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  1. their fart amount is quite negligible but their power to accidentally fart your vacuum setups up is mighty. I ended up restricting them from building and supplying, and sending them to space asap.
  2. Nothing a scrubber cant handle, i guess
  3. 1. oxygen and food the rest depends on your map. but it is usually this: 2. processed metal 3. plastic 3. metal refinery 4. steel 5. steam space 6. petroleum space 7. oxygen and hydrogen liquification 8. hydrogen space And while you are doing all this, depending on your difficulty level, dupe number etc. sometimes you have to put extra steps in to increase morale, or increase oxygen and food productions, and stuff like power, it all depends on what you have on the map...
  4. Noob trap at a non default asteroid?
  5. each turbine port sucks in up to 0.4kg/sec of steam. which means the steam in the chamber get disproportionate and the equalizing of gas mas battles that removal of 0.4kg/sec. I think anything over 10kg/tile can be considered safe if the return pipes are not extremely long.
  6. it is efficient as lots of stuff will be closer to build sites as with a centralized storage location would be, and also takes no delivery tasks to leave stuff as is. The problem is end game performance.
  7. Try to quantum store in a way dupes cannot access it - less performance problem
  8. Once way of getting rid of this problem is having a storage system like this: Which is really just the multiples of the modules that are 4 tiles high and any tiles long: I store any material that takes up more than a few compactors like this. I think this might be helping with my FPS as there are multiple thousand tons of materials that is now inaccessible to dupes, each material type only has 2 compactors that is accessible, the rest is locked away. Priorities: Shipping: This isnt revolutionary or even efficient, I just like this over what I do with the regolith (that I plan to use later but for the time I want it inaccessible to my dupes):
  9. to be honest a flatrate power consumption for fridges is nonsense, it should consume power in proportion of heat loss that could be easily programmed (even by modding i think). - heat transfer with surrounding gas - heat transfer amount every time the fridge is used (opened and closed) - heat transfer while stored material gets to the 4 degrees Celsius target temperature. Anyways very late game you can either support a 50 fridges powered make an auto-backup storage area in chlorine. You can also make your own walk-in fridge by cooling a room down to -20 degrees or something and having conveyor loaders or fridges there unpowered is fine. Tbh i didnt try this and you might lose god knows how much % of food degradation due to slow heat transfer in your walk-in fridge. I store all my foodstuff in conveyor loaders because they store 10x as much as a fridge and I have my overflow storage in chlorine autofeeding my kichen. Only frost burgers go to the great hall where 2 fridges store the burgers, and if either of the 2 fridges are full I just turn off my gas range with automation.
  10. Regolith clearing

    If you want to feed all the regolith to hatches / shovoles this seems to make the lowest amount of lag late game. Nice.
  11. 36 dupes, mostly optimized base but still lagging a bit on x1 speed.