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Shipwrecked Tweaks Mod

With this mod you can:

- Make Packim Invincible - now he will not die anymore!

- Make Packim no longer Starve - makes Fat Packim more like Shadow Chester... You don't need to feed him fish evey 2 days. Do not try to upgrade Packim to fat with this option on. it will not work for whatever reason...

- You are able to craft Slot Machine and Dubloons now!

- You can make a Obsidian Workbench and place it anywhere!

- Make everything stackable stack up to 40!

- Remove eat option from rot and rotten eggs. They only take away health and sanity, why would you eat them

- Craft Accomploshrine in PC version of Don't Starve

- Create your own Fishermerm Village

- And more! Check the changelogs for list of all features!

Nothing is enabled by default, go to Mod Config and enable options you want to be enabled :) . Sorry if something doesn't work, it is my first mod that I ever made. If you have any suggestions, post them down below.

Beta 1.0 - First Release of the mod.

1.1 - Craftable Steamer's Trunk chests, something big is coming

1.5 - Craftable Glommer's Statue (craft only one if you want it, two are pointless... You won't get 2 glommer's at once), Coffee Bush fertilization fix, Invincible Chester option and (Almost) infinite Pick/Axe multitool (The last two only useful in SW-compatible with RoG and in the RoG created by Seaworthy)

1.8 - Lots of new features and changes, check the changelog to see all of them!

Also, thanks for over 100 downloads  :D

What's New in Version 1.8   See changelog


Lots of new features and changes:
1) Craft Volcano Altar of Snackrifice for your Base (Volcanic Tab, prototype with Obsidian Workbench)
2) Obsidian workbench was moved to Volcanic Tab and needs to be prototyped with Obsidian Workbench in the volcano
3) Build Fishermerm Houses, Tidal Ponds not included
4) Create Regular Pig Houses and Bunnymen Houses in Shipwrecked
5) Create Obsidian Fire Pit in RoG
6) Create every type of turf
7)  Remove Eat option from Boss items
8) Prototype Science at Prestihatitator, Shadow Manipulator and Obsidian Workbench
9) Clear up Fungal Turf names
10) Rename Snake Dens
11) Infinite uses for Tents and Siesta Lean-to's
12) Cooked mushrooms give hunger
13) Disable meat effigy health penalty
14) Telelocator Focus gems no longer break
15) Spawn Frogs from Tidal Ponds (they are Poisonous Frogs, that are coded into the game, but aren't used)
16) Reduce Birchnut Treeguards spawn chance
17) Store Slurpers in your inventory
18) Disable Speed Penalty from Piggyback, Marble Suit, Limestone suit
19) Accomploshrine is only for PS4. Or is it now?

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