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Reduce the needless complexity

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Certain things in the game are needlessly complex to do or require a lot of calculations you have to do yourself. The game provides numbers in such a raw form that the community developed outside programs to handle that. The UI could be improved so the info you are looking for is easier to get.

Geysers - "active every x out of y seconds producing z kg per second". It`s ok to have the exact number but could we please get an "average kg per cycle" as well? Maybe even "kg per active period" as well.

Rockets - "km per kg of fuel" and "weight penalty" but we have to calculate the final range ourselves and best do it before we build the rocket and select teh destination. We should be able to select the destination after building the engine and it should show us how much fuel is needed based on the amount of modules already build. Or at least when the rocket is ready the destination should calculate the needed fuel. I know it`s supposed to be "rocket science" but come on. We shouldn`t be playing a game with excel spreadsheets open.

Mapgen seeds - Some people don`t like randomness. Or at least they want certain features present on the map. There should be an option to show what types of geysers will be spawned in the given seed (it`s a bit of a spoiler so it would be disabled by default). It could also show the percentage of the map taken by each biome type. It would save a lot of time people spend making sure the map has the geysers they want. (of course the overlap bug needs to be fixed first)

Critter management - Not as much of an UI feature here but more of an QoL one. Moving certain critters is pretty problematic. Imagine dupes moving a pacu and dropping it mid base for some reason. There`s no way to pick up the flopping fish. You need to build a small pond and a fish trap in it before the dupes can move it away. Similarly flying critters can get really annoying if they get dropped in a large open area. Dropped critters should remain in the bag like they used to in Ranching MK1.

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2 hours ago, Alfons100 said:

The Wheezewort should also give us the precise cooling depending on the gas.

Yeah. Been wondering the same this for a long long while now. How much cooling does it give exactly???

Why does it mention that its sucking in vacuum?

3 hours ago, Sasza22 said:

Geysers - "active every x out of y seconds producing z kg per second". It`s ok to have the exact number but could we please get an "average kg per cycle" as well? Maybe even "kg per active period" as well.

This seems highly reasonable as well. Too much complexity is a pain in the a**. Everybody likes a simple clean way of doing things. I think the devs brought in this change to make the player look for alternate source of the resource for the off cycle. If its a continuous output, players will become comfortable with what they have and the game will lose some of its survival thrill.

But, now we have storages for everything. This completely nullifies the active and off cycle effects of geysers. The only use of this is now to build lots and lots of storages to hold enough for the off cycle and put a limiter building in the output valve to the averaged value so that it does not go beyond the avg per cycle output of the geyser.

I think a good solution for this can be to give an indication of how much of the resource is producing averaged out in the active cycle. When the tenured scientist finishes examining the geyser, it'll also show the total averaged resource output including the off cycle.

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I don't think there's anything wrong with the geyser information, you can directly work out the average yield with simple maths. The reason I made a site to work it out is because I wanted somewhere to keep track of all the geysers on a map, not because it was hard to work out.

Rockets on the other hand, are not immediately obvious, if at all. Rockets really need an in-game designer that lets you pick what parts you want and shows a range chart.

The thing about mapgen is it's not an information problem, but a randomness problem. I've already suggested a complete geyser overhaul to fix it.

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