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Madbro’s EVIL FOOD! (°ω°)

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Hello guys! (•ω•)

I have just had my grandma’s poor cooks...

That’s really, ugh, yucks.

However... If we can have some ultimately evil, strange dishes in ONI...

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Ok, let this evil stuff get started.


1. Slime Bread (-1)

Actually it is not a bread, it is just simply baked slime. With mud and wet stuff still inside.

2. Evil Salad (-1)

When this is served, what you only see is dead meal lices mixed with slime... With stinky smell, while green dirty water seeping out from the mess.


Anybody has more mad ideas like this?


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19 hours ago, mr peeps said:

-Pineapple pizza

-untoasted bread sandwich

-cold spaghetti

-toasted rot. 

-dirt. just dirt

I think thats some pretty spooky stuff right there


Duplicants should be able to eat dirt as a last resort for -100 morale and food poisoning.

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