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  2. OKAY FIRST THINGS FIRST LIVING SUIT ROLL/SLIDE ...I just realized that you asked for Wheeler doing the slide. More at 11, because I need to beat my rebellious computer into submission.
  3. Ro-Bin Suggestions

    Yes but you can also get lucky, but i see where your coming from, just wish since (at least in my eyes) he is at least on par with the difficulty of obtaining Packims (if you could call luck difficulty, you'll fine Packims eventually but i agree it is as hard as Ro-Bin) i wish he was at least on par with him utility/ability wise in some way
  4. So i was curious, i often forget what i can do (an example being ill get set up have everything and then forget what to do next thinking "I can survive forever just like this if i wanted to" and forgetting i could go to another island or ruins Etc.) so i was wondering what each character is the best at what in Hamlet? Like how Wilba can steal from pigs and they give her items, is that more useful then some think or is it less useful then others praise it to be? with WX-78 is he really the best because of the lightning or is there someone else that better for some reason or another, i'm just wondering what the Meta is? as well as some characters that are effective yet still fun (not like Wes, more of a Wormwood/Wilba. not useless, like is Woodlegs good for some odd reason no one knows about even though there's like 90% land? let us know!)
  5. In addition to hound waves not occuring when you're on a boat, when you do get a hound wave, the hounds face two issues. The first is that they sometimes have trouble getting into the ocean for some reason, and just seem to run up against the land. Gif here as proof: The second problem is that when hounds enter the water, they're not given the wetness prefix. This is evident by the fact that it took two electric darts to kill a hound (150 hp - 90 damage - 90 damage = 2 elec darts) rather than one electric dart (150 hp -150 damage = 1 elec dart). Gif here as proof: I used a panflute against the hound wave to make them sleep so that this test could be done.
  6. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    Cuz it is! (sorta) But I mean it's whatever, read it how your tounge wants
  7. starmap may have random rare resources with the same seed
  8. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    This is amazing, thank you so much! And honestly, all I did as a small child was hit the reset button on the PC when people were trying to use it. Your drawing is accurate. BRB, off to change the profile pic Is there a correct way? I always thought it was like zz-chu-ku
  9. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    I see that Jesse's way of saying my name is now canon
  10. How to control snap teeth on 5th island?

    Who are you playing in this world? But until i learn that ill go with some Non-Character specific strats. This would work, and if you made a ham bat you wont need a lot of weapons (also if you're going this route i'd suggest a birdcage so you can turn the leafy meat into eggs) This is pretty good, and if you are already commited to this, i also recommend Teleporting him to the BFB island either before of after, why? because when you kill the Hulk on the BFB island his parts don't scatter the constant, they scatter the BFB island so you dont have to run around looking for them and it can help efficiently farm. Note: This may be a bug and may be patched out if it is but last i checked with the most recent patch it works, maybe its not a bug though. If you're ok with wasting resources (as in, if this island is that much of an issue and you're late game) it may be worth it to use the Iron Man suit (The blueprint the Hulk drops) and just have fun with it, or even use a BFB whistle as some sort of poor mans Bell. There are many character specific things i could recommend so if you tell me who your playing i can try and figure something else out, i hope this helped
  11. Warning report

    Hello @Kin.Dh, welcome to the forums. Have you attempted to verify the integrity of the game cache yet? Also when you make bug reports, don't forget to attach a copy of the log.txt file found in (Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve) right after game crashes.
  12. Yeah, code gets pretty complicated in itself. No reason to help it be even more complicated Of course you can ask I don't consider this thread closed, and I'm sure the ever-amazing Yakumo doesn't either. I just don't have time to actually help right now. Kinda swamped the next two weeks.
  13. Yup its what the Dev said on the main post for the new update ! To be honest i dont mind not being able to play the beta on console if it means we have a descent version of this update with fewer bug then in beta.
  14. Culturally problematic?

