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  1. Thought the same thing, though maybe more like Gorge mechanics (restores about 50% of missing freshness). If it was an actual salt shaker you can carry around, I'd take that with me on my ruins clear. It wouldn't be OP by any means, either. It still wouldn't be as efficient as bundling wrap, but it would be a nice QoL boost for those of us who hate having to stop whatever we're doing to unbundle/rebundle some food.
  2. But you do have to have entirely unrelated farms to expand pig farms. Where do you get your wood and stone from?
  3. Bunnyman nerf puts it more in line with pigmen, considering bunnymen have a 4x faster respawn rate than pigmen.
  4. Had some farm plots covered in weeds for a long time. When I dug them up and went to inspect the nutrients in the soil using the premier gardeneer hat, I saw max saturation for each nutrient type, even though inspecting individual crops in the soil suggested nutrients were lacking.
  5. Waterfowl can is currently the most useful thing that you get from the ocean. I would argue it's not even the primary loot of the malbatross (most players go for the feathers). Malbatross is already kind of a joke boss, second to lord of the flies. I don't think it really needs a buff.
  6. You say you get a ton of ice for free but... do you? You still have to go out of your way to mine the ice and store it. I know, big deal, right? Except I tend to get more frog legs in a single frog rain than I ever have of ice. I get over a stack of honey every time I do a harvest, and my current world has fewer bee boxes than I usually have. I have too much of every crop now that farms are a thing. Ironically, Don't Starve isn't about not starving. It's about getting the most use out of your time, so you can be prepared for the next challenges ahead. If the game is too easy for you, try pushing yourself harder. Can you solo all the bosses without catapults/tentacles, pigmen/bunnymen, freeze cheese? How many can you kill in a year? Can you build a massive base that sprawls across entire biomes?
  7. Eggplant and Garlic seem fine as-is until you spend some time playing as Warly. You can't eat them directly, and you can't get enough recipes to keep him from losing the full value of them. Sure, a variety of ingredients is key to playing Warly, but it kinda sucks to watch your eggplant rot away in the saltbox because you suddenly got 20 of them from one farm cycle.
  8. You never tried composting, but you don't like it? Growth formula is the only one that seems obnoxious, considering how annoying it already is to get bottles.
  9. To the other end, summer and winter are both very boring seasons for veteran players. It's the perfect time to chill in your base and grow crops. Maybe a good compromise would be some sort of expensive structure that provides heating for plants. Or maybe just use dragonscale furnaces.
  10. So make your farm 2 tiles and do 12 tomatoes + 6 dragonfruits, then.
  11. I like the idea of increased complexity for nutrient balance. If ratios that work out to three (ie. 1:1:1 or 2:1), I'd be fine with a limit of 9 crops per tile, however, the neighbor requirement should be reduced from 4 to 3 to compensate, then. Honestly, even typing this out, I think I see where Klei is coming from here. It seems their goal is to allow for completely passive farming, but the cost being not having any giant crops. If you want giant crops, you need to manually fertilize. In that regard, I think where this falls short is the psychological aspect for players where, if their self-sustained farms don't produce giant crops, the build is considered a failure (or at least inefficient). Maybe a compromise is to make giant crops a bit more obtainable passively, but less likely to have the biggest payout without demanding player attentiveness. Edit: spent some time with the new nutrient balances. So as far as I can tell, all the plants pair as 1:1:1. these are the two combos onion/pepper : garlic/durian : dragonfruit/pomegranate potato/eggplant/watermelon : toma/pumpkin/corn : carrot/asparagus I'm actually a bit disappointed in the lack of diversity here. Every plant just consumes one thing and outputs the other two things in half the quantity. I liked it better when some plants consumed two things and output the third thing in double the quantity. I recommend bringing back the latter, but maybe reserve it for common trash veggies. This would essentially allow a player to choose either 2 crop types (with 1 being a trash type) or 3 crop types.
  12. It's more about time allocation than resource allocation, imo. If you nutrient balance and have a friendly fruit fly, you can pretty much completely ignore your farm to do other things. Even watering can be avoided if it's spring.