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  1. One more thing you should know is that almost all building has a 20% heat capaticy factor. The heat for melting 400kg ice can also melt 2000kg ice block/ice temp shift plate.
  2. I needed it. I spent 3 months on finding a way to mix different gas with different molar mass, and finally I made a rubbish. I don't want to modify simdll, but if I know how this black box works, I won't waste so much time. But I know that asking Klei to share simdll code is impossible and stupid, so I never mentioned it. BTW, I need to raise a question. Assuming Klei share the code of Simdll, then how to make a mod? Writing a new Simdll and uploading it is a bad idea. If two modders upload two branches of Simdll, the only one mod will make effect. We need a way to patch code, not rewrite.
  3. I guess I can share this mail to help you guys. Good luck.
  4. - elementId: Magma maxMass: 1840 liquidCompression: 1.01 minVerticalFlow: 20 Mass of a full tile: 1840kg Ideal mass difference between two layers: 1.01*1840-1840=18.4kg Min mass to start vertical movement: 20kg 20kg>18.4kg
  5. bad news. almost no influence. maybe the first suggestion can do something, but as you know, three layers tiles even won't be destoried by high pressure liquid. i can't find a way to totally prevent high pressure liquid/gas storage. (but at least let doors and airfolw tiles can be destoried.
  6. A few ways to solve this issue. I hope these could give you some hints. 1. High pressure liquid can break tiles, but high pressure gas can't. It's unresonable. Suggestion: high pressure gas should also effect Grid.Damage 2. OverPressure funtion of electrolyzer will stop_at_solid and stop_at_liquid due to the paramaters of FloodFillFind. So if all 4 grids are occupied by liquid, no gird will be checked and OverPressure funtion will never be called. Suggestion: hydrogen and oxygen will be exhausted at left top grid of electrolyzer. At least this grid can't be occuied by liquid. Or electrolyzer should always be overpressured when all 4 grids are occupied by liquid/soild. 3. A building will be flooded when it IsSubstantialLiquid. element.IsLiquid && Grid.mass[cell] >= element.defaultValues.mass * threshold Giving a threshold could avoid little mass of liqud causing buildings flooding. But it also allows building be submerged by layers of different liquids without flooding. Suggestion element.IsLiquid && Grid.mass[cell] >= element.defaultValues.mass * threshold && !Grid.IsLiquid(Grid.CellAbove(cell))
  7. Does this mean the old seeds can't generate same worlds? Or the old seeds still give the same worlds except star map?
  8. Molar mass is used to measure the mass of a molecule or an atom. For example, an oil molecule is much heavier than a water molecule, so oil's molar mass is bigger than water. But oil's density is lower than water, so oil will float on the water. (The reason is, although an oil molecule is a bit heavier than a water molecule, an oil molecule is much more bigger than a water molecule.) Maxmass is a group of value in game database, so don't feel strange you can't google it. It means the standard mass of liquid in one tile. For example, water and polluted water are 1000kg, magma is around 1840kg, petrol is 740kg. In other words, Maxmass is exactly the density.
  9. @IpsquiggleAny chance to fix density? Now we are using Molar Mass as liquid's density. But actually we should use Max Mass. It will bring a really huge change to game. And if we continue to delay, the impact will become bigger and bigger when we decide to use the correct density.