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  2. How greatly do you despise pineapple on pizza

    I'm sorry... that sounds so ba-
  3. elegants drop chances

    I can't imagine it being based on the playerbase as a whole. It would be difficult to implement in a way that stays consistent with a fluctuating playerbase, and offers no real benefit. Your friend just got lucky is all.
  4. Crashes when attempting to join servers.

    Hello @scribblenauty, welcome to the forums. Seems like an issue with the auto-subscribe feature. It should work as intended that when you don't have a specific server's mods downloaded on your client, the game will automatically download all of them while the game loads you into the world. However your client_log.txt just cuts off during that phase. The issue could be caused by old and non-updated mods conflicting with the auto-subscribe feature. I'd recommend you manually subscribe to the mods your friends uses for the server that are tagged all_clients_require_mod and then try joining again.
  5. I think the punch animation takes longer to hit than when the hand slot is equipped with something so when you want to command followers to attack with your target aggroing you, safer to unequip whatever you’re holding.
  6. I love pineapple on my pizza. I also didn't know that pineapple pizza is considered sweet.
  7. Screenshot showcase

    D I S G U S T I N G
  8. is it possible to combine same items to slots? when food become rot it will add to rot i have before, same with twigs, grass and any other stuff sometimes u have on inv 2-3 not full slots and asking myselves why i cant carry more, then realize that i have 2 twigs in one slot, 12 on other, and 21 in one more slot is there a mod which will auto sort them or add button to sort them or some other way?
  9. Button Switch

    Hello @Damimush, welcome to the forums. Do you alt-tab sometimes while playing? Sometimes, the alt key gets stuck and the game assumes you're still pressing it since you switched focus (alt-tabbed) while holding it. Pressing Alt force changes your Mouse Click options. To get it unstuck, presss your alt key a few times and everything should be ok. Unless this is a mod related issue, but first determine if the workaround I mentioned works.
  10. Can confirm that it's collective; you can also jump between different streams as much as you want and it still collects the total watch time.
  11. Hello @pillar43, welcome to the forums. Collectively AFAIK. You can watch a hour now, then an hour later. The watch time accumulates so you're not bound to any streamer's schedule availability.
  12. Dumb little poll

    The Koalefant with the Koalefant beefstication mod tho
  13. You complain about a "cheat" item, the devs put there on purpose, but wont use a mod, that would get you what you want, because it would be cheating? My kind of humor...
  14. too many critters

    yeah, crack and fry them. only critters I keep early to mid game are dreckos if I can feed them mealwood (->fibers and early plastic) and shine bugs if I'm lucky having a patch of organic bristle blossoms. there are many ways to cool your base: - check the biomes you're about to enter for temp and insulate if possible. keep compactors for hot materials outside your living area. - get "heaters" outside your base: batteries, compost, machinery - never send 40°C water to your bathrooms, cool the water down between 15° and 25°C before you send it to your base. cool areas with polluted water going out - once you use an outside air supply, cool the oxygen down as much as possible. - wheezies work best in packs surrounded by hydrogen and temp shift plates.
  15. too many critters

