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Y play ass off in Forge i can bet y have at least lvl 150, and now developers is bad for y. If they are bad in making games for dota audition who's hamster nature desires more and more levels,place in top, fame and glory, etc.then in my eyes they are even better than good. They made don't starve game wich is very awesome and original, do y played it?



Ps. no offense for dota players, maybe game is good, not played, don't wana risk

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8 hours ago, axxel said:

No, why should I agree? Try to argue constructively and we can talk.

trying to argue with you constructively wouldn't be a wise use of my time as it is clear that the foundation of your beliefs regarding this topic boils down to your own emotional bias against individuals that you've somehow fabricated an abhorrence towards and the instinctive but irrational urge to find a set of people to blame for all of your problems because a solution is not what you seek but rather you desire more reasons to sustain your illogical contempt towards certain groups of players

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