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  1. Its not a slush tho but an infected pw geyser. slush means ez mode on a map
  2. It is balanced if the creators wish that feeding highest level food for your dupes should be impossible in great numbers as they are intended to serve for food to specialized dupes like astronauts.
  3. try the other supply type priority settings. Life support or Storage, who know which covers bottle emptiers.
  4. Not for everyone but if one has priorities well set dupes should be bottling constantly. If one dupe taking bottles at once isnt enough than you need more pitchers and bottle emptiers. Set deliver tasks on highest priority and emptiers on 9
  5. I feel you, it shouldnt be a big problem, but it is, and other games of the genre have this kind of problem too (dwarf fortress for example)
  6. Give it a go if you like to fiddle with stuff i enjoyed it. My sulfur takes some heat with it on the way out (going through diamond tiles)
  7. Minor volcano, automation to close door for heat transfer. Oil dripping, gas expands in a tunnel with various heat exchangers. End of the tunnel a bunch of thermo regulator cooled hydrogen cools the sour gas to liquid methane. Liquid pump sends it to storage. Can be built a lot better but i stopped finetuning it once the gas flow was enough. It is probably around 500g/sec or so. Sulfur is picked up by sweeper and stored. Not sure what to do with it though.
  8. I spent 150 cycles building priming finetuning my natgas generator in survival, at the end I was thinking I could have gone to space and back and build it with space materials in that time...
  9. You could try disabling the pod or simply not choosing the stuff that you dont like...
  10. Chlorine problem.

    I use underwater compactors for slime. For chlorine i make a big pincha farm and cooking station so i can store large amounts of food 100% fresh without powering fridges.
  11. True if i sweep the stuff manually and dont sweep different temperature stuff the same time it could work. Im hoping a modder will take up on this issue though:)
  12. Sadly whatever priorities you use dupes will keep mixing up the materials. Currently the only way is to set up separate living areas and not let dupes leave their areas.