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  1. Who would think of combining elements of those two together? I just came up with an idea and wonder if some poeople would like to join, cause I am kind of poor drawer. That's the idea: Make Don;t Starve a little bit postapocaliptic. Gates (doors) implemented, opened with authorisation. Walls very difficult to remove. A building called "shelter" - lookin' kind of like 1x1 starter base from Rust, authorised by builder, would work like a very difficult to take down tent, a land claimer, a respawn point and a big chest at once. Maybe some more buildings like it - as a storage shack, work shack... Loot barrels spawner all around the place - spawning barrels with useful things like components, resources, food and medicine. Pigs dropping meat and animal fat for those God damn furnaces. Walls difficult to take down. Explosives. Guns. Rockets. Mining drills and pumpjacks. And lots of carnage!