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A better use for Hounds Teeth: Add a Rapier

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Simply put, late-game servers tend to have these things pile up in their chests, as multiple hound traps can be filled and still not use up enough teeth to prevent the overflow.

A Rapier made from hounds teeth could easily help use up the many stacks accumulated over a long period of time. Required items and stats are down below.


4 Hounds Teeth

2 Gold Nugget

1 Stick

Damage: 45.5

Durability: 100 swings/stabs

A new animation could be added to make it more realistic, but the overall goal is to make an item sink for a mass farmable item late-game. As a plus side, this could also work in the singleplayer game to help them with their surplus teeth.

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1 hour ago, Sinister_Fang said:

It's less about the aesthetics, and more about additional uses for resources that don't have many to begin with.

No-no, I didn't mean a skin for ham bat, I mean if you could add stingers to the ham bat. It's basically only weapon, that stingers could be added to. But spiked ham bat already exist as a skin. Hm. On another hand that weapon is powerful enough already.

Spiked armor? Spiked walls (mobs damage themselves when attack walls or walk nearby)? Maybe stinger traps? Stinger gun?

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