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  1. Moon glass can also be farmed in the lunar grotto or with bath bombs, too. I wonder if there could be a meta shift at some point considering that dark swords will quickly disable your enlightened crown.
  2. In Winona's origin video, someone activated and walked through a portal before Winona entered the room, and Charlie appears shortly after to pull Winona in as well. There's a lot of theory behind Winona's video. One theory is that Wagstaff is the owner of the factory Winona works at, and was the one who walked through it before her. This would explain why Winona recognizes him. Though if this is true, then Wagstaff must have entered the Constant at least after Maxwell took the throne.
  3. Maxwell's examination quote for crows has always been, "I don't know how they got here," and the two crows along with Wes appear to have gotten sucked into the portal by sheer (bad) luck. Would be a nice subtle nod to that reference, and also explains why crows are only worth 1 naughtiness point (since they're clearly jerks).
  4. Had some farm plots covered in weeds for a long time. When I dug them up and went to inspect the nutrients in the soil using the premier gardeneer hat, I saw max saturation for each nutrient type, even though inspecting individual crops in the soil suggested nutrients were lacking.
  5. So make your farm 2 tiles and do 12 tomatoes + 6 dragonfruits, then.
  6. I like the idea of increased complexity for nutrient balance. If ratios that work out to three (ie. 1:1:1 or 2:1), I'd be fine with a limit of 9 crops per tile, however, the neighbor requirement should be reduced from 4 to 3 to compensate, then. Honestly, even typing this out, I think I see where Klei is coming from here. It seems their goal is to allow for completely passive farming, but the cost being not having any giant crops. If you want giant crops, you need to manually fertilize. In that regard, I think where this falls short is the psychological aspect for players where, if their self-sustained farms don't produce giant crops, the build is considered a failure (or at least inefficient). Maybe a compromise is to make giant crops a bit more obtainable passively, but less likely to have the biggest payout without demanding player attentiveness. Edit: spent some time with the new nutrient balances. So as far as I can tell, all the plants pair as 1:1:1. these are the two combos onion/pepper : garlic/durian : dragonfruit/pomegranate potato/eggplant/watermelon : toma/pumpkin/corn : carrot/asparagus I'm actually a bit disappointed in the lack of diversity here. Every plant just consumes one thing and outputs the other two things in half the quantity. I liked it better when some plants consumed two things and output the third thing in double the quantity. I recommend bringing back the latter, but maybe reserve it for common trash veggies. This would essentially allow a player to choose either 2 crop types (with 1 being a trash type) or 3 crop types.
  7. Nah, it's Wolfgang's max-damage hat. Now we can finally maintain that coveted 200% damage boost.
  8. Can our beefalo be included in the /toast emote? As far as I know it's the only one missing.
  9. Managed to get to over cycle 1200 no problem, but now I can't go past half a cycle without a crash. No error messages or anything, just an instant crash to desktop.
  10. On inspection, ceiling light is missing its name string. (Okay, I discovered this bug specifically relates to having the Destructible POI mod. Not sure if that's fixable on Klei's end or should be deferred to the Mod developer.)
  11. Sometimes on game load, various common tiles don't visually combine. Glitch is fixed by either deconstructing/reconstructing the tiles or reloading the game.
  12. At least the wand is somewhat useful for clearing out killer bee zones, and only requires one boss to kill.
  13. Ah, so there is a use for living artifact... well, if this worked.
  14. Not just sharkkittens. I once encountered sealnado during hurricane and the tiger shark showed up and attacked him.