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    I did it, Ma.

  3. When you go the website to do the puzzle they ask to login trough whatever account you are playing in. Basically Im on ps4 did it with my pc and my friend is playing on ps4 did it with his mobile.
  4. Does this work if you use the browser on PlayStation?
  5. Trying dig out some hot rocks and one of my dupes fell unconscious but nobody would save him. so I reloaded a few times trying different things upping the care priority upping the priority of the med beds nothing helped. Did I miss something in a patch or is this a bug?
  6. Woodie. I loved playing him prerework anyway, and now going full on genocidal moose is really entertaining to do it's just fun! All the woods and easy access to stonefruit early game is neat too for basebuildin
  7. From what I know it is the last one that we know about. It could be the case there are more in the files or have been made but are not visible to us atm.
  8. Bees hovering over fences

    Hmm, Yeah I'm sure they used to be caged in within the fences, not walls, but after the sea update, they behave strangely and constantly flying over fences!
  9. That's the last one that we know about right? Or there are more in the files?
  10. The same was ocurred with me but with automation tab,but as they said it's just reenter the game
  11. Bees hovering over fences

    Are you sure fences were ever able to contain bees? The Wiki states that fences can't contain flying mobs, and that bees can fly over walls.
  12. Hey ChickerMadness I've sent you a PM if you could look into it please.
  13. YAY! The question here, can I do the Metheus Puzzle with PC player? or I need a console partner to do it with?
  14. Screenshot showcase

    Perhaps tornado as in the projectile of a weather pain? First thing that comes to mind.
  15. My pips won't plant either. Pressure is higher than 100 grams. Is there an upper limit? There is no container which stores sleet wheat grain (I checked by having them sweep the grain on high priority, it says 'storage unavailable'). Anyone any idea what could cause this behavior?
  16. I just found an exalent, in my current game. This plant could give a special malus so that duplicants farts chlorine for a short time after eating it.
  17. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Does that salt pillar have an ass?
  18. Renewablity of bone shards in DST

    For bones I think you should be able to make them out of Hound Teeth, since those become so abundant.
  19. The one thing that would save people who play on console would be geometric placement and combined status
  20. Today
  21. Man, I play on Xbox and I've played all of these, (except the forge) Also why do you keep on referencing alex legends? Just wondering (Also the Boomer thing is a joke) Hook line and INKer Ink and wax paper might be used to make the tapestry
  22. This is something brought up a lot, Klei can't make them available offline and make them weavable. The only way they could be accessed by cash or spools is if they were a skin in game, which is only accessible online. The Hamlet/SW DLC work offline because they are game DLC, the Wortox/Wormwood DLC only give you a skin in game that allows you to play the characters.
  23. Screenshot showcase

    I made a mistake: Though, what is this "tornado"???
  24. The rust biome always seemed unfinished. Could definetly host a critter producing chlorine, like some sort of reverse dasha saltvine. Maybe gassy moos should have different morphs. Like one producing chlorine, producing more than the grass uses so you can sustain it.
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