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  2. Ban Pab for questioning my PFP. burgers are delicious!
  3. I highly doubt that there's no QA on the project. From a player perspective, ONI is buggy, but from developer perspective, I can tell you that this level of "buggy" takes hell a lot of testing. QA efforts we are supposedly saving Klei by bug reports, if estimated from the corresponding forum section, are not comparable to what it usually takes to get the software working as ONI does.
  4. [Game Update] - 328827

    I think Wheeler's changes are fine. The point of her was to encourage using a smaller inventory, which she still does due to her speed boost with empty slots.
  5. Last Speculations

    wouldn't have it any other way
  6. No, it is not Wagstaff's: grey, straps over shoulders, no button, one pocket Winona's: green, lapels, button, two pockets Besides, I think Winona's is a vest more than an apron
  7. I apologize, the post was disrespectful and was probably the worst way I could've vented out my frustration about the situation.
  8. Ye, but the ones that are colored are for the Jungle Tree guard. Title says Mangroove, but refers to the uncolored sketches. Big boy there is actually complete, and in the files, he throws snakes!
  9. @The Noon Fish @MasteroftheTDS @ButterStuffed Crash fixed, edited post to reflect changes.
  10. The problem with the water sieve is that it's a massive newbie trap. Nowhere in the description on the machine it says that it significantly increases it's water temperature. Like Gus, I also learned about fixed outputs by reading this forum. I think it's ok if newbies lose their colonies because they built they farm next to a volcano or whatever, that's how you learn, but when the game acts behind your back and kills you with mechanic you couldn't possibly know without looking them outside of the game, well, that's just wrong. So, for those reasons, I hope fixed output machines are revisited before release. I know there are mods already that fixes these, but the mayority of new players will play without mods.
  11. [Game Update] - 328827

    exactly Wilba doesn't fit my play style but i see worth to her unlike a unique thing that completely opposes what your play style is for
  12. Move on please.Any further off topic discussion will be met with an official warning.
  13. Maybe the character isn't for you then. It's ok to find a character that doesn't fit your playstyle. I rather have unique characters then ones that are all the same. You're not forced to pick her.
  14. [Game Update] - 328827

    a sacrifice that shoots yourself in the foot by playing her...
  15. [Game Update] - 328827

    I agree that Wheeler needs a new downside (perhaps giving her a greater default speed boost, but losing a % of it per each inventory slot filled, with a maximum penalty that would bring her down to maybe 80% or so speed?), but I don't think it should be the old inventory space one. It only reinforced backpacks even more and was only a cheap annoyance once you reached the mid/late game.
  16. Last Speculations

    I have an inside source at Klei that tells me that Willow is getting a flaming catapult. Webber is next month, and he's getting a web catapult. Wes is after that and he's getting a balloon catapult. Wickerbottom comes after with a book catapult. Maxwell comes next with a nightmare fuel catapult. Wilson after that gets a beard hair catapult. WX comes next and he gets a gear catapult. Wendy comes after that and gets a g-g-g-g-ghost! catapult, and then Woodie comes next and gets his werebeaver tail turned into a wood catapult, while Wigfrid is next and gets a spear catapult. Wolfgang is last and is getting a 30% damage reduction to his mighty form.
  17. Last Speculations

    light herself on fire to amuse the rest of the team
  18. That's pretty much the point, it was a sacrifice you'd have to make while playing as Wheeler.
  19. the other characters are infamous
  20. Ban reverentsatyr becaus- OMG YOUR PFP IS CANNIBALISM
  21. [Game Update] - 328827

    Nothing wrong with her balancing =/= fun to play. The latter is usually prioritized in singleplayer.
  22. Is it everytime exactly 51,8%? Or is this the max, and sometimes even lower? Whats the specs of your PC?
  23. [Game Update] - 328827

    its still not fun to find one extra extremely useful item (cloth, pig skin, blue feather, truffle, esc.) that came from a random drop realize that you need it or risk not finding it again dumping out your inventory to nab it go all the way to base clear out your inventory again go all the way back to the place that may be over 3 islands away just to get that one required item to progress yourself
  24. Although some still say that events were marginal, negligible or even ugly things, I consider them the highest points ever reached by DST. Defeating the Grand Forge Boarrior after four days of the first season of the Forge made me rejoice with friends such as rarely made me rejoice a game. I think DST should have evolved in that direction: there you played together. There you cooperate. Six warriors against the horrors of the Constant. It's a private discussion, I don't know if you should share it without asking Freya...
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