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  1. Note: Log shows a couple enabled mods, however I've checked that this also happens with no mods enabled.
  2. Hard to describe, but at a guess the overlay texture is being incorrectly re-rendered. This also applies to sandbox tools (fill, clear floor, etc.). Only checked this in sandbox.
  3. In advance: I know I should be building two separate mod DLLs, however my mod has nothing to do with anything DLC-specific and works fine outside of this issue. Use of particular enums, in this case Action, can cause obscure bugs due to the fact the enum will have a different list of values (and therefore a different int mapping). For my particular mod I was using Action.NumActions, which is the "there's no bind for this" Action, and it has a value of 266 with DLC; however, non-DLC values don't even go to 266 (probably due to radiation overlay), and thus crash. Stack trace: ArgumentException: 266 is not bound in GameInputBindings at GameUtil.ActionToBinding (Action action) [0x0003e] in <f834fb9792e545c0aa06cca79073875a>:0 at GameUtil.GetActionString (Action action) [0x00010] in <f834fb9792e545c0aa06cca79073875a>:0 at GameUtil.ReplaceHotkeyString (System.String template, Action action) [0x00000] in <f834fb9792e545c0aa06cca79073875a>:0 at KIconButtonMenu+ButtonInfo.GetTooltipText () [0x0002e] in <f834fb9792e545c0aa06cca79073875a>:0 at KIconButtonMenu.RefreshButtons () [0x00232] in <f834fb9792e545c0aa06cca79073875a>:0 at KIconButtonMenu.SetButtons (System.Collections.Generic.IList`1[T] buttons) [0x0000f] in <f834fb9792e545c0aa06cca79073875a>:0 at UserMenuScreen.Refresh (UnityEngine.GameObject go) [0x00036] in <f834fb9792e545c0aa06cca79073875a>:0 at RootMenu.OnSelectObject (System.Object data) [0x000b4] in <f834fb9792e545c0aa06cca79073875a>:0 at EventSystem.Trigger (UnityEngine.GameObject go, System.Int32 hash, System.Object data) [0x000fe] in <4c2b2fae6abe493697de2dfee51c79b6>:0 at KMonoBehaviour.Trigger (System.Int32 hash, System.Object data) [0x00026] in <4c2b2fae6abe493697de2dfee51c79b6>:0 at SelectTool.Select (KSelectable new_selected, System.Boolean skipSound) [0x00130] in <f834fb9792e545c0aa06cca79073875a>:0 at SelectTool.OnLeftClickDown (UnityEngine.Vector3 cursor_pos) [0x00039] in <f834fb9792e545c0aa06cca79073875a>:0 at PlayerController.OnKeyDown (KButtonEvent e) [0x000ac] in <f834fb9792e545c0aa06cca79073875a>:0 at KInputHandler.HandleKeyDown (KButtonEvent e) [0x0001c] in <4c2b2fae6abe493697de2dfee51c79b6>:0 at KInputHandler.HandleKeyDown (KButtonEvent e) [0x0006f] in <4c2b2fae6abe493697de2dfee51c79b6>:0 at KInputHandler.HandleEvent (KInputEvent e) [0x00008] in <4c2b2fae6abe493697de2dfee51c79b6>:0 at KInputController.Dispatch () [0x0001c] in <4c2b2fae6abe493697de2dfee51c79b6>:0 at KInputManager.Dispatch () [0x00017] in <4c2b2fae6abe493697de2dfee51c79b6>:0 at KInputManager.Update () [0x0002e] in <4c2b2fae6abe493697de2dfee51c79b6>:0 at GameInputManager.Update () [0x00007] in <4c2b2fae6abe493697de2dfee51c79b6>:0 at Global.Update () [0x00000] in <f834fb9792e545c0aa06cca79073875a>:0 This stack trace points literally no fingers, the reporting user only suspected mine as it was the only one that updated and the in-game action was closely tied to what mine is for. Had it been another enum, this could happen on world load or even game load. I've temporarily worked around the issue with: System.Enum.TryParse(typeof(Action), out numAct); This is a band-aid solution, and the real solution would be to explicitly specify enum values for any enum expected to have differences between the two versions.
  4. The problem is that the T2/T3 skills are useless on their own, I think that skill branch needs changing so that each tier is +1 quality and all grant the ability to do artwork. With mining, if you get T3 (or even T4), T1 and T2 remain useful since they each unlock different tiles to mine. The two are fundamentally different, which makes it ok for mining to do this but not artwork. The alternative solution would be to just not give out specific skills that have this issue, which would include things like tier 2 ranching (only grants a husbandry boost), better rocket piloting (which is temporarily gone), and T2/3 artwork, to name a few. Side note: Would be interesting if some specific skill branches, such as mining, did not have the prerequisite limitation, instead letting you pay the single hefty morale cost and only get specific things. After all, if that skill can be granted by the printer, it should be possible to do the same without by paying the morale cost.
  5. I've seen this once, couldn't reproduce it so at the time I assumed it was a freak occurrence. From what I can tell, it looks like dupe animations temporarily break, so any movement that has an animation (such as climbing up one tile or jumping over a one tile gap) that has that animation break instead instantly does that action. When it happened once for me it actually affected climbing up two tiles high, whereas on your recording that isn't affected.
  6. Issue was not actually resolved, tested on EX1-441629-D, save attached that will trigger the diagnostic when nothing is actually wrong. There are no "working" toilets because it takes a moment to refill. Having a colony with a single duplicant will likely happen via the trailblazer module, as well as only having one plumbed toilet inside the spacefarer module since it doesn't make sense to waste space on having multiple. Both scenarios are reasonable to expect. Hopeful Spacecamp.sav
  7. "Toilet diagnostic will only alert is no toilets are available. Label shows working toilets : Duplicant count." Not entirely sure this is a fix, as the alert could still appear if all toilets are used at the same time, which is a guarantee if there is only one toilet serving a staggered schedule and would then cause multiple alerts per cycle. When watching the diagnostic, I see the number of working toilets drop momentarily.
  8. Issue still present on EX1-441629-D, in this instance I caused a crash with the aero pot by selecting a mellow mallow.
  9. Not a bug, just confusing at first. All the rocket parts are inside a menu within the launchpad.
  10. All planetoids appear to share the same overall map, the crops exist on another planetoid. The one to the left should be your starting planetoid, and the one to the right should be the radioactive planetoid. Rocket internals are there too, to the right of the 4th planetoid.
  11. Can confirm, the issue is because the seed isn't discovered inside the rocket. You can get around it by manually bringing a seed inside (i.e. storage bin).
  12. Regarding #5, the sugar engine is horribly underpowered, I made a post in the suggestion forum.
  13. When planting crops inside a rocket - in my case an Oxyfern to deal with CO2 - the game can crash. Based on the error, it seems to be because the required resources haven't been discovered inside the world the interior resides in, since I've never discovered that seed within that rocket.
  14. Can confirm, game hard crashes (no black hole menu) once the refinery produces liquid excessively hot. I assume there should be some gas target for the evaporation since there is a listed temperature that isn't absurd.