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  1. Did someone say insane robot? Is that even possible?(I usually draw WX with a jacket on because in the game files he has sleeves so.)
  2. In which I draw Don't Starve all the time but completely forget to update this damn thread.WX is my favourite.
  3. Ahhh. Thank you. I don't like Maxwell, and I don't like drawing him.But here you go.
  4. Any requests? I feel like drawing stuff. (PS it wont be on until tomorrow at first)
  5. Your art is awesome!Have you considered coloring some of the stuff you've posted? I'm sure it would look a billion times more cool!
  6. Haha, thank you. I love Wes. But he's actually doing this here!
  7. Glad you like it!Significant lack of Wes here...
  8. Yes sir! Haha, I guess they do resemble eachother to a certain extent.
  9. Thank you, friend! Ah! Thank you very much, friend. And what about her hand? I know the fist looks a bit wonky, but I was in class and it just sort of turned out like that, heh. Not proud of it.
  10. It's raining Don't Starve fan art!I spent two hours scribbling in class and this came out. I really like Willow and Wilson here, experimented with Wilson's hair, making it look a bit more like my own style but still keeping it close to Don't Starve's style.Then there's two Wendy's and a Warrior Spider.And a hand.And a ****ty eye.Might ink some of these later on the computer.
  11. Thank you friends! More art incoming! Here's one of Willow.EDIT: A-Ahhahh.. it's angled a bit weirdly. Oh well!
  12. Less half-assed picture!Don't attack spider nests without any armor and just a spear.From personal experience.
  13. Here's a really quick drawing of my first meeting with the warrior spiders.
  14. Thank you, friend! Your drawings are lovely c: