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  1. food will not be an issue (natural grown stuff, hatches, voles, pacus, etc..) if you stay low on dupes (5-10 range) oxygen sources will last you thousands of cycles easy. All slime can be offgassed and deodorized. Algae can be diffused. ice melted and electrolized etc. Crazy amounts of pwater can be found on each map. All that if you avoid spending these resources on food.
  2. Analysing Geysers

    I feel like i need to analyze all geysers, even if the extra information is sometimes (but not all times) unnecessary.
  3. what i build is a 2x1 room for the dropoff with open doors on both sides. If you make a decent sized room it will accept critters up to 200+ (as most usually only 10% or less critters are inside the 2x1 room.
  4. Its also easy to set a pump up to make the vacuum
  5. No, replicate this as a way of duplicating wort plants!
  6. Yes, anything gets done quickly when you throw 20 construction dupes on it. Having 3 dupes is extremely slow, getting to the point of automatization we are speaking of here would mean maybe 1000 cycles or more. Thats a lot of time even on superspeed
  7. Cooling of aquatuner without supercoolant is less effective (consumes more power) than cooling hydrogen with thermo regulators. They are great for simplifying the setup tho (get bristle ready water with a sieve and 1 aquatuner)
  8. My usual cap is around 45-46 or so. Needs pepper bread/barbeque and the extra 3 points from showering. Coffee also helps. 50 is viable with maxing out everything you might need extra downtime allocation for the dupes to be able to use the coffee machine etc. All the time. Its very funny you might need 4-5 coffee machines etc for it to be consistent.
  9. your bathroom setup is not safe - dupes can spam exit on one side and miss washing hands.
  10. Mayb Devs didnt want ppl to ranch from cycle 1, or its just a way to ease users into the high morale demand of the job.
  11. I would use dropbox to sync my save files. you can copy your latest save into it and then access it on another computer.
  12. Its probably an oversight yet to be addressed. Until then you can lock the doors, use shutoffs and disable sweeper arms if you want your farm to stop. Might be a good idea to use 2 doors (parallel) and lock the one that lets dupes in so your dupes inside can still get out.