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  1. [Game Update] - 307715

    i think its just forums crybaby issue
  2. [Game Update] - 307715

    Now Wilba runs like mad fuzzball in full moon nights Thanks Klei!
  3. I got this interesting world gen i two worlds. Rest world seems very okay how i see, only thing what fits in normally is ornate chests.
  4. Walls?

    Just remove walls and then remove game its self problems fixed. If you feel bad about walls not use them, if another players uses them, just don't go upset about this just take deep breath and move on. Why you individuals want force play game by your own standards?
  5. Walls?

    ^ I don't know its just a game. Can't tell what game needs or not needs, till now game is okay, fair enough to tell any changes scares me and makes me bit skeptic, but i wait in silent with knowing Dst developers is best in details what is making me some times to wonder how and why? Like Hutch best Dst Dj with one man band. its like " hey dude its a partey in cave..." If y feed bunny man 2 carrots in place of one then he might scare your with hes hand clapping and happiness what makes always laugh or squeeze out a little smile.
  6. Walls?

    Its possible 2019 Chinese event pigs trap in regular pig trap with wall. But Shhh, i like free nuggets.
  7. Walls?

    If any mob is about to suck because of wall he must go like this.
  8. What about protecting newcomers when they spawning in portal? - portal should draining lightning (against end is nigh) - portal territory is not buildable 10x10 turfs with spider nests and walls and constructions who can block moving of character, if some one dies there he spawns 2 bone shareds in place of skeleton (no blocking with skeletons) and if Wicker goes under nerf, then she sHoULd can not to read book till she has not enough sanity points for casting like wes with ballons. It is terrible idea i like Wicker as she is, she is only some old granny what bad to you she can do?
  9. looks like pig skins will not so easy get anymore, players will play with log suits and battle spears and wont mess with birchnut biome Bruce lee's
  10. yes volcano warnings, i thinked that sound is Wilbur's stomach because he in that moment just says Ohh Ooo Ohh?
  11. Hi all time was stuck with Rog and Dst only. Now im decided to play Shipwrecked and this dlc started to like more and more. only in volcano season happened thing like this. Welcome to my base! I read tips about moving to live in volcano biome and feed volcano altar with nightmare fuel, but it must be bit frustrating. or i can give some thing better to volcano god to let me live more days in peace or just skip this season in Rog world? Please tell me what is your experience with this and solution, because i am new in sea.
  12. okay this is form episode how y getting your popularity in forums. I I.. understand now i am sorry...
  13. Buying main game and suggesting game to friends?!
  14. I hope y can to understand guessing at last 50% of dst community is players who just cant buy your skin packs and support your company no matter how much they wants, just for - don't be disappointed again...
  15. I just hope Wortox isn't Klei's new face.