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  1. So you are telling me grief and playing victim makes sense. In your place I would be say. "nothing from all what you told makes sense" should sound more dramatic. you forgot i am grief and bad in any means. Yes my Eng isn't native. Wait now i must google translate what that word is. It takes to long time. Okay forums is not Dst community at all its Forum community Sorry about me being bitter! have fun so long i have some game to play. Good evening and most important Health!
  2. Yes your kind knows only 2 colors White and "grief" Actually i confused this with another server since i getting bad ping. There was another copy cats who tried to make same with eu servers. It goed terrible for them and another players who tired play there. Still remember how i rushed with Woodie after orb who was putted on raft some where in ocean switched to Wicker, found them.. Yes confuse pal! Do what you must. Put your "not one of us!" thingy. Be part of Big not small. Eliminate criticism to 0
  3. Wanted to ask about bad ping for me on klei all public servers then i noticed these guys who is usually screaming "griefer" and kicking. It was just one time i wanted put out you guys from misery and get you in to life and still you can t forget. Public server is meant for any player, not for 3 or more potato cup face controlling dudes.
  4. DS Hamlet PS4

    same question about
  5. Seniors have ate well and feels bit bored so lets troll poor people of world!
  6. Has Anybody Gotten Good Skins?

    @Owlrus98 you are lucky in my eyes i got regular pants and black skirt but meh im okay with that. some month back i got two Wendies heads in a row
  7. Yes can and drop in wormholes can too
  8. I am in shock again. Now he is op, where is downsides? don't feel them. Cooped blue mushrooms without any risk "izi pizi" when i was ready used strongest ability and its truth "goose", with goose i ran in ruins. In future i will take 3 seeds for fast ticket back. Later when some one told he is at base in oasis i used strongest ability again and got there in 20 seconds from portal because it can run over seas and usually often oasis is near portal but over sea. And new skins Omg he with survival skin and all hockey skin set looks like some angry Latvian hockey player only with Canadian shirt. Its good rework now, and i like it much more then another reworks before.
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    don't abuse that glitch again
  10. Played with Woodie character on Klei server. 15 shadow monkeys cornered me with surprise and... nothing. I just walked through them i was no armor equipped 0 dmg taken. Then i equipped log suit and tried with one shooting doge take them out, on they bite i just heared sound when log suit gets hit but no lose of durability or hp and character does not reacts on they attack, then some terror beak decided to taste can it do some dmg or not, it did. some player told experienced same.
  11. Are you sure about that?! and who is "We" who are they?! To Bold even for mine standards, i would be scared maybe you want to rob them