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  1. End game goals

    Well challange to me was part of the promise in the title "not included" means you have to fight your way through to get even the obvious. So said it is a natural consequence to shut off the game once boring time arrives but what is the post suggesting is to add more reasons to stay for some and won't impact others ^^
  2. End game goals

    While i agree about the differents approach to the game i have to point out sandbox mode is there, i think we are more on the survival mode here. I think the main point of the post is not demand or pretend but just suggest^^ And the suggestion is probably from the ones that feels like they want to expend all the knowledge accumulated with the play through in more difficult challanges that actually have an impact to actually keep the colony surviving. This survival task become boring and trivial at some point and who really loves this game is just suggesting the devs to implement more reasons for them to come back. On the money part i will talk for my self stating that I've already bought several copies for friends and feels still guilty to have got back 800€ hours of fun for so little. I'd happly pay 50€ more per copy should the devs need it to expand the game, even if it's not in the direction i desire^^
  3. End game goals

    I feel like it is even better yo unlock it based on the "old" end game goal without having to add yet another game mode and is a concept a lot of games like this does(take terraria as an example)
  4. End game goals

    I strongly agree on this topic and feel to approach the problem on an even wider spectrum. It is true that most of the space materials doesn't enable the player to solve actual unsolvable challange and usually the best use you have for them is build crazy piece of machinery(which at this point you could build straight away in debug mode) or perfect your base.(but in general they could always become usefull with some dlc and new problems, I'm couting on it to be honest) If you are exploring the game and reach space after you get them your brain is telling you are done with the game, but it is not the only case. After a while you become accustomed to the game mechanics and basically nothing more is really a challange and all the notions and solutions you have learned will serve you nothing more that to exercise repetitions while slowly smoothing the angles of your strategies. In my opinion what is really missing in the game is external disturbance. The first stage that last roughly 300 hours allow the player to learn the world, mechanics, materials, problem&solutions than what? What's the use of all these accumulated knowledge if not apply it blindlessly at each run. It comes down to a couple of decision points depending on the available materials. I'd really to see external "events" or disturbance to keep you on your toes while playing. I will leave here some examples: Fires, earthquakes, electromagnetic storms, critters more aggressive(even more than crabs, like the bulls in don't starve with the mating season), make the germs actually be a thing (peoplea complain about them but they are not even worth to be considered a minor disturbance), aliens kidnapping of dupes in space, vulcanoes eruptions more vioent(i.e. to force you use space insulation), falling rocks in tunnels if not ceiled and really there are countless ideas that could be added to me. I do understand that the learning curve is already steep as it is but nothing forbids to introduce a new play mode with the concept of external disturbances in mind named like "dynamic survival", "extreme" or similar
  5. until a couple of cycles ago they was able to open and close the door normally. will try to remove the ladders but i've started building inside out without any problem. Ps. in the image you can see the white target icon that indicate that the place is reachable. i am able to "move to" a dupe next the door but it wont open it. For some reasone issuing the "deconstruct" on the door works. The problem solved bypassing the entrance and removing the external ladders and opening the door from the outside. Once locked back i wasnì't able to reopen it from the inside. Honestly don't know it it's intended^^
  6. is anyone able to explain this situation? i'm 75'ish hours into the game an a situation like this never happened to me. i've had 8 dupes idle for almost two cycles arranged in 2 schedules to have the entire cycle covered and yet no one is able to open the door set to top priority
  7. I agree on difference between tiles and media but if we think on how a gas pipe and a liquid pipe can share a gas and a liquid media in the same tile (maybe some solid debris too) i don't see it hardly achievable in practise. What i am looking for is the perception on how and if it should be fixed to be consistent with the other space interaction or not. To me, even if it stays like that, will continue to be a special case interaction shared among mesh tiles and all the matter in liquid state. The light nerf maybe is straightforward from the programming side and maybe based on the simplicity of the task I'm puzzled on if to consider it a bug or not. Either way it's counter intuitive.
