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  1. its an important bug but not critical if you play on default hunger Good Catch!
  2. Shove vole farm?

    bvurn them in fire. all of them. everywhere:-p i hate these things.
  3. but its super hot, over 1000c. doh!
  4. we've been asking for dropped items to retain their sweep command for what feels like ages. all in all, its a minor if annoying issue thankfully
  5. I'm very glad you made a gif that more clearly shows the problem for those who are more visual. you did notice i was agreeing mass was deleted right? lol. have a great time in ONI
  6. the stack on the ground is just a visual;. if the number on the right didn't change then it'd be a simple display bug which has happened many times. obviously in this case, it does change.. so.. yeah also your gif is neat but silly because you're not listing what is changing.. just edible and eggs?
  7. Gate charity

    You're right that that particular poster didn't but the thread has.. random is just that. it would be nice as you said to black/white list items
  8. Stacking is irrelevant. if the total listed on the right hand side doesn't change, you havent lost anything. the stacking, the mouse over are graphical interfaces that frequently bug. now i'd posted elsewhere that the total does drop if everything is swept so it is indeed more than a simple display bug - but t he changes were very weird and the end total and 103k (originally it was 126k). so yeah, i no longer sweep lumber and will evaluate other possibly affected stuff
  9. A: Yes. Steam turbine. true cooling loops. I learned a lot from watching Brothgar. I use a steam turbine in Hydrogen, with a cooling loop powered by an aquatuner made of steel. the loop is filled with polluted water or my favorite ethanol. ensure the turbine is covered by a few segments of radiant pipe before the loop enters the AT. the cooling loop should cover things you want to keep reasonable temps. eventually you'll need to get fancy to avoid freezing/over cooling. I'm unsure how you are using your wheezies. guessing you have them scattered arouind in important place, you could put them in hydrogen (preferrably over 2k) and make a cooling loop with them. (thank god for automation) -- I realize ive not read everyone else's responses. hope i helped. also. its ok fail. analyze and try different things next time. its al lgood
  10. i did a test in my current map. had them sweep to my storage dropper. for a long time the total lumber stayed the same or went up as trees were harvested. when they were done sweeping it dropped by 10k down to 103k from 121k. strange behavior for sure. i still had more than 100k that was displayed in that one stack available. weirdness for sure. def not going to bother sweeping lumber
  11. so your over-all total of lumber drops until it shows you only have 100t period? sounds like a graphical bug unless the total amounts of lumber changes too
  12. Water + L.Carbon Dioxide?

    try things. you learn by failing who knows you might show us something. if not you've learned for yourself!
  13. Yes. which is why I do that part in a bath of crude oil cooling an Aquatuner. the petroleum floats up and i filter it off.
  14. absolutely. joining the chorus. a good way to do it is to use the crude oil for initial cooling and it self translates to petroleum. then use the petroleum for additional heat and then burn it before it vaporizes. Exactly. i messed up a turbine install last night, ended up snaking the input to the Aquatuner up and around to get that all important radiant links in there. i tend to have 3 sections because, well thats what i first did. no idea if just one or two would be enough.