    This is a topic that gets covered a lot, but many individuals have troubles with. Everyone handles this problem, but here's how I do: Heat rises. If you build your hot buildings up high you can keep the lower part of your base cool. Because heat rises, it doesn't move to the sides that much. So the first rule also applies to the sides of your base. For example, I generally put my generators off to one side, preferably on the other side of an insulated wall. Buildings that run continually generate a LOT of heat. That is one reason why most bases don't use very much lighting. Because of this, I'll build three or four oxygen diffusers instead of only one. Will one produce enough oxygen for my five dupes in the early part of my base? Certainly -- but it will also run almost continuously. If I have 4, then the heat doesn't build up as fast and gets "soaked up" by the other elements in the area. Speaking of other elements... if you produce your oxygen using algae terrariums and off-gassing of the waste polluted water, then don't clean up the clay from your air purifiers -- it will help offset the heat from the polluted water. Don't dig out large areas right away, because the undug elements will help moderate the temperature of your base. Water is dense, has a high heat capacity, and high conductivity compared to other fluids (especially gasses). This means that if you use a closed-loop system for your plumbing, your base will get hot due to the 40c water coming out of the water purifier. Upgrading the piping to insulated of some form -- sandstone (ok), ceramic (better), Insulation (best, but not worth it) -- will reduce the amount of extra heat the water will transfer to your base. Another method is to use an 'open' system, where your clean water comes from a room-temperature (or cooled) reservoir and your wastewater dumps into an insulated pool. Heck, you could throw an aquatuner on your closed-loop system and that would work as well, but I've found it to be a bit difficult, especially early in your base progression. The only fluid (gas or liquid) with higher heat capacity and thermal conductivity is supercoolant. Low density gasses heat up much more quickly than high. This is due to the lack of mass. If you have a warm building (say, rock crusher) in an atmosphere of 500g oxygen, you're going to cook your base pretty quickly. If you have it in an atmosphere of 2000g oxygen, the heat will stay much closer to the crusher and will be less likely to adversely affect other parts of your base (such as your mealwood farm). Its also good to remember that some gasses are better conductors than others, and some are good insulators. For example, wheezewarts in hydrogen will produce much more cooling than if they are in oxygen (or worse, CO2). Wheezwarts in 2000g hydrogen will be much more effective than in 500g. On the other side of things, a hot building such as a coal generator, in a chlorine atmosphere, is pretty much a recipe for overheating, since chlorine conducts very little heat. Cold sinks. This means that wheezewarts above a hot thing work better than putting them below. Tempshift plates and metal tiles change this rule, but generally speaking you want something that "produces" cold to be above (or inside) of what you want cooled. It just works better that way. tl;dr: Build hot things above or to the side of your living space. Use insulated tiles/pipes/etc to reduce heat transfer into your living space. If you use wheezewarts, put them in a suitable atmosphere.
  16. No matter how many days you skip, Bearger never spawns. I created another world, whose presets are very long autumn + no winter or spring + very short summer for a comparison purpose. In this world, Bearger comes in the first autumn, in day 40. The spawning mechanism is different from Deerclops, but both of them have some glitches inside, maybe.
  17. Dumb little poll

    How cruel! There's no better name... xD
  18. Me and the crew just mass joined a random person, all went Wilson and said "Hi, we're the new crew. I'm Wilson." This dude was super friendly and open, we had a blast.
  19. Shenanigans of a Multi-Character Main

    I have a WIP of two stand profiles for my favorite characters that are absolute opposites
  20. After reading it all making lone bedrooms for each dupe may solve the problem of internal reinfections. As for external spam buddy buds next to exosuit docks. And more internal protection more buddy buds next to mushroom farms. I will test what i can in this regards.
  21. Thanks for mentioning the solution, glad you're up and running again!
  22. Also, in Shipwrecked, you have two different KINDS of hounds: The land ones on land, and the sea ones (sharkies) in the sea. And if you start off being chased by water hounds in the sea, and then land your boat, the ordinary ones usually don't INSTANTLY show up. _They take a bit_. And one can't follow you into the other one's medium. Of course, the boats in Shipwrecked are at least normal walking speed, meaning that if you keep going in a straight line and DON'T. STOP., you can outrun them long enough to get to...whereever you're going (or at least last a bit longer before you die trying). The boats in Return of Them are more like...floating platforms than vehicles. It's like needing the Enterprise to outrun the Borg, but unfortunately you're on Deep Space Nine. (Note: DS9 is actually friggin' awesome, both the show and the station itself. Built for speed, however, it is NOT.) ...Notorious
  23. Deep inside, Wheeler is utterly disappointed with this discovery.
  24. Be mindful that the gunpowder explodes when the moleworm tries to take it
  25. No ice? Fill the mosquito sack in ponds to make water balloons. I didn't know that! Thanks.
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