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  2. Since Klei has been adding new characters to the game, I'm seriously considering them adding a Rock Lobster Character. For one, their name could be Walstromite which is the name of a rock of course. Their drawbacks could included decreased effects from food, but the ability to eat rocks sorta along the lines of Wartox and Wormwoods negatives. More rare rocks like gems and gold should give more hunger and could even give special bonuses to health and sanity depending on the mineral consumed. Klei could even go so far as to make a rockpot for specifically mineral based meals made from different arrangements of rocks and gems that only Walstromite and access. To make them more interesting and like their lobster friends, they should also have the ability to temporarily hide in their shell. This would be followed by a brief cool down to prevent abuse. When in hiding they should have at least a 70% damage absorption and no more than 90% for more balancing. Additionally this character should have substantial health perhaps even upwards of 250 hp. Furthermore, they should receive a heavily nerfed - but not totally gone - negative sanity drain in the dark as Rock lobsters live in caves. To balance their positives this character should definitely move noticeably slower to fit more as a tank type of character. Please tell me if this idea seems valid and give suggestions for improvement. I really think a character like Walstromite fits well in the constant.
  3. A big thanks to everyone who submitted their Malbatross art challenge pieces. Above is the completed piece from last week's show. Be sure to join us every week on the Klei Twitch channel (3:30 PM PT / 10:30 PM UTC), where we draw Klei game characters/creatures, chat username doodles, and even finish up streams with blindfolded drawings! Where is it? Weekly Art Challenge This week's art challenge is to draw Don't Starve Together's Saladmander. Post your submissions on this thread and yours may get featured on next week's art stream!
  4. Holy crap. I definitely need to do that the next time I play Willow.
  5. while doing the vent section i guess you would call it any time you die you character freezes when you spawn again and cannot move.
  6. In my experience , the game was quite difficult for me playing this way. I didn't check the wiki, consciously, for...I'd say about 20-30 hours of play, and I improved at an agoniously slow pace, primarily since I played alone and without anyone but my brother, someone who was also new to the game(he got me the game so we could play together). The game felt very very very difficult. At some point I decided to play on my own without him and join public servers. And that's when I started picking up on stuff that made the game seem a lot less...daunting that it seemed when I was absolutely clueless. And suddenly things that were a struggle, like being ready for winter, suddenly were...just nothing. Just do the thing. It was just a checklist. The challenge was gone. Now, some things like boss battles and the ruins still held some challenge(don't get me wrong, there are a few things in dst that are genuinely challenging and not that vulnerable to exploits...the klaus fight stands out). Now, this by itself wouldn't be a problem, that the difficulty relies on playing the game blind, if there was more to the engagement and challenge of the game than just that. It lacks replayability as a result of difficulty relying ENTIRELY on just this. I enjoyed games like Slay the Spire and FTL:Faster the Light during my new days and during my days as a player who understood the mechanics(I have 300+ hours on both of those, not sure if that's meaningful to the discussion but just to be clear). In fact, Slay the Spire withholds practically NO information from the player from the get-go: it explains how cards work and has descriptions that can be seen at any time, which is likely easier due to the game being turn-based, but still. It also has a tutorial when you play it for the first time. Point being: the developers made a game challenging with most information being available to the player about the combats. That's a true accomplishment. I just wish DST could be as good as Slay the Spire. That game doesn't have the most impressive aesthetic and DST easily surpasses it in that way. A game with Slay the Spire's design quality and replayability and DST's aesthetic would absolutely slap.
  7. Bone helmet for willow. Gain full control of Bernie as well as being (almost) immune to nightmare creatures. Set down Bernie, put on the bone helm and he instantly transforms. He kills what he needs to, and then you take the bone helm off and he instantly shrinks back down for you to pick back up. (Yes this strat is the inspiration for my PFP) You can also do this with a nightmare amulet, but you will go through a lot of purple gems if you do it constantly as the amulet loses durability quickly Another thing is that Willow, and Winiona is a very good pair... for the Willow... having 40 Bernie lives in one stack is so much better than carrying around 8 sewing kits to get the same effect. (im talking about the duct tape winona can craft. Its both much cheaper than sewing kit, and can stack up to 40)
  8. Savanna has some weird metallic sounds, all other biomes seem to have gong-like sounds. Oh and Chesspiece biome is a combination of both mixed with some (birchnut?) leaf sounds. I'd say Grasslands have the best ambience. For a horror game, that is.
  9. Character Help

