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  2. Why does fog exist

    It is just matter of time.
  3. Why does fog exist

    i never actually said anything about Warbucks i only needed a comparison
  4. Why does fog exist

    Until Klei will add him back.
  5. Why does fog exist

    Wonder how long this whole Warbucks debacle is going to last.
  6. Why does fog exist

    U can disable the fog and look for warbucks mod
  7. Why does fog exist

    Neither is this topic.
  8. All of this makes sense, except for Wendy being Marilyn Monroe (I think that's her name, eeh?)
  9. I've noticed today that, sometimes, dupes simply stop delivering dirt to some farm tiles with mealwood planted, while others are normal. I've ruled out lazyness after a whole cycle setting one as top priority, while the farmers would happily deliver dirt to nearby plots. Uprooting and replanting fixes the issue, so it doesn't look like it's the plot itself. Save is included, if someone wants to have a look at it. Now, don't ask me why i'm feeding mealwood to my dupes, it's just an... experiment, we can leave it at that The Swanky Spaceprison.sav
  10. Everyone EXCEPT Wilson. He’s basically the most experienced survivor, he should get some sympathy for every threat he’s gone against.
  11. I feel like for a story standpoint, Wilson would be the one that dies. If you want to go total subvert-expectations mode, k i l l t h e m a l l
  12. @avc15, Kinda funny, actually. You got Triple-A devs releasing unfinished games, and promising they have a "roadmap". Klei is delaying a game until it's done, because they have a roadmap (and aren't yet where they want to be on said roadmap).
  13. i think the way you get there is difficult enough so that reward is deserving You'd need to go insane, or deal with the enlightenment You need to build a boat, build masts, a steering wheel and anchor aswell as some chests the process is just pretty difficult, also in upcoming patches new content will be added to the islands, which means they'll be new mobs and new hazards occupying the islands, making this even more worth it
  14. Ideas for boats and sea mechanics.

    Not to mention suggestions are inherently people who "really want something" no matter how you put it That "want" might belong in the game too, how i think my suggestion belongs in the game.
  15. if you wanna trade :
  16. Issue: Egg Cracker will seem to stop producing errands to crack eggs. Problem seems to manifest most reliably when using a single egg cracker with multiple forever recipes active. Particularly recipes in which some portion of eggs will be unreachable. Problem less pronounces when prolific quantities of unreachable egg recipe type is moved to an egg cracker with a single active recipe. In the picture shown, two sets of stable facilities will output excess egg production to the output chute over the egg crackers. The stable facilities will create unreachable stone hatch and puft/puft prince eggs depending on the number of active critters in the stables. Excess eggs will be delivered for disposal/consumption. If using a single egg cracker for all egg recipes, eventually the egg cracker will not generate new errands for any available eggs for storage for dupes or automation arm until either game reload or player manually toggles continuous for an egg recipe or increments quantity for egg recipe. Hypothesis: Egg cracker has logic fault when multiple egg recipes are active on a single cracker that prohibits egg cracker from clearing errand for an unreachable/no longer reachable egg and preventing it from generating further errands for reachable eggs. Also noticed problem might be aggravated by running at speed faster than computer can reliably handle, might be race condition symptom. Problem first noticed in Q1 update. Problem remains as of latest build. Noticed other egg cracker bugs, but description seemed limited didn't notice save provided. Providing save that should generator the problem if left to run on its own for some time. Egg Cracker Demo.sav
  17. not sure that is reason to stop. use sandbox to delete it if it bothers you that much.
  18. Why does fog exist

    one thing i don't get they removed Warbucks because he was "bland uninteresting and not fun at all" but they left the fog mechanic in... I beg for consistency seriously one removal that would better the game in every way would just remove the fog its just not fun or interesting to deal with
  19. Positive sides of Hamlet

    Let's keep this thread free from complainments, ok?
  20. Positive sides of Hamlet

    one thing i don't get they removed Warbucks because he was "bland uninteresting and not fun at all" but they left the fog mechanic in... I beg for consistency seriously one removal that would better the game in every way would just remove the fog
  21. oversight for fence and gates?
  22. Wormwood is great support for teammates. He instantly is able to loose all of its sanity and quick rise it. It looses 2 sanity for each burned or destroyed tree around itself. I pretty easily bet Dragonfly as Wormwood.
  23. it happens when you try to link another account when its alreary linked, and its not this problem ,its another twitch account with other email, and when i go to conections in twitch i can see it's linked, the thing is i can't recieve any drop even with the account linked.
  24. So I've been browsing the forums n' game files and... oh wow I didn't noticed that since now and to be honest they look pretty neat with cool sunlight reflections on it, transparency and HELL YES a new material for the Sculpting Table ! A closer look on the details : I also enjoy that the moon shards are kinda abondents on the island so you can build lotsa of scultures without coming back so shortly
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