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  1. uploaded save with duplicant repeating the animation for drawing water from the pitcher pump with 2 types of liquids available Systematic Shelter.sav
  2. I checked after the patch, this bug persists. SimDLL_CRASH_release_399948_20200321-12.39.46.dmp
  3. SimDLL_CRASH_release_398437_20200308-20_11.17.dmp here is one
  4. This exact issue occurs for me. Load game -> pause or play (doesnt matter which) -> game crashes to desktop without error message after a few minutes. I used steam repair function to make sure I have the latest ONI version, and I turned off all mods - and also started a new game. SimDLL_CRASH_release_398437_20200308-20.11.17.dmp
  5. Liquid/Gas filters, Conduit Element Sensors, and Gaseous Element Filter correctly save/load, correctly remember their setting, and now have a "none" setting that makes newly constructed ones behave correctly Is this the fix for element sensor based filters messing up on load?
  6. I would be fine with separate beta versions on steam. Its a supported function.
  7. After loading my game on version Q1-286074 I noticed that the steam vent cooler does not work. I rebuilt the tempshift plates with diamond and it started to work perfectly, meaning that the tempshift plates under the coolant chamber were a constant 4 degree higher than the tempshift plates inside the coolant - meaning the heat tranfer was working well. After saving and later reloading this game I noticed the steam doesnt condense again, the tempshift plates stopped transfering heat from / to the metal tiles they touch. Base of Operations test.sav
  8. I have noticed that my cool steam vent cooler method stopped working entirely. My setup feeds liquid to a chamber that is thermally connected with the steam chamber. The thermal connection method is tempshift plate - metal tile - tempshift plate.
  9. Somehow pepper bread is not in the list for electric grills anymore. BBQ missing also. Anyone else?
  10. Pal you need to up your game or down the difficulty options and just stop ranting about it. Game is perfectly playable on hardest difficulty settings. If thinking is tedious and you want a casual experience just disable stress.
  11. Or just use 2 batteries with power shutoffs and logic gates.