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  1. I saw the screenshot and my hand automatically went to the 'attack' button lol.
  2. lol that would be so fun. You could give the duplicants miner hats and everything is in fog of war without lights
  3. An automated Drecko stable

    Awesome. I'm going to try and build the minimalist version. Now we have fully automated ranches for hatches, pufts, dreckos on the forum. Someone needs to come up with a wrangle-free slickster ranch
  4. Having a strip of water running through the base like this is really good for temperature regulation. I usually run all piping, conveyor rails, whatever through these. It's a one size fits all approach since I usually send everything through it. You just make sure the body of water stays around the same temperature. Well there is a time limit on how long you can do that for when playing with miserable immunity. You'll have to feed the duplicants vitamin chews at some point. Exosuits should have piss and poop bags that you have to empty lol. They're too over powered.
  5. lol exactly. There are so many disinfection options that serve no purpose. You have to make up your own imaginary disease rules to make it fun.
  6. What I would like is a new disease that has similar mechanics to food poisoning but will actually infect the duplicants on contact (not just from eating food). It could be put in the oil biome or near the top of the map as a mid-late game thing. The food poisoning at the beginning of the game would be a good training for it. This is what I think is missing from the disease system. Food poisoning is too simple and easy to really to worry about. You just need to keep it away from the food. It always felt like it was preparing me for a more powerful disease with similar mechanics. But there isn't one lol. But adding this third disease we would have... Slimelung - infection from the air Food poisoning - infection from eating contaminated food *New disease* - infection from contact with skin. (so picking up germy rocks, touching germy ladders, etc.) That completes the whole disease system and fills all niches imo. Gives you more reason to use the exosuits. You wouldn't need to fill the exosuits with oxygen either, just so the duplicants don't touch things in the contaminated areas. And I would also like 'Doctors' to be added to the jobs board. So that we can have a more fleshed out hospital system.
  7. I agree the disease system needs to be expanded and improved upon. We need more than just slimelung and food poisoning. The immunity is fine when you play on max difficulty. It only recovers if you feed the duplicants vitamin chews. Never recovers on it's own. This lets you experience game content that isn't available on the easier settings. You'll never need to build the med-chamber or apothecary otherwise.
  8. Is that from BBQ? Or the meat on it's own.
  9. I think you have to feed the shine bugs or their reproduction rate will be slower. And that part of the maths is to show how many shine bugs one drecko can feed (with phosphorite). It's not used in the rest of the calculations that convert the egg mass into omelettes and kcal. That is done under the assumption that they're happy / groomed and at max reproduction. You won't be able to get that many Pacus until cycle 100+ though probably lol. I'd kill off the shine bugs and keep a few for decoration at that point.
  10. Dense Pufts are my favourite critter to ranch as well. Very reasonable reproduction rate. Oxylite is always useful. I love using it to oxygenate my base. They're much better for BBQ than omelettes though. 250g raw egg vs 1kg meat. Actually I think using dense pufts for omelettes would not be viable at all. Given the amount of effort it takes to ranch them. But for BBQ they are very worth it. I've done a bit of dense puft maths in this thread. Along with my fully automated ranch. The final design is near the bottom of the thread.
  11. I don't know if anyone has tested whether it boosts performance. It would keep the shine bugs close to the grooming station though.
  12. Well in terms of duplicant time spent grooming shine bugs are the worst critter since you need alot of them. So you would want to fully automate the ranches as soon as possible. The main benefits are -You have shine bugs in your starting zone. -The eggs are produced quickly. (you get 2 eggs in 3 cycles) -Doesn't take long to get the operation going. -Resource wise it costs nothing if you're using balm lilys to feed the drecko. (it's also easy to get a drecko. There is usually atleast one near the edge of the starting biome. They even spawn inside the start biome if you're lucky) -Free light source. If you can come up with a way to utilise them But it would be interesting to compare.... time taken for hatches to lay eggs vs shine bugs and hatch egg mass vs shine bug egg mass. I'll do it now lol Duplicant info 1 duplicant = -1000kcal per cycle 1kg omelette = 2800 kcal 0.357kg Omelette = 1000 kcal Hatch info - 1kg raw egg - Reproduction +16.7%/cycle (1kg x 0.167 = 0.167kg/cycle raw egg) 0.357kg / 0.167 = 2.137 2.14 Hatches vs 5.35 Shine Bugs to feed one duplicant (with omelettes). Hatches give you more kcal when you hatch the eggs for BBQ meat though. There are ways to limit the paving of flying critters by using water airlocks that lead into a second room though. Critters can't fly through the water locks. Also performance doesn't matter at the beginning of the game. I'd expect people to scrap the shine bugs towards mid-late game once they have access to all the best food sources.
  13. Was looking at the critter information in ONI biology and thought this was interesting. 5.35 shine bugs feed 1 duplicant with omelettes. 1 Drecko can feed 60 shine bugs with phosphorite. 60 shine bugs can feed 11 duplicants with omelettes. It could be a good way to start off the early to mid game and completely skip the need for mushrooms, bristle berries or meal wood (except in the very beginning). It would conserve a lot of resources. And omelettes are superior to fried mushrooms for morale. It also requires no resources when feeding the drecko balm lillys (other than duplicant time for grooming). Would need full automation to reduce duplicant interaction with that many critters though. This is how I calculated it. Underlined numbers that are used later on so it's easier to follow. Duplicant info 1 duplicant = -1000kcal per cycle 1kg omelette = 2800 kcal 0.357kg Omelette = 1000 kcal Drecko info - Drecko food to phosphorite conversion rate is 500% - They eat 2kg per cycle. - Produces 10kg of phosphorite per cycle Shine Bug info - Eats 0.166kg phosphorite per cycle ...... (10kg / 0.166kg = 60.24) so 1 drecko feeds 60 shine bugs - Reproduction +67%/cycle ...... 2/3 eggs per cycle ..... 0.667 eggs per cycle - 1 shine bug egg = 0.2kg egg.... when cracked becomes... - 0.1kg raw egg - 0.1kg egg shells (0.1kg x 2/3 = 0.06667kg/cycle of raw egg) 1 shine bug = 0.06667kg/cycle of raw egg (0.357kg omelette / 0.06667kg/cycle raw egg = 5.35 shine bugs) (60.24 /5.35 = 11.26 duplicants) so 5.35 shine bugs feed 1 duplicants 1 drecko feeds 60.24 shine bugs 60.24 shine bugs feed 11.26 duplicants
  14. What is reproduction rate?

    lol thanks, I just realised by opening up the game the information is actually there by hovering over the critters. I was looking at the ONI biology thread.
  15. Just made a thread about this. @Saturnus posted an omelette cooker design. And I posted a meat room in the same thread so you can imagine how both would work in tandem. I'm trying to come up with a system to automate the distribution of eggs to either the 'meat/kill room' or 'omelette cooker' to get.... meat for BBQ, meat for compost raw eggs to omelettes. saturnus's omelette cooker. (in the red box)