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  1. i think they need to tie the care packages to the game settings at some point. eventually. gating by research would be a good idea. random stuff that you can't really use yet is not terrible though. 500kg of fertilizer.. or dirt or anything for that matter is really, ultimately, trivial. constructive conversations are helpful to the unfolding game of course.. i'm surprised to not find discussions on how buggy the errand system now is. i have a hell of a time getting sweeping done now, takes a ton of micromanagement and they sometimes just freeze in place and refuse to move until i reload the game. hope they get that stuff fixed asap before worrying about this care package stuff.
  2. Purple Titles cut off

    ran into what i was barely remembering. no biggie really but since its been brought up
  3. [Game Update] - 308684

    I really like the new foreground effect on gases. good job also happens when you click a notification. its a camera thing. hit h to return to the printer. i have a ticket open.
  4. Purple Titles cut off

    glad to add that i don't have an issue with truncation but do occasionally have odd word wrap issues on elements. i cannot even find them now so forget that. i suspect it is all resolution dependent and will be addressed during polishing invader alex.. it is early access.... and this isn't EA.
  5. what Gwido said. if you included the screen showing the actual stats of the vent (the one that shows in the bottom right corner) we could be more specific but it probably says it emits a 230f or 100c, and 8k is much too high for any venting.
  6. i've been encountering the following since the latest update: i'll get a message popup, for example job training complete. in addition to opening the message window the game plays the camera interaction sound and moves somewhere black that i've not explored, apparently the top left corner somewhere. very annoying.
  7. never mind. didnt look in the Food storage for vitamin chews...
  8. question: did you edit the schedule at all, ie change the work blocks or anything? i created 8 or so schedules back on cycle one and edited them.. and they were retained.. whether you did an edit to them, change the name in addtion to not adding a dupe would be helpful for the devs
  9. that's exactly what is the concern. the dev post didn't say they were updating the visual, just updating the function. granted the concern is minor
  10. nothing like realizing a day later you left the subject off...
  11. before unpausing look around. on load you will see Lindsay and Mae and see a total of 10 dupes are idle. out of 12. you can see immediately there is an electrolyzer waiting to be built (albeit in an invalid location) and if you scroll around a bit you can see quite a lot of things to be swept up. in the bottom right corner of the base proper is a container that is still mostly empty waiting for things every idle dupe has an empty to do list, which makes sense for idle but.. not when there is work to be done. when you unpause, they will continute to idle around until eventually a schedule change hits or something else.. i've not had patience to sit long. what i do is change the priority on the storage container to 5 and back to 6. and presto they all get to work for a short time.. then back this this mess, which can take a cycle or two or just a few seconds depending on what else is going on. What I do currently to clear the storage is toggle it to all, them clear that check box. then copy the settings from the box 'floating' to the left. Please fix The Contagious Crashpad.sav
  12. they're fine. I've occasionally clicked the wrong button but its a minor thing and easy to learn
  13. I put all my breaks at the just before bed (2-4 depending on need), sleep time, followed by bathroom time (1 block) I maintain shifts of 4 dupes, the same number of lavatories in my single washroom. for each shift after the first I 'slide right' so that sleep on the new schedule coincides with the bathroom time on the previous then finish the schedule and repeat. this way the dupes can interact a little between schedules, so they can get the social interactions they need and it works pretty well, keeps things humming. i typically have 6-8 shifts running after a 100 cycles or so depending on how the printer shuffle has been treating me. very glad to have the option to print a non dupe now in the preview
  14. Its turn 20, i've only done some basic research. I printed some vitamin chews instead of dupes and was unable to store them. a review of my storage units found no category containing vitamin chews. The only other item i've printed was a mushroom spore but that category (Seeds) was already long unlocked lol). If i find other examples i will add them.