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  1. ONI Biology thread deleted?

    Thanks to @JoeW I know I have responsibility to clarify some things. 1. Of course, I feel angry about the bug tracker. There are so many bugs, or I personally think they are bugs, have not been acknowledge. With the time passing, many players take these irrationalities for granted. I have my own player circle. When a newcomer laugh at me because I refuse to build an infinite turbine in my base, can you understand my feeling? What about two newbies? Three newbies? Every week? Lasting a whole year? I posted them not for giving these newbies a chance to laugh at me. I regret to post what I have posted, and I won't post what I haven't posted. If my old friends don't encourage me, I already abandoned this game. 2. I hate the forum. When I said, "you guys evict every dissident", you don't feel shamed, but are proud of it. I'm glad for some people use their reactions to support my view, but also disappointed. I've saw so many newcomer came with hope, then lost their hope. I fear to show my true feeling. I hate the advanced high overtemperature metal, I hate the new ice machine (sorry to @Junksteel). I feel they are laughing at my struggling to acquire high temperature or keep my base cool. I try to accept these change, but what make me unbearable is I can't express my dissatisfaction. OK, I will evict myself, but I shall have rights to take away all my topics with me. The forum don't deserve them. I will return to my circle. 3. Players will choose the game they like, and game will also choose players. A game refused to fix bug will choose the players who like dancing with bugs. More than one year ago, when I suffered from the drop cooling, as known as super borg, these senior players tried to persuade we junior players that the drop cooling would never be fixed. "The drop cooling is designed to reduce calculation", or "to balance heat generation", or whatever else. Anyway, they tried to claim "it's a feature, a basic feature, an everlasting feature." Many of my friends chose to leave, because these senior players‘ sermon. Now, we are here. The fix of drop cooling doesn't destory the game. But these players who lost hope to this game will never come back. last week, a new member came. He was angry about the energy and temperature nonconservation. "It is designed to reduce calculation, or to balance heat generation, or whatever else. Anyway, it's a feature" What a familiar scene. If someone choose to leave, it will be more similar. OK, it's my turn. 4. These topics I summarized are outdated, and contains many errors. For myself, I'd prefer to read wiki or database in the game, or just quick talk with my friends. I didn't read these topics for a long time. If you are satisfied with these old and wrong knowledge, lost desire to acquire new knowledge, then it should be cut out. We should find a more smart way should be used to reveal these knowledge and update them. For example, why not add the average output into the geyser subscreen? Open the code editor, find Geyser.GetDescriptors() Emmm, It's a generic methods and Harmony don’t support generic methods. OK, as a self-taught programming amateur, I give up. Finally, I never expected that my leaving could draw official's attention. Thanks to Klei for designing such a great game. If I can bring some changes, it will be good. BTW, try to jump out of the forum, you could find many well-known and useful exploits/tricks but rarely or never appears in the forum.
  2. probably this Assembly-CSharp.dll can fix it
  3. plz fix physics

    Because you guys evict every dissident
  4. Oil well giving off Steam

    Some buildings will emit steam when internal water reach the vapor point. There is no certain safety temperature. The only safe way is keep your well always colder than 100C.
  5. Melted iron + refined carbon =??

    Nop, even you add lime or whatever else.
  6. Mysterious cooling effect

    My personal idea is that For buildings which their heat transfer region is different from their size (ig. turbine, thermal block), when the building are created, the function OverrideExtents will be called to set up the transfer region. But pitcher pump doesn't call that function. It might be the reason.
  7. It's not my case, but I still get 38.2s, which is much longer than wiki I like wiki. But this time, they just use an unfounded number. I got the number 38.2 in june 2018. They created the bunker door page in Sep.
  8. How did wiki get the number like 15s or 150s? Bunker door needs 38.2~38.4 seconds to close/open with power*, unless Klei changed it in the latest live version. *: The oldest record I can find was at june 6, 2018.
  9. Mysterious cooling effect

    And never remove the exploit structurment even though the exploit had been fixed temporarily. Maybe Klei will revive it one day.
  10. I was once like you. Good luck.
  11. I haven't noticed this. Maybe you can try to figure out what's the difference. Though I'm 99% sure Klei won't fix the bug within one month, no matter what you do.
  12. Same with @Skrivener I build clinics only when newbie ask me how to build it.
  13. clarify:I mean ice/water pair and oil/solid oil pair, not pour ice to oil. You don't need to heat ice to 300C, 3C for melt should be enough
  14. Asteroid angles

    ±10 degrees