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Found 7 results

  1. Currently, there is no obvious indication of the medium contained within airflow or mesh tiles. Current behavior is shown for water, hydrogen and vacuum media. I believe this leads to confusion about the mechanics of how airflow and mesh tiles actually work. The tooltips make them appear as if they are ordinary tiles with ordinary tile properties, but many of the physics of the tile are actually the physics of the medium contained within. Currently, you must click to cycle through to the unlisted medium contained within. A bit less friendly than a tooltip. Solution: display the medium contained within the tile in the tooltip list.
  2. The new expand animation is rather cool but a little out of context for Expand, it seem like a fire destroying the card, so it could be cool for a Destroy type, but Expand? What about something like tearing the card in the middle, with each part going to the left and to the right and fall? We could imagine a tape on it the next time you see the card (from improvise for ex.) or next battle… Or something like wrapping the card in the middle? No destruction, but not usable anymore…
  3. With the introduction of the Rust Biome, I think it would be helpful to have more bands for cold temperatures in the Temperature Overlay. I also find the current bands of blue are very difficult to distinguish from each other, and this could be changed. For example, it would be good if there was a clearer visual distinction between the following bands: -40 to -30.1, -30 to -20.1, -20 to -10.1, and -10 to -0.1, in addition to the existing "chilled" band (0 to +9.9). This would be especially helpful in the early game, when I find myself breaking into the Rust Biome and trying to avoid heating it up too quickly.
  4. Why not? Why hide this information and AGAIN make us go to wikis...
  5. Devs, seriously, having to scour wiki's and crap all over the internet for basic information is ridiculous and user unfriendly to the nth degree! Just state in the machine description when temperature outputs are standardized and at what temperature they are: Electrolyzer: This outputs gas at 70c regardless of temperature input. Carbon Skimmer: This outputs polluted water at 40c. When it's variable by the environment maybe state: "Temperature output follow standard physics." ETC.... Instead of us having to rely on lore, the forums, wikis, etc... can you go easy on us!?!?!
  6. For example, I select a dupe, and then click on [SKILLS] in her info area... Back in my colony I click another dupe... KEEP the [SKILLS] tab open in the info area, don't revert to [STATUS] every time.
  7. Hi! In Don't Starve: Pocket Edition, after I save a game and come back to it there is a thin black line branching from the virtual stick. It does this in Shipwreck also. It doesn't exist when the virtual stick is disabled, or on other games. I'm on the Galaxy Note 9! Thanks for taking the time to read this. Edit: Added a screenshot to show the UI glitch. The black line is branching from the right of the virtual stick (over the fire for better contrast.)