    That's not a function, you need to do something like this local function icee(inst) SpawnPrefab("ice").Transform:SetPosition(inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) end inst:WatchWorldState("isday", icee)
  10. Sometimes I feel as if I were the only one who actually learnt the game by trial and error, dying a ton of times by making horrible mistakes but having so much fun at the same time. And I still enjoy it a lot, even after more than a thousand hours. Undeniably, the era of exploring the game has ended for me and that type of fun will never come back - but I found many other ways that make DST still enjoyable. Now I'm not surviving, but thriving or chilling, whatever I want. But that would be quite the opposite of what Klei wanted to do since the early access of DS, since when they wrote that article about extrinsic vs intrinsic rewards. Their tests showed that when players got achievements, at the end they found the game boring and stopped playing. That's why the devs never added any achievements to DS/T (on steam at least).
  11. Oh, I meant if you wanted to save the liquid. .1g disappears, while 10g does not. I see what you mean though. In this case it turns into .0024W/tile which is essentially nothing at that point.
  12. Do you mean like geographic placement for consoles? Yes please!
  13. Rocket exhaust clarification

    Another option is to have a compressed atmosphere for your rockets already in place so the heat that is generated is quickly dissipated by the surrounding gasses. You will have to have quite a few turbines to get rid of all that heat however.
  14. I tried it and followed that guide. It still doesn't work. I guess it just isn't possible to do it.
  15. With a .1 gram drip it essentially is, once you fill the feeding pipe.
  16. Yeah that's the point. You want cheap tempshifts in the rocket bay to allow for that heat push to spread into a lot of material, and prevent it from superheating the already toasty steam emissions. (What you make the tempshifts out of depends on the emission amount, which I don't know - but if igneous isn't safe, obsidian certainly is, even though I'd strongly prefer the former for the 5x heat cap.) You can then make all wires and stuff out of steel and still be safe by a very wide margin. My asteroid only had 8 tons of wolframite on it, so tungsten for this purpose would be a huge luxury, but fortunately also unnecessary.
  17. mathmanican pretty much wrote the entire hydro mechanics section in the uni. The pump isn't 0 power, but you can get 1000x10g pumps for 240W or .24W/gas tile. There are many applications for this, especially in jump starting waterfalls and reclaiming gasses from rocket exhausts and comets.
  18. If you don't like it, play a different game? I'm not sure what to tell you, it's pretty entitled to expect the developers to upend the entire basic philosophy under which the game was designed to cater to your taste. I'd say Don't Starve's 50k positive reviews on Steam speak for themselves in terms of whether or not it's a good idea.
  19. I found out recently that using catapults against the Fuelweaver makes the fight disappointingly easy (especially with the thurible).
  20. I'm sorry, it must have been so self-evident to me how bad of an idea that was that I never framed it as anything else but you not understanding what I was saying. I suppose I can't agree with you on this at all.
  21. That's how the game is meant to function. I know what you're saying, I'm telling you that's the point and always has been the point. If you go on the wiki and spoil yourself on how all of the mechanics work, the only thing you can blame for your lack of enjoyment is you for purposefully ruining it for yourself. New players are supposed to struggle. The game is about learning how to survive in an uncompromising wilderness through trial and error.
  22. Getting Thermium?

    "3. Avoid using pipes whenever possible. Use liquid bridges wherever you can, and build everything as close together as possible." Or just place that whole thing in a vacuum
  23. I remember thinking years ago (before DST) that Minecraft would benefit from ripping off of Don't Starve and putting a recipe guide of some sort in-game, because it would ease the somewhat ridiculously steep learning curve of a new player who hasn't spent hours memorizing the wiki/keeping up with patch notes. ...then they did, and it turned out to be a great benefit to the game; the ratio of people that seem to know what they're doing in multiplayer went up drastically. Here we are years later, and I'm wishing that DST would rip off of Minecraft and add achievements that guide the player through the basics of the game, so content wouldn't have to cater so much to the assumption that the main playerbase is incapable of using a fork without offing themselves. God this is weird.
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