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  1. Anim Cancelling: Too Much of a Good Thing?

    Now the leaderboard is better (no). Mediocre development.
  2. Anim Cancelling: Too Much of a Good Thing?

    Why was it necessary to close the leaderboard? What's the point of this? Whom got better after that? On the leaderboard there are still teams with scripts. Or did you do it to protect the nerves of the noobs? For two weeks my team and I trained speedrun for 10 hours a day. We did this not for reward, but for sporting interest. Yesterday we tested a new tactic that would allow us to get first place. You are very mean. @ScottHansen
  3. How they did a 9:22 Rhino Run

    Why aren't you fighting for first place with a new boss?
  4. Cheating Forge

    Maybe at least now Asians will have competitors in the leaderboard.
  5. Cheating Forge

    "What is your evidence?"
  6. Cheating Forge

  7. webber quest bug

    The quest will be completed when the whole team reaches the rhinos without death.
  8. Спидран 19 min

    Старайтесь лучше.
  9. 25 minutes win quest... Now with rhinos...

    Rhinos are easily killed in 15 minutes. If you try hard, you can finish in 12 minutes.
  10. Any tips for speedrunning the forge?

    Press F to win. Easy.
  11. Community progression

    New mobs: Rhinocebros , Infernal Swineclops New items: Book: Tome of Beckoning & Spiral Spear Armor: Steadfast Grand Armor , Jagged Grand Armor , Silken Grand Armor , Whispering Grand Armor Blade: Blacksmith's Edge Fire bomb: Crystalized Magma Chamber
  12. Community progression

    Boarilla Grand Forge Boarrior Rhinocebros Infernal Swineclops