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  1. Allow another players make your game harder join on public meet up with random players. Join in later season when nice random players has get nice stuff just for you, some times its true some times it is even more true to begin fight for your existence on server as being with two legs.
  2. Tell them "y" is for chat some times it helps they starts talking like rised from dead.
  3. Yes can and drop in wormholes can too
  4. griefers with they 7 friends filling up public servers and kicking all others not part of "chalenge"
  5. Revealing Map as Player

    when some one asking for base maybe can use this instead of cheat.
  6. Ok so hear me out...

    Reminds me dead space 3. There was very similar civilization like in chest puzzle pictures. Ye they did transformation etc stuff. Before marker cultism they seems were peaceful race. Would be scary, because that is only stuff who scares me out still from resident evil 4, if random statues just becoming alive and making very big swipe on player then just falls in to pieces on ground.
  7. Things what i have lost in this tapdate: - now i can't get first very necessary 2 flints with just cooping few trees, cant open cave hole with just doing same. - cant control turning moment form were form to human, (in full moon i must just wait for turning back and helpless watch how beasts destroying or trying to destroy moon base, don't have hands to remove star caller from socket or place it in. When im Goosing to ruins, getting r@ped from just one slupmokey, because i must stand in one place to chill goose down or run around and wait when goose meter will be off, what is time waste) Idea: if some one reads this. when Woodie in were form touches or interacts Lucy who is on ground he turns instantly back to human. but meh. Just my thoughts: he is a clown now, circus with all freak carnival within, i think part of community is terrified about they main character future now, must be. Only they are scared to raise they voice up against hardcore community who sits more in forums then playing game it self because they are bold here. every body should bee equal no popularity conquest, points, point farming. Just admins, moderators, members, contributors and whatever else but no points or make them visible only in user profile pages or taping on some spoiler thingy. So posts will be made because of need to share some idea, asking some question asking for help, and getting some fair answer not RATARATA TADA TATA ITS CIRCUS ITS CIRCUS AND SENIOR MEMBER CARNIVAL FLEXING ON NEWBIES
  8. I have idea Aby flying lantern. she flies bit ahead of her where Wendy is heading so can see more where u goo. Abi umbrella form protects from rain when Wendy stops near her. making invisibility aura around her when unwanted enemies is near. reducing radius of enemy spotting. Can haunt things when Wendy asks with same effect. Farming werepig changing mushroom colors - some body take fast that star away before base burns down.
  9. I am in shock again. Now he is op, where is downsides? don't feel them. Cooped blue mushrooms without any risk "izi pizi" when i was ready used strongest ability and its truth "goose", with goose i ran in ruins. In future i will take 3 seeds for fast ticket back. Later when some one told he is at base in oasis i used strongest ability again and got there in 20 seconds from portal because it can run over seas and usually often oasis is near portal but over sea. And new skins Omg he with survival skin and all hockey skin set looks like some angry Latvian hockey player only with Canadian shirt. Its good rework now, and i like it much more then another reworks before.
  10. If honest i still in shock about Woodie cant understand is he became better or not. I kinda liked hes only beaver form Woodie and beaver, beaver and Woodie. Staying as beaver long as i want and scr@wing around with him is part what i miss. Joining in winter to any server. Becoming to beaver who can mine boulder for flint and coop lots of trees open some emergency cave just from cooping some extra wood with axe in human form. THIS is what made him better than Maxwell. Max needs shadows and materials to make hes shedow team only then he overcomes Woodie as gatherer. But Woodie is not a gatherer he is explorer. Don't have light before night? coop some extra trees before night become to old good beaver again and survive it without light. Do you are wet in spring and you have nothing again? Become to beaver sit under tree. No Idols no monster meat i don't like this voodoo stuff.