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Dupes won't pick up snazzy suit

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Just now, ChickenMadness said:

thanks doing that now.

Me building small room, locker inside, prio 9 for clothing, pneumatic door (for the style ^^) as door, then permissions that dupe is forbidden to leave - move to command into room, drop suit out of locker, when dupe is in - assign tadaa.
You can free him from all jobs too, when dupes idle, they take clothes before christmas 2096 ^^

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1 hour ago, Christophlette said:

Does the snazzy suit still melt when you send a dupe in a very hot room ? I remember seeing that once and I avoided snazzy suits that point onwards.

yes they do.  And rocket exhaust counts so my dupes keep losing them

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2 hours ago, Christophlette said:

So I guess they lose it even when in a exosuit.

It's not the time to use them yet then! Thanks! 

I am at zero stress on fatalistic but they used to be must haves for stress and I am a creature of habit

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