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  1. Wilbur can't help but notice that the robot and the girl and staring over his shoulder. He turns around to see the doctor standing behind him, but has no idea how long he has been there, or when he got out of the coffin. It seems as if the rest has done the doctor some good as he has returned to his previous 'healthy?' state.
  2. When the question is asked, the doctor swiftly glides away towards a nearby spider nest. A spider emerges and instantly begins contorting and hissing in pain. It begins to creep towards Wilbur, with the doctor by its side. The spider opens its mouth and utters the words "I talk through others" before collapsing to the ground, unconscious. The doctor too seems weaker as his breathing has once again become heavy. He stares at Wilbur and awaits his reaction.OOC: I'm going to have to leave it there for now, it's 2 am where I am. Obviously feel free to continue without me.
  3. The doctor stares blankly at the man's outstretched hand. After a few moments of silence, a limp arm flops out of the doctor's cloak. The arm is covered with black boils, and it is difficult to determine whether it is the doctor's own limb, or that of a previous victim.OOC: Apologies for the delay, I was distracted by animal videos on Youtube.
  4. The doctor stares at the man in silence. Suddenly, a dark smog appears from his cloak and rolls towards the man, who seems frightened of this putrid smoke, which now covers his hands and feet. As the smog disperses, the man can see that the ropes that bound him have become rotten and frayed. The doctor simply stands there, observing the man.
  5. When only a skeleton of the former beefalo remains, the Doctor moves on. He senses death nearby and finds a coffin against a boulder. He glides over to it, and begins breathing heavily. The coffin begins to open.
  6. The Plague Doctor hears the far off cries of a creature in distress and the warrior cries of spiders. He seems unphased and continues to study the diseased body of the beefalo that was his latest victim.
  7. I plan on just wandering around by myself until someone tells me I'm next to them.
  8. Damn, every time I go offline I seem to miss everything. I'm determined to be here for the next one.
  9. I'll be ready after I've finished this 10 hour video
  10. Apologies for not participating in that last bit, I have this strange need to go to sleep every night. Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter.
  11. The Doctor can see that the group is hungry, and brings a pile of berries from under his cloak. The berries are plentiful, however are blackened with disease.
  12. The Doctor sees that a man now stands in the hound's place, however does not understand where the hound went, or why this man appears angered at him. He simply stands there, observing the man (now Wade).
  13. The Doctor seems to decide to help the merm, and sends a dark cloud of smoke towards the hound, who seems frightened of the massive cloud and attempts to attack it, losing interest in the merm, at least for now.
  14. The group seems to simultaneously notice a dark figure with a mask on standing beside them, although none of them are sure how long he has been there for. The Doctor does not seem conscious of any danger, and continues to stand still, breathing heavily.