arts and doodles, I guess

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1 hour ago, 4 Da LOLs said:

that sounds legitimately fun to play ngl

This is like the fifth time someone said this to me today. As someone who prides themselves in their ability to design modded content, this puts a smile on my face.


Moving on, this...

I was bored.



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@BeroRoey spam liked all of these posts which made me remember that I have an art thread, so let me throw this in.

This here is a sprite mock-up for Wathom, the Abomination. He may look familiar as this character was an idea in my head ever since March. Thing is, Wathom is shaping up to be the mascot of Uncompromising Mode.

Funny story:

Once upon a time (as in last month), In the Uncomp discord's general chat, I was sharing all of the character sprite doodles that Ive made (every single one of them are in this thread). The idea of Wathom caught peoples' attention, and tthey said that they'd like to see him in-game in some way. So that got me thinking; The uncomp team and I have been entertaining the possibility of adding an Uncomp character for a while now but we never really put too much thought into it. However, Wathom took off like a rocket. He was generaly met with thumbs up by the team, so the next logical step forward was to announce it to the server. Wathom was met with a shocking amount of hype. So now here we are.

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I have returned to the hellhole that is the Klei Forums. I took a large break from DST in 2021 so I have no DST drawings worth sharing, so take this FNF GF image to show my progress since I've last posted.



Edit: Wait I haven't posted the modern sprites for 049 and 035, guess I can show those off.





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Also, these two! I revamped their portraits a few months ago. Needless to say, I feel like I have a pretty strong grasp on the DST style now. Only took me a couple of years.

Here's some assets for an Engineer Add-On pack, might become a thing, might not.

gunslingerinv.png.8031158b1a75d4af7be3a19153376972.png bigplan.png.91102df24e66eab4200022999ac762d4.png 629818372_teufortlq.thumb.png.e1ee20563e04194962e9b797cd0b4aa6.png



Also, SCP stuff!
database_on_lq.thumb.png.ea2d976c07e606e286f040ed386568b0.png912moss.png.085b495f1c82e22469893096a566a39d.png 207inv.png.8148973ca13f312968f1557113f5a638.png


If you want more from these two particular projects, you're gonna have to wait a bit. These two are on the backburner until I clear my plate (Throwing together an update for Uncompromising Mode!)


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