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  1. The Cryonic Combustor

    It is a great idea even if probably a bit expensive in terms of space material (supercoolant). I'd like it more if it's doable with petroleum even if at an higher stable temperature ( i.e. -150/-100 instead of -250). Have you calculated the ratio between the power consumed on acquatuner and sweepers against the generated?
  2. I honestly don't see the point of who is feeling bad about the system. Is all about setup a medbay room the same way you setup oxygen or food production. Health should be among the duplicants' base need and having a game system (like the old one) that let you completely ignore a mechanic feels bad, at this point medical building should just be removed. I like the direction of setting up medicine production(apothecary+smart storage that turn it off at 10 med packs is enough) and med bay with 1 bed and at least two doctors(which isn't much considering that if they have interest in the job the morale impact is negligible). Phosporite and balm lily there's plenty on the map already and in spots where there is no slimelung. It is rather safe to break a chlorine pocket with balm lily and dreckos(for phosporite) before heading in the slime biome. Maybe during the beta the health system is always being pushed back among the deadlines and some people got just used to ignore medical buildings and are willing to continue to do so. I stand by the unpopular opinion that still deseases are not intrusive enough even this way. They should be the unexpected event that force you to change and adapt your game plan. I strongly hope zombie spores become more dangerous than it is right now and that they fix the perfect food storage system (with co2 or chlorine) which at some point should rot no matter what
  3. Ye i was talking about the heat transfer between volcano/heat battery diamond wall
  4. I like the heat battery concept! and regarding the safeguard to stop heat transfer i think you are likely to use it. Yes you can harvest energy non stop but probably when the smart battery is full and disables the turbines you could accumulate heath if the volcano is active ^^ I feel to use a 3 door system to have vacuum in the middle to decide when to transfer heat from the volcano to the heat battery that should be more than enough considering the diamond wall surrounding the volcano chamber have a really high overheat temperature
  5. I love the new disease system, it is intrusive enough to force you deal with it regularly. It's not a big deal but it force you to setup a medbay to keep up the productivity of your dupes ( in the case you ignore it the stats debuff will lower the productivity) In a game like this you want accidents (disease, fire, malfunctioning) the reason being it keeps the game alive. The game lack a true purpose itself and after you setup a couple of atmosuit/liquid locks you were good to go. I love the skill system too, but i just feel like a dupe should have a limited amount of point per life time no matter what and probably a raise in morale cost for the skill (even the preferred ones). As it is now the game shifted from ignoring the medbay (which now you are forced to have) to ignoring the recreation room (due to the low morale demand of the skills. Atm I'm 500 cycle with my last run and not even needed to extend the downtime in the schedule further the standard 2 squares) What i am really sad for is the zombie spore, it is in a biome so hot that usually dupes go in there with atmosuits and there's no way for it to even get to infect dupes, it's lile non existent even if they added it. Honestly was hoping for something worst since the slimelung doesn't kill the dupes anymore. If you don't like dupes health being involved in the "survival" run just use sandbox or debug mode. The game itself it all revolves around dupes (starting from the oxygen you need to provide them )
  6. Have a look at this design i've made, it does exactly what you ask Automated ranch instead of cracking eggs you can directly have an hot pool of water that will cook them automatically. If you do it this way you lose the ability to bring eggs back in the hatchery from the pool should the population go any lower i use it with dreckos too, the only attention is to have all the eggs laying on the reach of the population manager autosweeper so you will need to add additional autosweepers that just bring the egg on the lower floor of the ranch to keep the system consistent hope you find it useful
  7. Actually i've give it a full iteration run from crude oil to natural gas and it produced around 83kg of natural gas in 1 cycle and half. the pump on top have been working all the time and the crude oil/methane liquid pumps worked totally for around 20 sec total. 240w *600 + 240W* 20 = 148,8 kW and i got in natural gas the equivalent ( dividing by 90g/s used to produce 800w) 83kg that can generate 800* / ( 83kg / 90g/s) = 773kW resulting in a net amount of 624.2 kW. Surely can be optimized but i consider quite a fair amount for 1 and half cycle, maybe i can share the save file if someone is interested p.s it took roughly half cycle to cool down below 115 with wheezworts and almost 1 cycle for the last part with AETN
  8. Ye i totally get the point ( trusting you on math since i'm not in the mood right now to even think about counter-proofing XD ). i will probably try to use the counterflow even if 4 pumps consume 960W and i'm not sure how much i can get away with. Looking at your maths i'm more than happy to setup 40w avarage consumption for 490W income by cycle 200ish with no maintence. Furthermore i will get byproducts and i get what i like most, flexibility: i can catch up all the sour gas that sometimes generate by accident in the oil biome for example and send it straight away to the cooling room i can upgrade cooling chambers later on if i find my self in need i can dig up the exhausted magma once it cools down and replace with something that grants an higher output or helps me get rid of some unwanted heat you get the idea, and yes i am aware is a very personal kind of playstyle and most people like to go straight to full efficiency complexity systems. i will state it again: i KNOW that there are more efficient systems out there but you have to give yourself a challenge after you try everything. Personally by the time i reach space and start getting the space materials i usually get bored about the run.Usually there isn't very much stimulation anymore and a base around cycle 1000k of a regular game is very similar to debug mode anyway in terms of what you can do^^ (anything). that's why i'm shifting to this kind of challanges/system, i'd like to be able to build a system in 30ish cycles in game when i'm still in need for power while that i can tap now and than rather than do it last when there isn't much purpose anymore.
  9. well partly right, but max efficiency wasn't really the goal of the design. main goal was to achieve the natural gas cooking without space material secondary goals: trying to stay low on energy consumption (no aquatuner and so on...) the whole build can most likely be run with a coal generator. modularity of the build splitting the transformation process reusability as it is designed the cooling and cooking chambers can easly be replaced late game with more efficient and energy demanding system or with space materials at the moment in debug i'm getting around 80kg each 15/17 cycle but haven't counted it precisely honestly. didn't want to criticize builds of other players, just wanted to share my solution since had a lot of fun doing it in the end still i still consider quite good in relation to the goals i was trying to achieve, i can easly see me making it happen in a regular run by cycle 200 and forgetting about it harvesting natural gas instead of going for petroleum generator and generate tons of heat or having to setup complex cooling systems early game
  10. Hello there, i've been lurking around this forum for almost an year by now yet this is my first post. By now i've accumulated roughly 600 hours in the game and almost explored all the "challanges" available; yet natural gas cooking have always puzzled me. I've seen a lot of builds, especially the compact version of @Lifegrow but everyone always required some bits of space material. So i've approached the problem from another point of view in order to take advantage of the natural gas during the game and not only in late stages.Furthermore since the process require extreme heating and cooling at the same time i've planned out the design so that the cooking facility and the cooling facility can be dislocated on the map ( i.e. cooking facility in the bottom where you can dig an hole in the abbissalite to reach magma and cooling facility near an AETN) So, on the design: Overall Design the design is split in two main facilities: Cooking facility Cooling facility The whole idea is to split the two phases and take advantage of the AETN to cool down the sour gas. Cooking Facility The idea is simple: there are two stages for each iteration of the process: heat crude oil cool down the sour gas to non-space material temperature ( below 125*) to dictate the functioning of the system during these two phases i've used a memory toggle to detect when all the crude oil been transformed into sour gas. The system stops to intake crude oil from the outside and wait for the gas to cool down in the chamber. In the end, the top part of the automation determines with a simple combinatory network when all the sour gas have been pumped out and is ready to proceed for the next iteration. The crude oil starts to flow again in the facility and the hydro sensor will detect it making the doors triggers accordingly ( venting and cooling rooms get isolated and cooking room get connected) and the cycle repeats. The Cooling rooms in this case use wheezwort so there's a thermo sensor safeguard to isolate them should the temperature raise above 80* to allow the plants to keep functioning. To be noted that cooling and heating rooms in this design can be easy substituted (i.e. aquatuner room for the heating). As last notice: all the atmosensors/hydrosensor are set "above 0" while the thermo sensor is set "below 115" Cooling Facility For this facility the stages are two again: there's enough gas to cool down in the room ( rightmost atmosensor above 20kg) there's no gas in the room (leftmost atmosensore below 0 while the chamber stops/starts the intake of sour gas from the chamber the liquid pump use an igneous rock insulated pipe passing in the metal tile floor between the AETN and the cooling facility to keep the temperature low (it is important to keep the natural gas storage the closest possible to this facility) once all the gas liquify and transferred the left most atmosensor activate the gas shut off allowing gas inside again. Building in regular play through i haven't got the time yet to actually build it in a regular game but i can see it easly doable and i'd like to share some of the stages i'm going to take, especially to build the two small cooling chambers which can be tricky Last notices: All the hydrogen rooms are 20kg per tile AETN room have two airflow tile in order to use the max cooling capacity(34 tiles) and extend the cooling surface to the cooling facility Insulated tiles are made out of igneous rock, all the automation/machinery/metal tiles are made out of gold. it is important to keep the facilities separated from the outside with a double insulation ( with vacuum in the middle) layer Hope someone find it useful
  11. [Game Update] - 324933

