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Hraugurs Dapper Drawing Dump


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Hello art forum! I'm new here, fairly good at english and I have a pendant for drawing stuff. Don't Starve is one of my favourite games of all time, and I've had it for about.. erm... three months now, I think. It's great.

So much lovely art of the game itself, so much lovely fan art of the game, so much lovely gameplay, so much lovely everything!

So I decided to join in with some of my scribbling!

I doodled Wilson as a spiderhunter on a piece of paper the other day, liked it, scanned it and uploaded to deviantArt and Tumblr and such.

Here you go!


By the way, I do take requests! If you want me to draw something, post a suggestion and I'll respond with either a yes or no, depending on the request.

(I hope this works!)

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It's raining Don't Starve fan art!I spent two hours scribbling in class and this came out. I really like Willow and Wilson here, experimented with Wilson's hair, making it look a bit more like my own style but still keeping it close to Don't Starve's style.Then there's two Wendy's and a Warrior Spider.And a hand.And a ****ty eye.post-9351-1376459144658_thumb.jpgMight ink some of these later on the computer.

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Looks awesome

Thank you, friend!

Willow's hand.PFFTAHAHAAHAHAA HOOOOONK(You're art is gud. Like really cutesy gud! As in simple yet good. :p)

Ah! Thank you very much, friend. And what about her hand? I know the fist looks a bit wonky, but I was in class and it just sort of turned out like that, heh. Not proud of it.
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