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Random mercury spawn

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TBH, I don't know if there's a use for it at all but I was rather surprised to see it randomly spawn on the map on a reload. I know that sometimes save/reloads spawns blobs of material random places on the map but I genuinely thought that it would only be materials that actually exists in the game world that could randomly spawn. It appears not.

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2 hours ago, Iriswaters said:

I suppose if you need a room temp liquid with the heat properties of a metal, ie: low SHC, high conductivity, it could be useful.  Idk where that'd be used though.

Mercury may serve as alternative to equalize heat between two rooms without investing heavily into tempshift plates (which also can not run through tiles). Obviously, if they did now change the values to be like RL (gamepedia says something else entirely), the usage is limited between -38.83 °C and 356.73 °C, neither enough to boil oil nor condensate sour gas.

However, with it mayhaps being brought back from space normally, if the devs intend to expand space travel (and let's hope they do!), it is only a worse super coolant since super coolant also has incredible thermal conductivity. At least it should have other uses (mayhaps Super Batteries or Super Conductive Wires?

Anyway, I'd sure love to have more elements, I will never forget that propane liquid coming out of a void hole in the early days, it was useless but so beautiful. :wilson_cry:

Meanwhile all I get is maybe water geysers spawning a little hydrogen... meh.

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