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  1. When it crashes it either says that there is a problem with lines 63-65 or lines 72-74. Seems like this thing: if inst.components.edible == nil then inst:AddComponent("edible") end isn't a good workaround . And when these lines don't exist.... it always crashes. And because these lines modify how cooked mushrooms work, when I cook mushrooms, it sometimes works and sometimes it crashes. And these lines do not work at all, they don't even crash: local function breakcave(inst) inst:AddComponent("workable") inst:AddComponent("lootdropper") inst.components.workable:SetWorkAction(GLOBAL.ACTIONS.MINE) inst.components.workable:SetWorkLeft(5) inst.components.workable:SetOnFinishCallback(onmined) local function onmined(inst) local fx = SpawnPrefab("collapse_big") fx.Transform:SetPosition(inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) fx:SetMaterial("metal") inst.components.lootdropper:DropLoot() inst:Remove() end end AddPrefabPostInit("batcave", breakcave)
  2. I wrote my first mod for DST and it mostly works. Mostly, because I get crashes like "Tried to index a field (component name goes here) a nil value" doing random stuff, and I can't get the inst.components.workable to work either. These are all problems with my mod (I think, I only tested it on my old singleplayer server, because I don't care if I lose it, no clue if it works in multiplayer) I managed to make DST crash with out of memory error too, but I fixed that by myself. Can anyone help me to fix these bugs please, I attached the mod here: Better
  3. Actually, I think items that you already crafted will stay, you just can't make new ones.
  4. That would be a good idea, because most people (me included) go down to the caves during Summer, mainly to prevent burning the whole world down (or wasting resources on flingos)
  5. When speaking about sounds, Giblet makes really hellish sounds when he's hungry. You have to find food for him asap or your ears will hurt
  6. Nice, Gobblers are annoying but now I don't hate them as much as I did before. I have like 10 lanterns in my chests. I will make as many as I can, since they last so long, I just hope they won't dissappear right after the Year of The Gobbler Festival ends, and if they will, oh well. And the Pet Giblet is so cute . Honestly, Year of the Gobbler is much better than The Winter Feast - items have a use and there isn't millions of baubles and candy in my inventory (RIP Eternal Fruitcake, worst item 2016)
  7. No clue what all of that means, popped up when killing Merms as Wilbur during the night when there was a lot of them
  8. I checked the dev version. It seemed to work, but it sadly didn't. First off, for whatever reason I started in summer, even though I selected spring (just to get the man with the umbrella to spawn faster), he didn't spawn. Then when I spawned him, he made me unable to move and the hud disappeared however nothing happened, I had to alt f4 out. Then I spawned a beanstalk but I couldn't climb it, it only said examine. Is the cloud world only possible to access with Winnie or something? I'm using the latest game version possible - 198251, if that is something important.
  9. Crashes if you have Shipwrecked DLC installed, I had to make a copy of Don't Starve folder without SW to get it to work. Oh, and also Spoiled Tea changes into Spoiled Spoiled Tea after some time:
  10. Same... That's so annoying. Please fix that Klei!
  11. So, first, here is a picture (from Combined Status mod): As you can see my naughtiness is at the level 50/43, because I just killed Seal form of Sealnado, when it was on water. And... no Krampus spawned. That is weird, because Krampus is nowhere to be found. I guess if I kill something now on land he will spawn, but just killing the Seal doesn't spawn him, when on water
  12. Well, this apparently can happen when walking with Glommer during the night: I was just walking and checking out everything (I just bought the game 3 days ago) when this happened. Apparenltly, when you move away from Glommer when he's sleeping he duplicates on the map
  13. Version 1.8


    Shipwrecked Tweaks Mod With this mod you can: - Make Packim Invincible - now he will not die anymore! - Make Packim no longer Starve - makes Fat Packim more like Shadow Chester... You don't need to feed him fish evey 2 days. Do not try to upgrade Packim to fat with this option on. it will not work for whatever reason... - You are able to craft Slot Machine and Dubloons now! - You can make a Obsidian Workbench and place it anywhere! - Make everything stackable stack up to 40! - Remove eat option from rot and rotten eggs. They only take away health and sanity, why would you eat them - Craft Accomploshrine in PC version of Don't Starve - Create your own Fishermerm Village - And more! Check the changelogs for list of all features! Nothing is enabled by default, go to Mod Config and enable options you want to be enabled . Sorry if something doesn't work, it is my first mod that I ever made. If you have any suggestions, post them down below. Beta 1.0 - First Release of the mod. 1.1 - Craftable Steamer's Trunk chests, something big is coming 1.5 - Craftable Glommer's Statue (craft only one if you want it, two are pointless... You won't get 2 glommer's at once), Coffee Bush fertilization fix, Invincible Chester option and (Almost) infinite Pick/Axe multitool (The last two only useful in SW-compatible with RoG and in the RoG created by Seaworthy) 1.8 - Lots of new features and changes, check the changelog to see all of them! Also, thanks for over 100 downloads