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  2. Hot lava for mac on steam?

    Thanks for the info JoeW
  3. Hot lava for mac on steam?

    Mac support isn't available on Steam right now. I don't know if or when that will be changing. I'll post something when I have more info.
  4. I noticed it too while I was playing yesterday. It's Summer ambience, may or may not be new.
  5. Browsing r/Oxygennotincluded I've found some threads suggesting for ONI to be like other games (add waves of enemies, tower defense, add hate/love dynamic between dupes) and somehow I got irked by them. It seems that some players are not satisfied with how ONI is. Why can't ONI be its own game? But that leads me to this question: what makes ONI, ONI? I've found no post mortem from the devs explaining how they designed the game (compared to Don't Starve) nor there's a "the making of" video for ONI. I also dropped in during the launch sale and haven't experienced ONI's EA days. So far here's what I can speculate on what's their design pillars: 1. The joy of exploration See that area with pink and green gasses? A biome of lush pincha peppers and free roaming drecos. Don't you want to dig the cra- I mean explore and exploit your asteroid's resources? What crazy creatures and biomes will you uncover next? 2. The joy of experimentation ONI tries to emulate irl physics but with major caveats (either due to technological, developmental or game design limits). But with the tools given, you can tinker your builds to your heart's content, inspiring that little scientist in all of us. 3. There are no enemies, just you vs yourself Creatures are not inherently out to get you. There are no waves of enemies and random events that adds artificial difficulty. It'll be you, your creativity and perseverance vs your ignorance and impatience. Each problem that arises, there's a logical explanation for it that's present in the game world. 4. ONI is not a CDC sim I've heard that slimelung is deadly during EA. Although I may attract the ire of this community, I somehow understood their decision of nerfing it. Although it makes medical tech unnecessary to borderline useless, at least it'll give players more freedom to experience design pillar 1 and 2. If the the devs, or players who've played the game during its development add further or give accurate information about their design pillars for ONI it'll be greatly appreciated. As for me, so long as ONI keep to these pillars, I'm confident that the next expansions will add more things that I like to the game that I love.
  6. they don’t have anything resembling a plant, fly trap or otherwise, except green skin. Fly traps don’t have thorns, the trap part is much closer to thick hairs
  7. when they fix the OS issue, all old seeds will be obsolete, just do something like: GAMEVERSION, OS: SEEDNUMBER, WORLDGENOPTIONS
  8. Oh boy, this thread is going to flare up extremely fast come tomorrow morning. Heck, maybe even tonight with timezones.
  9. TBH either your PC's build-in fan is loud Ooor congratulations! you have a auditory halucination.
  10. I already found some pretty nice world seeds (Moon connected to Pig King + 8x Guadian Pig nearby; caves where Ancient Guardian isn't connected with the labyrinth; etc.) but didn't want to share them yet, since the seeds are dependent on your OS right now: If you share seeds here, other players using the same seed for their map will get a totally different map, because their OS might be different from yours. Same for me because Klei Official's OS isn't same as mine and thus I get a totally different map when using the same seed again. I'll share some seeds once a way appears to choose the OS for the World Generation. Till then: Don't forget to add the OS to your shared world seed.
  11. Count to 200 without interruption

    Hey, who needs @ImDaMisterL, we can reset the counting for ourselves! Heh...
  12. Count to 200 without interruption

    oaseigfnaoiruhgoijsar;fnsrgush;orgjs;oerhgso;eurg;suegt;suegr;uhserijfiseugisuerhgi nonononononononononono fine 2
  13. Count to 200 without interruption

    You dun goofed! 1
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always interpreted that as the frogs having Venus fly-traps merged with their heads, making them mash-up monsters like the jackalope "rabbits" and moleworms.
  15. Why do you play as your main?

    Maxwell because regardless of single or multiplayer servers, I can be a one man force in resource gathering and build up relatively quickly. Though, Wilson because he makes terrible puns, just like me. Considering I don't have a set playstyle, the normal guy works just as well for me. Particularly when I dress him up as a clown and manage to yoink the Eyebone away from the other player who just laid eyes on it.
  16. 1- on the sav, I badly set the first right thermal sensor on the liquid channel (on / of the production of corrosive gas) -160 ° c passed to - 167 ° c 2- I have to change the part of the thermal exchange below the natural gas tank because it is too much negative temperature over time I just added 2 heat control plate height in allu, all the way below the bar of the heat exchanger. it seems to have stabilized at -50 ° C
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  18. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    5 in dog years
  19. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    How DARE you! I want to know Wortoxs age.
  20. I never heard it before, its pulsing noise that varies in speed and the pitch, it happens on private, public, modded, unmodded servers and on every character. Not sure what is the source. Any ideas? Here are videos, turn up the volume. In the night one the pulsing is slow and low, during day its very fast and more hearable due to higher pitch!AunP5uMVljGY7kKrRpJcSGaZ8_Sn!AunP5uMVljGY7kHqaqkP-JO1Cs6Y
  21. So with the creation of This Mod, you're now able to enter and create custom seeds when generating a new world! This thread I've made today is basically for showing them off. What kind of seeds have you found? I'm interested in seeing all of the weird and wacky world generation you guys stumble acrossed!
  22. Speaking of Merms and wurt having horns...I've never really payed much attention until about last week but I think frogs have horns as well! meaning theres probably alot of similarity between merms and frogs probably guessing some people got mermified into frogs instead, even answering to why they drop fishlegs. Though The dont starve wiki states "Don't Starve Frogs resemble real-life South American horned frogs in both appearance and aggression. South American horned frogs are capable of lifting items greater than their own body weight with their tongues; they also have teeth-like bony protrusions for biting large animals such as humans." so it could probably just be pure coincidence...( but probably not, FOR LORE!!!)
  23. Count to 200 without interruption

    181 I don't wanna compute it, but the faculty of 174 is pretty big...
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