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  1. I am in shock again. Now he is op, where is downsides? don't feel them. Cooped blue mushrooms without any risk "izi pizi" when i was ready used strongest ability and its truth "goose", with goose i ran in ruins. In future i will take 3 seeds for fast ticket back. Later when some one told he is at base in oasis i used strongest ability again and got there in 20 seconds from portal because it can run over seas and usually often oasis is near portal but over sea. And new skins Omg he with survival skin and all hockey skin set looks like some angry Latvian hockey player only with Canadian shirt. Its good rework now, and i like it much more then another reworks before.
  2. Played with Woodie character on Klei server. 15 shadow monkeys cornered me with surprise and... nothing. I just walked through them i was no armor equipped 0 dmg taken. Then i equipped log suit and tried with one shooting doge take them out, on they bite i just heared sound when log suit gets hit but no lose of durability or hp and character does not reacts on they attack, then some terror beak decided to taste can it do some dmg or not, it did. some player told experienced same.
  3. Now Wilba runs like mad fuzzball in full moon nights Thanks Klei!
  4. I got this interesting world gen i two worlds. Rest world seems very okay how i see, only thing what fits in normally is ornate chests.
  5. well biological aura influence when she is near shes primitive ancestors can trigger that chromosome who was asleep in ages and make her run like boarilla in full moon events. my main charactor is Woodie i feel she has something common with him.
  6. makes Dst look like for *******, thats good! :^)
  7. i just asked, still not losing hope here Pls!
  8. I want Kalus in DS Please! because i can't survive winter like that with doing nothing, watching how birds bringing seeds in this season...:(
  9. Is it possible to get Can of silly String for skyworthy if im started game in Rog world with Hamlet compatible on? because i want invade hamlet with wx-78 and some gear with me.