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  1. Having one mess table and multiple triage cots assigned in an hospital room allows all the patients to eat at the same mess table at the same time. Note: Save file attacched is halted at the moment the bug is happening The Tragic Abyss.sav
  2. Bug Image Link Seems like when the atmosuits checkpoint is placed one tile above the stations ( partially next to them ) it allows the atmosuits stations to keep working as intended while making them display the "no checkpoint" icon.
  3. @Lilalaunekuh strangely I've done the same for about 20 cycles and they didn't break. I guess different causes for the same effect are in place at this point?:'(
  4. @Ipsquiggle Base Screenshoot Save file Thanks for reaching out, i'm still not sure either on how to replicate it but is happening quite consistently when dupes set atmosuits on docks and only when the checkpoint is on the left of the waterlock. good luck
  5. @Lilalaunekuh now that you make me notice, in my base too only the liquid locks standing on the right side of an atmosuit checkpoint are getting broken. What's even more oddly is that i am always finding CO2 in the middle tile of the lock even if there's no co2 any where around. I'm more convinced now that is related to the release of dupes' CO2 emission from atmosuits at this point combined with some weird gas/fluid mechanic ingame.
  6. @Ipsquiggle nice update I'd like to point out that after the atmosuit "emission" update my water locks next to the atmosuit checkpoint started to break consistently. I'm using a compact configuration 3 tiles wide: xxx x w xwx x Where "x" are the tiles and "w" is water. Didn't break for about 1k cycles but after the update it started to break stangely right after the dupes place back an atmosuit. It doesn't happen every time but it does. Even more strange, sometimes it get fixed by it self without any reason. Is it something worth investigating or do you feel is work as intended?