    @Lilalaunekuh strangely I've done the same for about 20 cycles and they didn't break. I guess different causes for the same effect are in place at this point?:'(
  12. [Game Update] - 323841

    Great to hear! Keep up the great work
  13. [Game Update] - 323841

    @Ipsquiggle Base Screenshoot Save file Thanks for reaching out, i'm still not sure either on how to replicate it but is happening quite consistently when dupes set atmosuits on docks and only when the checkpoint is on the left of the waterlock. good luck
  14. [Game Update] - 323841

    @Lilalaunekuh now that you make me notice, in my base too only the liquid locks standing on the right side of an atmosuit checkpoint are getting broken. What's even more oddly is that i am always finding CO2 in the middle tile of the lock even if there's no co2 any where around. I'm more convinced now that is related to the release of dupes' CO2 emission from atmosuits at this point combined with some weird gas/fluid mechanic ingame.
  15. [Game Update] - 323841

    @Ipsquiggle nice update I'd like to point out that after the atmosuit "emission" update my water locks next to the atmosuit checkpoint started to break consistently. I'm using a compact configuration 3 tiles wide: xxx x w xwx x Where "x" are the tiles and "w" is water. Didn't break for about 1k cycles but after the update it started to break stangely right after the dupes place back an atmosuit. It doesn't happen every time but it does. Even more strange, sometimes it get fixed by it self without any reason. Is it something worth investigating or do you feel is work as intended?