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  4. My recipe rebalancer is a bit outdated and lacks any config options. :s Also heres my handicaper.
  5. That's a great analysis by @rezecib but weren't those rules relaxed quite a bit since? I know I can keep more than 6 deep water in sandstone. Sandstone in particular seems to start showing damage somewhere above 1700kg of water; you need a very tall column to achieve that.
  6. I really hope we can get news today.
  7. What mod? Also, does your rebalancer have config settings to reduce beneficial recipes?
  8. What games have you been playing?

    I've gotten back into minecraft again recently(though still playing solo worlds in DST too) I've started playing a 1.12.2 modpack a couple days ago called Sevtech Ages. It's been fun so far, gotten past "Age 0" and are about halfway through "Age 1".
  9. Oh look a mod of mine was linked, I should get around to updated the overhauled version to support the warly update recipes. But I've been distracted as of late... Between Sevtech Ages in MC and a couple of my DST solo worlds. Suprised my handicaper isn't one of the mods. >.<
  10. @Juggzor, thanks. That explains some of the general weirdness surrounding them. On a general note, I guess to better explain why I think this discovery is interesting, here's a real life example: a bog-standard cool steam condenser. The turbine was not connected to the power network, the coolant has been preconditioned to 20C and allowed to return to this temperature after the eruption. At this point the hydrogen consumed from the reservoir was measured. During one eruption cycle, the AT used 19.3kg of H2. Same conditions as for the standard setup, except the AT is cooling the ethanol gas, the geyser is heating the ethanol liquid with a separate loop, like so: One eruption cycle: 8.4kg H2 used. I tried measuring the crab cooler as well, but it wasn't able to return to 20C before the next cycle started, and that was the end of it. I suppose I should clarify that this isn't meant to be a precise measurement of the benefit you get from using that weird double-dip ethanol buffer. Controlled tests show an extra 45% cooling created from nothing when simply circulating two liquids against each other. 19.4kg vs 8.4kg H2 simply indicates that the ethanol buffer is very beneficial, but difference between the builds can account for some of that.
  11. It's simple outfit, but i like it for Warly
  12. Does anyone know of any mods that can restrict characters or character abilities?
  13. Sorry for bumping this up, but do anenemies still function while unloaded? I've tried killing bearger blocked by few lureplants with 2 anenemies placed just before lureplants but when I came back almost a season later bearger was still alive.

    Oh alright, didn't know that they were irreplaceable, but anyway taking them on a boat that could be anywhere on the map with such a key piece to finishing something might be a reason as well
  15. Today
  16. seen this discord invite posted like a dozen times for no reason already, this even allowed? just make a thread for this instead of spamming it everywhere
  17. Artist for Comission

    good seeds
  18. It would be nice if some scenarios would be added - that is not only predefined maps but also events. Also build in map selector and map making tool for community would be nice. (rng is not always perfect). You can make it as DLC I would definately buy and I think it is a good direction to go with this project. Just look at Frostpunk - they started more as sandbox but the scenarios is which gave this game a lot more attention
  19. Never. Its just not console-material at all.
  20. DLL file was not found

    first off:don't download individual dll files from the internet, that's very dangerous and usually wont even fix your problem if you have downloaded any dlls from unofficial websites, then locate and delete them right now before proceeding mfc100, msvcp100, and msvcr100 are part of vcrun2010 which you can download from the official microsoft site and install manually 32-bit: 64-bit: (note: you have to install both of these if youre using a 64-bit system)
  21. I'd also add that steam normally isn't found below 102.1C so 100C is highly doubtful.
  22. "Progression happens once. After defeating a meaningful boss like Fuelweaver the game gets like 2 times more content" Don't Starve: Hardmode First option is much better. I think all seasons should have weather events like e.g. Snowstorm in winter
  23. Need help mods dont work!

    try disabling the Vegeta mod its last update seems to be from 2017, so it's very old and high likely to be unstable/incompatible
  24. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  25. Idea for next beta

    I was thinking exactly the same.
  26. And today ? Is it soon ? =D #impatient #5yearold
  27. Here's the combo I use in my base. If I want extra from the vent I can just deconstruct the barrier. The tiles to the left/right of the bottom liquid can be normal tiles. As you can see to the right of the PW is vacuum, so you can confirm it never off-gasses sideways. Several important parts of this were designed by @mathmanican.
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