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  1. think of it this way: the change allow those who pay attention to gain the 15% bonus to working in light rather than giving it for no conscious effort
  2. added to the repro steps to more clearly indicate how to repro
  3. I have two examples of buildings not flooding when covered by polluted water. the kiln keeps right on working as does the air deodorizer. in fact the latter pushes the water aside creating a very nice ripple effect. edit: Flooding does occur as normal on when you load a save.
  4. yep. its more 'real life' but then hey, we're playing a game with a seriously limited sim. i've been enjoying myself less and less since this beta launched. trying to stay positive.. it "seems clear" (lol) that to the devs we need to be struggling with heat.
  5. Ive got a bunch of priority 9 sweep jobs on debris in my in mess hall. I have a storage unit set to most things at priority 6. on the priorities tab i have both storage and tidy set to highest Dupe prefer to go idle and compete for operate jobs than to haul to storage, leaving the decor in that room and other locations much lower than it should be. The Sneezing Galaxy.sav
  6. added additional information, material is not lost just invisible until reload. "Just"
  7. I discovered that when I placed some upgrade orders (regular granite floor tiles to insulated ceramic) and then canceled the order once it filled the materials were were eaten by the (game? dupe? Tile?) and not returned when canceled whether or not the order has begun to be worked. edit: determined that the materials are not lost/eaten. they are invisible in the interface until reload. the dupes still register the mateirals and freely take it to be used despite it being invisible.
  8. don't use bugs. its solo player after all. thats what i do
  9. nah. prioritize crashes and performance please. fix this.. but hey, its a niche bug after all...
  10. ran into what i was barely remembering. no biggie really but since its been brought up
  11. I really like the new foreground effect on gases. good job also happens when you click a notification. its a camera thing. hit h to return to the printer. i have a ticket open.
  12. glad to add that i don't have an issue with truncation but do occasionally have odd word wrap issues on elements. i cannot even find them now so forget that. i suspect it is all resolution dependent and will be addressed during polishing invader alex.. it is early access.... and this isn't EA.
  13. what Gwido said. if you included the screen showing the actual stats of the vent (the one that shows in the bottom right corner) we could be more specific but it probably says it emits a 230f or 100c, and 8k is much too high for any venting.
  14. i've been encountering the following since the latest update: i'll get a message popup, for example job training complete. in addition to opening the message window the game plays the camera interaction sound and moves somewhere black that i've not explored, apparently the top left corner somewhere. very annoying.
  15. never mind. didnt look in the Food storage for vitamin chews...