  8. I think on the contrary there's a lot of shared elements per tile^^ I can have liquid pipes, gas pipes, liquid bridge, gas bridge, cables, solid tiles etc... All shared in one tile. Someone could argue it's layer based but yet if we take as example a liquid bridge it share within the same layer the out and in tiles with liquid pipes Ofc i m not pretending to enforce or defend any particular point. Just exploring the topic to understand the community and maybe the dev points of view on the matter
  9. Never talked about removing^^ I'd like to see them fixed, maybe with drywalls allowed, it's up to the devs. To me the medium of a tile is the material it is built itself with. The game does not simulate real physic and should use the same policy that doesn't allow two adjacent solid tiles to not exchange heat in vacuum for all states of materials. The other possible change i see is allowing other types of heat transfers too in space vacuum. I honestly can't see why the only case it should be valid is the one among solid meshtile made of metal and all the liquid states of matter and justify it only with the dripping mechanic. Maybe a solution would be exactly change the way water interact with environment while dripping in space
  10. Airflow tiles with gases passing through them doesn't act like this. I'm not sure which one is the "unintended" behaviour honestly but I'd bet kn the mesh tile. What's the point to have drywall or complex system in space if i can just transfer heat with mesh tiles alone. Furthermore more both airflow and mesh allow for 100% light passing and i'd bet is non intended either. I don't expect any new player to "intuitively" understand to build mesh/airflow tiles agains window tile to allow light to pass ^^
  11. I don't think is consistent with the vacuum interaction at all. All materials exchange no heat in vacuum i understand that mesh tile in space is working thanks to its built in dry wall but yet doesnt seems to be consistent with other built-in "drywalls" in space. Let's take as example a mechanized airlock which have a built-in drywall after recent patches. Why no heat exchange happen there when i drop a liquid? Even with a closed dore in space there's no exchange. Looks more as unintended behaviour to me even if i get your point: "the inconsistency is consistent within it self^^"
  12. It shouldn't happen but it is happening. That the reason of the post^^
  13. i understand that and i it brings consistency between mesh airflow tiles and the other types. What i don't like is the fact that mesh tiles can transfer heat with liquids in the vacuum without drywall. Honestly doesn't even look as an intended behavior. Furthermore in my advise both mesh and airflow should not allow 100% light to pass but block at least the same amount of light a window tile does. Again doesn't look like an intended feature to me but more like an unintended behavior.
  14. It's been a while since the devs nerfed the mesh and airflow tiles not permitting any drywall or tempshift plate to be built behind them. This change seems consistent with other kinds of tiles but raised a problem for space buildings. These tiles would allow gases and liquids(mesh tiles) to flow into space without solution. So, another round of balance changes took place to keep consistency among the different tile's types. Devs added a built-in "wall" behind mesh and airflow tiles and the problem seems solved. All this iteration to reach consistency among tiles ended up there and seems there's no plan to re-iterate more the concept. Yet the mesh tile stays fairly unbalanced compared to the other. Main concern to me are: Mesh and Airflow tiles blocks "zero" lumen in space making it better than window tiles (and i hope is unintended behavior) Placing a liquid vent on top of a mesh tile in space (vacuum) without drywall behind the vent allows the liquid to transfer heat to the mesh tile. What this mean for player is: unexpected behavior from these tiles compared to the one everyone could expect. make the window tile useless for it's main feature. the mesh tile behavior with liquid in space is inconsistent with all the other space's interactions and furthermore with it's twin the airflow tile that doesn't allow gasses from a vent to transfer heat to them in space without drywall. Not to mention that the mesh tile it self placed in space in contact with another solid tile doesn't allow heat transfer. i'm curious to know what other player thinks on the topic and if they feels like the mesh tile is acting as intended or not
  15. Bug Image Link Seems like when the atmosuits checkpoint is placed one tile above the stations ( partially next to them ) it allows the atmosuits stations to keep working as intended while making them display the "no checkpoint" icon.