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  1. i remember the patch that said it was changing.. then they reverted it.. did they re-re-vert?
  2. indeed. if the chance scales by number of germs it sure isn't apparent, right? pretty dumb the only thing i can think of would be to enable those dupes to take the various booster pills you can't from what i've encountered its not just more difficult. its a very poorly implemented change. i'm sure they'll tweak it.. the old system was WAY too easy
  3. i love the change. removes the old syndrome of perfect dupes and makes us plan. the better we can plan the better things will be. no shame if we have trouble, its a new system. give yourself time, its new after all. I'm enjoying the heck out of it. My advice if you are feeling like you're hitting your head against a wall, take a vritual step back and re-evaluate your assumptions.. somewhere there is a step you can change that will give new insight. good idea. while i haven't had this problem it makes a lot of sense. Please do that ticket, its a good, simple feature that should have
  4. the asteroid the dupes are on revolves around a multiple star system. if all major bodies are in resonance that would set unequal day/night cycles. really its a matter of story but a bit of math (beyond me) would come up with the necessary orbits..
  5. i wish they would compost.. but since they cost nothing to make that would be hecka unbalanced so.. i tend to pile them up in a corner and ignore them A great way for some additional dirt i'd recommend placing a storage set to only specific seeds you might want around, say mealwood,, set the priority higher than the generalist storage and then set the capacity to 10 or 15 Kg. seeds at 1Kg and that way you wont accidentally compost ALL the remaining seeds of a type. You don't need to empty the storage either. click on the storage then on the lower right click on the seed in question. You can then select compost to compost that entire stack. leaving other seeds to continue to pile up.
  6. if you are going out of your way to use niche structures to enable those kinds of things then getting upset that they work.. i'm not sure what to say. anything happening because of the implicit one element per tile is probably with us for quite awhile. those are players choosing to exploit game mechanics. you don't get unlimited power during normal game play for example. i'm under the impressioned that melting something produces the same mass now (melting insulation wasn't it?) its just a matter of the visual not updating until save/load... then again someone may have found another exploit i haven't looked at lol.
  7. some of y'all are way too loose calling things bugs.. as in anything you disagree with being a mechanic in the game. lol. respect the ONI dev team.. what is IS. Use it or don't.
  8. Lost Threads

    why not edit the wiki to include some of this stuff, or links to the main forum posts/stuff?
  9. Lost Threads

    reducing clutter and resource usage come to mind.
  10. true true. i thought about comparing dupes to a single tile but didn't
  11. dupes can only have one disease.. lol. not an exploit, its how the game works.. unfortunately now you tell me when i rarely have dupes get sick.. lol
  12. LOL. QOL2 has been whining this for me since it came out. Does it actually stop the game from complaining?
  13. anything indicated when you hover on the supply priority in the priority tab counts as a supply job. comparing various dupes all doing different things but assigned the same job isn't proof its not working, we've all seen how rando the dupes get. Unless you ensure they all do the same things all the time... my dupes with interests seem to gain skills faster - from dig on up. i guess i should say, i'm not noticing any delay, dupes level as fast as i expect and i recently had a dupe with dig interest reach senior before another that also got set to high priority dig. *shrug* ymmv. I'm also not deliberately timing everyone as would be necessary to absolutely refute Recently game play (dig, farm, tidy, supply) all behaved as expected.
  14. i have a simple loop of radiant pipe in a large tank of pWater. In that tank sits a thermo aquatuner that is cooling both geyser water and sieved water. this circuit stops the loop for a period of time to allow the water in the radiant pipes to warm up significantly before activating the shutoff to allow the warmed water out to be sieved. without this the pWater in the radiant loop warmed up but only a fraction of what it could have, so was not really doing an efficient job. the circuit is in the upper left in this image. the lower left is a test to have water thats too cool to bypass the cooling loop (and head to an electrolyzer and also a precipitating loop for a steam vent. if i was sending partial packets, which some cycle may happen, it will also do that i guess. ----- i've attached my save, warning - i use lots of bridges; it cuts down on buffering and limits heat transfer Serene Lab.sav
  15. First some background: I got the idea to use my pWater from the lavatory and showers to help with cooling from watching a Brothgar video. great guy! As time passed, I'd also noticed that the small packets of pWater didnt have time to warm up and often were so small as to have little real effect. Late last night I thought about how to fix this, and initially found the automation required confusing, even head-achy lol, so i went to bed. Three cheers for sleep, this morning I evolved this, A is a buffer gate, set to how long the connected shutoff should be active and allow the (hopefully) heated water to pass on towards a seive. B is a Not gate, once the buffer flips to inactive this inverts that and starts the next gate C is a fliter gate, this stays inactive for a set period of time before becoming active, set to a duration long enough to let the pWater in the radiant pipes to heat up. For my current setup A to 18 (18 packets should be let out) and C to 40 are working well. on a side note, i also have lots of bottled pWater that i feed in at a T junction so that the lavatory feed has priority, this 'solved' the small packet issue. I hope this relatively simple circuit can help someone else with what initially appears to be a complex automation issue.