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  1. A simple energy-generation idea - food-consuming, dupe-sized rodents that would be happy to run the "manual" generators. They could be kept in a stable with these (it would make an expection for the "no industrial machinery" stable rule), make funny SQUEEEEE noises, smell bad, produce disease-infested polluted dirt and yeld good ammounts of meat. Some dupes could be terrified by those, another would love to cuddle thae little guys and further spread disease. Maybe lice?
  2. Let's look at the hydrogen generator. What really are those things...? I mean they consume hydrogen and give energy, simple. But where does the hydrogen go? It is turned into holium, while fused? I could use the holium. Is it burned? That would use up oxygen and really, you would not be able co continue with electrolysis on it's products, it's an endoenergetic process. And what about fossil fuels? Coal combustion not only uses no oxygen, but mass of it's products is significantly lower than substrates in game. Where is the missing smoke, where are the ashes? Why is there no naphta produced as a byproduct of oil reffinement, it's missing and could be used for that vaporising-liquifying to methane-turning to natural gas process. Methane entalpy is -890kJ/mol and obtaining two moles of O2 toi burn it and the entalpy of water is -286kJ/mol, so well, one would not be able to burn natural gas to obtain enouhg energy to electrolyse water to obtain the oxygen to burn it and NG combustion yelds a mass of waste equal to used NG, so I am OK with that, strange chemistry. About coal, it should, to be playable, yeld a load of ashes that, after some reprocessing, could yeld lime (coal ashes actually are used for manufacturing concrete). Petroleum generator is loosing 750g/s of waste somewhere. And this is a lot. Maybe it could yeld soot, good for energy consuming production of fullerene or grease? Grease could be used for tuning up regular machinery by general engeneers. Fixed temperature outputs of devices are just weird, but I suppose this was in favor of game's efficiency. Critters clearly destroy mass, yet they could yeld some waste that could be eventually used for something. Maybe to be composted to fertilizer? Food production (liceloaf, that green goop), destroys a ton of resources while it could yeld a ton of waste. I won't complain on oxygen-consumption quota, it's just a good game ballance. Finally, what about a late-game tech for direct change of enviromental heat to electricity? Some sor of doodaish-Faraday's discish-thingy. It beaks the II law of thermodynamics and surrealism of the idea fits in ONI.
  3. Well... Sometimes I build large pools of liquids with heat exchange systems and I want to make sure, tht the temperature is isotropic... And the automation macaroni is painful. I think, that a heavy automation wire should not be really difficult to work with - it could have 1x1 input/output tile to be build on top of it, that would have one nuber, set from 0 to 255, to choose the logic channel. I would really help make automation tidy. I think that radio transmitters would also be in order, probably much easier to implement. Heavy logic wire should not be cheap - it should cost 100 reffined metals and 100 plastics per tile, and behave like regular heavy wire.
  4. I would rather add garbage. Scraps of a resource that need processing in order to reuse it and recycling should consume energy. Metals could be recycled in metal reffineries, plastic scraps, after heating up should decompose to natural gas and petroleum, etc.
  5. Those would be in tact - a pipe analogue of a heavy watt wire, that could contain 100kg of liquid/10kg of gas/tile and could not run through walls. When I pump more than 100kg/s of oil or water the spaghetti gets frightening. It could have radiant versions and wall plates to conduct them also, and would connect with regular pipes with use of valves, that could overlap.
  6. In most places the temperature differences are too low for that to actually work efficiently.
  7. No, no, nooooo trashing the pulse gate idea, I love it! Arythmetic data stuff would be priceless to optimize my steam powerplants. And a reminder: WATTAGE SENSOR, both with arythmetic output and active/standby output, we do need that. And NAND/NOR gates, we do need those (and no, puting a NOT gate behind the AND/OR gate is not an option, I DESERVE AND DEMAND those NAND/NOR gates). Once I suggested minimised coder/decoder blocks - those would have 3 inputs, 3 outpust and would be programmable, so we could do things like: 000->010 001->011 010->010 011->110 100->100 101->000 Using a 2x3 gate and not 11 NOT gates together with 12 ANDs and 6 ORs. A real space saver for industrious duplicants. A little programmable wonder of technology to switch and turn off machines with a respect to the clocked sequence and do it without those horrible, disgusting buffer contraptions. And a clock. A regular, oscillating, 1 tile clock, this would be a REAL TREAT <3
  8. @Oozinator There is no sound in the vacuum.
  9. Just the regolith tiles. I hate them.
  10. A canon that would shoot down incoming meteorites, turning them to rubble, avaible after unlocking "celestial detection" tech and requireing liquid cooling (like reffineries do) and high power (10kW?) recharging after fireing. Finally Nikola's colony-cutting laser would come true! And really, all that regolith removal is just plain annoying.