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  1. Are you sure about that?! and who is "We" who are they?! To Bold even for mine standards, i would be scared maybe you want to rob them
  2. Shut up Morty in this dimension we have stuff to steal its another cartoon again... i mean its a game.. its a game As my mom told if you want don't like to humans even more don't giv up same v2 same philter off
  3. @FreyaMaluk okay, i tired have you good day!
  4. you should test him again Don't be sleepy free these two slots before you turn be my guest to call me an idiot but don't call Woodie to useless and trash character he is not deserved that.
  5. about wetness he can dry out in rainy time if goes under tree... if rain is not too strong :^) And not mentioned here i am good player. Im just protecting character who protected me so many times. AND i want keep him away from incoming dosage of corrupted steroids from too well feed community who even does not knows what they wants anymore, just swap game for time like i do and chill. and drink some tea =) Chop trees and kill like you want its no ones business. As a Woodie not main, I can tell he is like fittest glove for my hand, using wearbeavers form for benefits only Only thing what i miss from Forge is Lucy trowing, but without traveling back in hands, and he could miss with axe on little targets like butterflies and rabbits, maybe with a reason because he likes bit small innocent creatures to stay alive eh?
  6. Car drives bad if that detail between sit and pedals is bad.. Woodie is not bad, players are. And if changes for bad players will be added, then we will have bad car driver problem in future. cheers o/
  7. I want skis and make with them some parkour or jumping around like in SSX3 game but in ds style then i want ice skates imagine sw but sea in winter goes frozen complete so you can use them and move very fast with ice skating imagine players making not winters feast only but they skating together hm and maybe gets some sanity or just make some holes in ice with ice drill for fishing to get some nom nom to survive again
  8. hm maybe just make rain damage more noticeable and start hp stats like in single player
  9. just wondering how big % possibility to get exact this drop, at last poopie is most valuable item in game.
  10. Just thinking, i died lots and lots times form packs of hound waves since Ds beginning. How much i saw when i died they are awesome creatures full with energy and happiness. Then why not. another hardest task in game after beefalo taming?
  11. You two guys, popularity "+" try harder's are like every where in Klei forums. Its like "Omg its again they!" for me. i hope you have time for playing game it self:^) Ps. its not about Jw Pss. still waiting answer from Jw.
  12. Can't understand you hate her or you are in love with her?
  13. now regular pants skin is in mid class, like spiffy was before
  14. will stack previous hours together or i will re watch again all 6 hours form 0?
  15. [Game Update] - 307715

    i think its just forums crybaby issue