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Extremely Simple Hatch Stable For QOL MK3

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I used to use a seizuring autosweeper as conveyor ore dropper, but qol3 has allow me to simplified my stable setup to the point that I want to share it.

Let's see a demo first (roughly 37 seconds, be a little patient pls)

You can see how the number of the critters is changing in room overlay.

I used doors as ceiling cuz I thought you could see how eggs are moved on rails, but you can't. I doesn't serve any other purpose tho.


What's happening


Every time the stable has too many eggs, the auto-sweeper will gets enabled to suck up all the eggs in the room. The eggs go thru rail system where the conveyor shut-off decides how many eggs should come back to stable, and how many should go to drowning pool. Since hatchlings can't jump vertically, that pool is enough to kill them.

Detail about automation (very simple) and conveyor system



The conveyor shut-off only allows passage of eggs when more eggs are needed in stable. Otherwise, the eggs will get rejected and sent to the drowning pool. Note that the room counts eggs that are stored in the conveyor loader and those that are travelling on rail.

The conveyor shut-off acts somewhat like the shut-off from gas/liquid filter.


The one on the right enables auto-sweeper when too many eggs are in the room.

The one on the left enables shut-off to welcome more eggs when room can take them.

The one on the left is always set to be 1 less than the one on the right.

so like, left 4, right 5, or left 6, right 7.


Some cons that I can foresee (cuz I haven't played in real game)


- The auto-sweeper always sucks many eggs at a time, so every time all eggs will have to go thru the system which is a bit stupid. And the nearly incubated eggs might get sent to death pool when the stable needs more hatches if unlucky.

- I am guessing at high CPU usage, this stable might get back 1 more or less eggs. (It will be great if someone can test it out) A solution to this is that you can build a second shut-off to disperse eggs at a slower pace.

I believe you can extend this idea to greckos stables too.

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1 minute ago, Junksteel said:

Hey, stupid question, what's the purpose of opened doors above?

I thought it could show you how eggs are transported on rail behind scene since those doors look transparent, but you can't lol. I will add that to my post thx.

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45 minutes ago, goatt said:

those that are travelling on rail

I'm not sure the sensor will count eggs that are travelling on the right rail section (between loader and shutoff) if you replace doors by solid tiles… Are you able to confirm?

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36 minutes ago, OxCD said:

I'm not sure the sensor will count eggs that are travelling on the right rail section (between loader and shutoff) if you replace doors by solid tiles… Are you able to confirm?

On the right section, the parts behind doors / tiles won't get counted, but there are a few rails inside the room, eggs on those rails will get counted. So it's like they are going out and back in.

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@goatt i like your idea, i've tinkered around it to solve the infinite loop of the eggs flowing back in the farm.


Ranch Blueprint

i've solved the problem using a simple trick: different paths' lengths for taking back the egg and sending them to the death's pool.

Assuming that when the system goes active at least one egg needs to be brought to the death's pool.you can assure your self from infinite circulation of eggs by making the "send egg back" path shorter.

For bigger batches of eggs there's the shipping shutoff enables as long as more eggs than expected get loaded to the drop off line. This combined with the shorter path for the "send egg back" path allows the critter sensor:

1) if enough eggs have set back in place from the "send egg back" line

2) keep the "death's pool" line shutoff active to retrieve the missing eggs before sending them to death


In the complete layout i've added another autosweeper to send eggs back up instead of using the double path to be fail safe.

Let's assume you bring all the eggs down and all of your critters are of old age and dies right after you could run out of critters to breed requiring you to constantly monitor the ranch to oversee the situation.

This way, instead, when the critter sensor detect less critter than usual can still activate the death's pool sweeper to take back some of the eggs.


Last part is the incubator room, this way you always have two critters alive or incubated and even in the worst case scenario (all eggs get cooked while all critters in the room dies together of old age) you still can restart the breed.

The dropoff in the back up critter run can really be set to whatever you want, it's your choice to set it to zero and wrangle the exceeding critters up or leave them starving, they just are there to handle the worst case ever :)

This concept can be reused with different critters ( e.g. dreckos with hydrogen/Co2 rooms ) but if you put in plants to be tended i do recommend using a second autosweeper not liked with the automation of the population control and out of range from the egg's loader.

ps. if anyone is wondering the doors in the corner are there to occupy some tiles ( room is 100 and stable is 96) and since the autosweeper wasn't able to reach the leftmost tile of the room i've decided to go for doors so drecko's eggs can go straight in the death's pool and be brought back by the second autosweeper if needed


p.p.s. the critter sensor in the case of a max size room needs to be set to 7 (1 less than the max room capacity) to allow critters to keep making eggs. (in a more general way max capacity -1) depending on the size of your stable

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2 hours ago, Tenedas said:

I wanted to bring the eggs back in in case of under population with another sweeper but it caused eggs to keep flowing from the death pool to the stable and viceversa

I see. xD

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