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Hello guys! (•ω•)/


In case of no oil reservoirs or your reservoirs are drained:

You’ll need Biofuel. (However it is just petroleum extracted from plants)


Today I’ll suggest biofuel as alternative fuel.

However I’ll also suggest that, an oil reservoir should have limited reserves, as an balance to implement renewable fuel.


Ok let’s get started!


1. Energy Wheat

A varient of sleet wheat that can be found in dead planets underground, means, you’ll need a driller module (my idea too) on your rocket.

Let’s see the growth requirements that I would suggest:

15g cadbon per cycle

25g polluted water per cycle

Bathed in CO2

Body temperature 40°C-80°C


One yield every 4 cycle.

10 energy grains per yield.


2. Biofuel Refinery

This refinery extracts the petroleum from the energy grains.

Production of every 5000g petroleum (at 45°C) requires 5 energy grains and 1000g water.

Power consumption 500W.


Hope this will bring new challenges into the game?

Please comment! (•ω•)/


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I liked the fertilizer makers as a biofuel source. I guess they were too effective though.

How about instead of adding a new plant we could just add the biofuel refinery that would extract petroleum from edible plants (amount would vary based on the plant type). You could dump excess meal lice into the machine or rely on bristle berry to convert water into petroleum (but not very effective), eventually you could use sleet wheat which would be positive on mass but hard to set up.

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Some reality-inspired ideas:

  • Fermenting wheat+water into something. IRL that would usually be ethanol, but can be butanol for very specific microorganisms. Butanol can be used as petroleum and so it could be represented as petroleum.
  • Algal fuel. Algae can be refined into crude oil. Would need a good way to farm algae, but it would be good to have algae farming anyway.
  • Composting in anoxic conditions produces methane (and CO2). Often happens underwater, if the water is stagnant and has no plants.
  • Dry plant waste can be used to supplement coal.
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Now, this only adds another way to use Crude oil, where you can just already boil it or, refine it, or have a Molten slicksters to get petroleum, this just seems like it is filling a niche that is already met by several other things.

It should need something else to create its fuel. Perhaps it needs some sort of metal, or.. uhm. No idea, actually. Maybe it needs something really weird, like Plastic, and liquified Chlorine. 

There could be a new critter too (Maybe the unused critter in the game?) that eats any Duplicant food, converts its calories + the food quality to create it into Energy grains? 

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