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Is it worth to play yet?

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The stuff that does not appear in world generation if you play an older version is getting really low the past updates.

QoL for the time being only adds more decor plants.

Space Industry added Shove Voles

Rocketry added Fossils for more Steel

Expressive did not even added anything new to World Generation

Though Cosmic is what opened up the surface Biome.

There is a chance that major world generation tweaks hits us but to begin with ONI is not worth playing just once but several times. Starting over allows for a lot of fun stuff.

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Less "yet" and more "still". Last few updates (occupational, space, rocketry) all came with loss of QoL that is being alleviated only very, very slowly.

Honestly, before occupational, I could recommend people to blindly buy the game without trying it out first - it was worth it. I wouldn't do it now.

QoL update might address some of those major issues (job switching tedium, rocket sensors, gantry control, rocket fuel configuration requiring separate website/calculator, planet randomness, workshift requiring dupes to always either oversleep or fall exhausted on the job). So far it addressed two of the old problems (stable renewal, mixed type queues).

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honestly i stopped playing it and did planning to play again after official release. yet i still come here to see progression and changes around the game so i am not get outdated when release has coming. Anything to adapt the LEARNING CURVE from this game.



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