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  1. Only with items and stuff, not DST bosses or mobs
  2. pitchfork

    You're right, I hadn't noticed, I'm sorry, anyway thank you!! <3
  3. Would like the machines, campfires. Stay closer, it's bad thedistance between them.
  4. pitchfork

    But on the Dst is also this way, only in Rog that it doesn't getthe same way
  5. please put for Tooth Trap, not to be collected in the key space, as in the dst
  6. pitchfork

    could it put the pitchfork same to the sw and hamlet in ROG?
  7. [Game Update] - 295671

    I still can not create a world without bugs ..
  8. Translation

    Would like to do a translation for the PC platform, because onAndroid has, it would be a good to have an official translation.
  9. when it is compatible with SW, it gives this bug, generating a normal world without dlcs
  10. New world bug erro

    my game is having this error when generating new world
  11. MENU COMPATIBILITY SEASON: AUTUMN season that is generated:spring