    Well they were uncomfortable with it, and i can respect that, seeing how the forum can implode by just mentioning something that you shouldn't. It's the right call.
  15. Deleting items doesn't give them more uses.
  16. Thank you Ultroman, and you are absolutely right. I just thought i already structured it but you showed me how to improve. thanks a lot. i am not sure if i'll figure it out myself but won't try it today either way ^^. I am busted and my brain hurts XD. Still i want to fix it... and i hope i can ask again if i can't figure it out. but like i said, it's enough for a day. It's still an improved version so i reuploaded it:
  17. I think it would be nice change, if you could trade whole stack of Clippings at once. Trading them one by one takes a lot of time and is tedious job. Sometimes you have to trade +100 pieces.
  18. I'm sure you'll figure it out I just wanted to chime in and say that structure and indentation does wonders for readability and understanding what your code is actually doing. local function ToggleMoggleRPC(inst) if inst.TransformState == 1 then inst.components.talker:Say("I can smell it!", 2.5,true) else inst.components.talker:Say("I can't smell anything!", 2.5,true) return end inst.player_classified.mogglevision:set(not inst.components.playervision.forcenightvision) print(inst.components.playervision.forcenightvision) end versus local function ToggleMoggleRPC(inst) if inst.TransformState == 1 then inst.components.talker:Say("I can smell it!", 2.5, true) else inst.components.talker:Say("I can't smell anything!", 2.5, true) return end inst.player_classified.mogglevision:set(not inst.components.playervision.forcenightvision) print(inst.components.playervision.forcenightvision) end
  19. Ok, apologies, but I have no idea how to quote on mobile so im just going to reply your points in order, pe5e. 1. DS is the lesser game. It is less polished and runs on the older engine. It also .. well lacks multiplayer, an optional feature that purely adds to the experience. There is no reason to purchase DS now that DST exists, well that is if solo play existed. And your point about them being two different teams, I absolutely believe it would be beneficial for them to merge and work together. They are both talented teams and if they work together I believe they could accomplish great things. Once again, this would benefit the devs. The Hamlet team got little for their efforts on Hamlet, thats part of the reason I believe it was rushed out and released so suddenly. Why do you think the devs should continue wasting their time making content exclusive to their lesser game when it can be enjoyed by everyone on DST, solo or together? DST has the much larger player base. Their work would be rewarded and people would be able to enjoy it how they wanted to. 2.They are selling two versions of the same game on the store. This is extremely confusing for users looking to purchase the game. I already did explain most of these, but ill do it again. If Hamlet was designed for DST not only would it be exposed to a bigger player base, players could enjoy it anyway they want to. Solo or together. I am sorry, but players shouldn't have to purchase a lesser version of the game to play DLCs that could have very well been designed to work on DST too. 3. Wow. You keep saying I am not explaining my points, but why do you think DS and DST are not the same games? And maybe its not confusing to us, but I assure you this is confusing to random users looking to buy the game. Multiplayer doesn't usually justify releasing a copy of the same game just with online play. I understand why they made this decision, but people who have no idea about the Don't Starve franchise will not understand this. Its very silly.
  20. Today
  21. The uploads to the seed browser are done by a mod. So every seed will be uploaded if the mod is installed. Bad sees and "good" seeds. Its in the eye of the beholder, whats good or bad. Some want an easy seed with useful volcanos, others enjoy a hard challenge.
  22. ONI Crashes on startup (Mac)

    It was the mods. I googled all different types of things to try and eventually I took at the log myself after learning how to read it haha. I completely removed the steam mod folder for Oni, it now works. Thanks so much for your help and patience. You're awesome.
  23. How to control snap teeth on 5th island?

    If you set up guard posts you'd better make sure there's nothing you don't want burned down around. Personally I would just exterminate. Maybe leave a flytrap or two in a corner somewhere on the island. I don't really think these things need to be all over the map.
  24. holy crap... you are my hero(ine) Finally. And i even understand why now. Thank you oh so very very much for everything. I hope you have a great day and get some similar satisfying feelings like myself right now. I am so glad. Even though it's easy for you my head hurts ^^. But i also feel like i learned a lot. And i am just happy the mod works and is (imho) massively improved with this feature. And for anybody who might need it here is the final and correct code (with the return near the end ): Little bug i noticed. When i am in State 1 and have mogglevision active and then change states the vision stays activated no matter what i do. I understand that the keyfunction just doesn't work anymore because thats intended. But how can i make it so mogglevision gets canceled no matter if its activated or not when the other states trigger? I think i need something that just does the opposite of "return" in this case. Or just a function that cancels mogglevision when he is in State 2 or State 3.
  25. Just put a single piece of meat on the ground behind a wall. They should go for meat and completely ignore all your attacks Your gonna need a lot of weapons to kill them all but in the end all that matters are the results Or you can just gather them all in one place and telelocate the ancient hulk there
  26. you should return it right before the end.
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