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  2. I was hoping the navigadget would make amassing silly string and seaworthers easier, since I thought she'd be able to find the wrecked boat and balloon immediately after using the teleportato.
  3. Guess Who?

    the problem with his writing was that he wasnt enough of a caricature idiotic ridiculous in his lines for people to get it that he is supposed to be a joke....not endorsement and his abilities are very lackluster ... like another chracter with sanity mechanics.. like.. mehh..zzzzzz i have a kinda theory with his carrot skin tone that obvs alude to him being a joke that might or might not have refered to a very well known meme irl character with same skin tone ... wink wink... xD... OR to the carrot color culture... or both xD anyways... his writing wasnt that over the top idiotic joke... and unfortunately colonialism isnt an easy topic to transfer to a videogame without some people feeling weird about it irl.. am i happy warbucks in gone? no do i think warbucks is a unique character design? no.. he looked pretty much like another wilson do i think his gameplay experience is unique? no do i think his writing is unique and fun? meh... he is not in the character selection... create a new world with any character....... open the console and type GetPlayer().profile: "warbucks" save and exit game load your game enjoy
  4. Wagstaff Lore

    This might be a bit of a stretch, but what if Wagstaff was stealing things from the constant? The news paper in the next of kin board has pictures of bishops, but they were made by the ancients. He also seems interested in the nightmare fuel, and other aspects of the world. Given how much he knows, I think that the portal was in the factory for a long time, and Wagstaff was using it to steal the ancients tech to make the Voxola and other stuff. Then during the next of kin, Charlie drags Wagstaff and WX into the constant and the portal destabilizes.
  5. Guess Who?

    I had the exp bar fill up to "at cap" then looked in the character selection, there was no warbucks.
  6. Build small pool in reach from portal, could be loooooong ladder path down, wait till they lay egg, move egg..
  7. Guess Who?

    Yes, I know that I can It was just a suggestion for him to be an integral part of the game instead of "some character" hidden in files. What hurts me the most is the fact that game will expand with each update and all he's gonna say about new stuff will be "It's a... thing." It's sad because his quotes were really something else
  8. Just a passing thought really... I'd occasionally have my printing pod print me 8 pacu when the option was available, tell my dupes to kill them and feast on their flesh. Um, I mean, make barbecue from the resulting meat. Now I really don't need the food supplement any more, and I've just raized the map around my base, resulting in two cold pools of mixed P-water and water (it was already mixed as a result of P-ice and ice melting) sitting at around 0-5*C. I don't need the water either, but is the perfect temperature to keep Gulp fish in. Considering that I only had 4 Pacu accessible (which I didn't transfer directly but rather waited until they laid eggs and then moved those), and that I don't want to farm/tame them to increase their numbers, I was thinking it might be nice to take the 8 Pacu from the printing pod when/if they become available, and add those to my little purifiers. Any suggestions on how to capture the Pacu from the printing pod? Since you'd need to use a Lure to catch one normally, and I do not keep my printing pod in a puddle... As a side-note, for the fish, is the "room" size determined by the number of (P-)water tiles they can swim in? And what are the space requirements (i.e. how many tiles/pacu)?
  9. Did you leave gunpowder or slurtle slime on the ground? Moleworms can explode if they take those items, explaining the reason your crock pot exploded. If not, are you running any mods? If not, I ain’t a clue.
  10. The ice maker leaks water if Dupes deliver less than 50kg of water.
  11. Book Club

    Agreed! My brother and i love these, and i can gladly say this is one series that we actually managed to complete against all odds and many years of searching! I personally like Foaly - his nerdy personality and quirks and paranoia click to me. Also, the setting and the way Eoin Colfer depicts fairytale creatures in a scientific sense is amazing. I love how dwarves are depicted to be bionic drill machines seamlessly tunneling and ejecting the earth... and the genuine dread that hits whenever a dwarf is about to trim his weight gets me every time XD True... Too flat a character and too proud for her own good. She deserved the way she went out. I certainly preferred Turnball Root as a villain. He had an ultimately more complex and more sympaathetic character than any other villain.
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  13. Did you manage to solve this ? My cluster.ini also doesn't seem to work for any other settings except server name and password.
  14. Guess Who?

    c_skipdays(100) Then kill the character
  15. @ImDaMisterL This is a double repost... please do what your job is about...
  16. Microchip only tune once

    Same problem:
  17. Favorite two line jokes

    Where do you get virgin wool? Very ugly sheep.
  18. Sorry to bother you, but i saw an old post you helped someone with, about tuning sanity, making them lose sanity on the water. I am trying to get rid of woodlegs sanity loss on land. No one else seems to know what to do, or hasn't replied to my post. Please help. I have tried deleting parts of woodlegs prefab to do with sanity, but when starting a game, it crashes. Thank you

  19. Or perhaps a booster administration checkpoint? A building with medicine storage that you can place at the exit/entrance of the base that only allows boosted dupes to pass. Basically an early game option to disease mitigation. Contaminated water used in your meallice? Booster before you eat. Want to dig out the slime biome without a atmo suits? Booster up. The current in game version of this is through selecting which dupes get boosters on the consumable menu to match up with the priority menu, but I guess I've always felt this game is about building the perfect base - for everything that *can* be done by perfectly micromanaging your dupes in the menus, there *should* be an elaborate, more costly, but ultimately automated way of doing it through buildings.
  20. Can crock pots explode?

    Q: "Can crock pots explode?" A: Yes, they certainly can. And this is how they do it:
  21. We need wifi

    +1 for wireless itself -1 for base station. I want wireless to send signals to the other side of base, not just to avoid spaghetti. Spaghetti avoidance is not a bad idea in itself, but it can be made much better by allowing it to actually do more than one job. Also, base station suggests that signals might cost energy to process in any way, which would be bad design in a game where flipping a sensor is done in zero game time, only requiring player action.
  22. Guess Who?

    don't know yet but will keep you posted! You're reaction to @SkylordElberich was toxic -- talk about "not much arguing." without your rabid reaction to my obvious invitation to him/her to post the meme, there would have been no arguing.
  23. Rain and Freezing Perks Help

    I've written that into the code and it's liked that a bit more. However the log gave out the error '...ata/../mods/Takes-the-Shot/scripts/prefabs/wakes.lua:85: attempt to call method 'GetMaxMoisture' (a nil value)' which I assume mean I haven't declared the GetMaxMoisture variable? Is that supposed to happen?
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