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[Game Update] - 296000


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  • Developer

Balance Changes

  • Krampus is a bit more persistent.

Bug Fixes

  • Customizing a SW compatible ROG world, no longer generates a Vanilla world.
  • Fixed a bug with customization presets. 
  • Fixed Wilba’s missing map icon
  • Fixed several Wilba anim bugs
  • Fixed a problem with Glowflies not returning after saving in a humid season.
  • Fixed a potential crash when an antman warrior’s queen was killed

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  • Developer
2 hours ago, QuartzBeam said:

Wait, does that mean Glowflies and Rabid Beetles will no longer go extinct within 30 days?

Yeah, basically. The problem occurred when you saved during the humid season. If you never saved, there was no problem. 

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