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  1. Batteries lose power and emit heat. But you can turn batteries off and they will keep the 'charge' but just not be useable.
  2. I usually make sure every duplicant has supply as one of their 3 interests and also divers lungs when I first start the game. Every 4 duplicants with divers lungs you can have 1 extra duplicant for free (oxygen wise) since duplicants need 100g/s but duplicants with diver's lungs only need 75g/s And at some point I reload the game over and over again until I get an astronaut dupe (supply, research, suit wearing) if I didn't start with one already. That and a mechanotronic engineer (supply, operate, optional: builder) are the only really important duplicants imo.
  3. Dupes neglecting critters

    Agreed with the tube system. I've had similar problems and tube systems tend to solve it. Grooming takes a long time so if you have multiple ranches and not enough ranchers they just won't have time to walk over there.
  4. When I'm rushing like that one of the first things I do is setup a drecko ranch and start feeding them mealworms so I can get plastic as soon as possible and transit tube my base up. Usually you can guide them into a box close to the jungle biome without having a rancher and then plant some mealwood there to get the ball rolling. And I sometimes rush smooth hatches for early refined metal but they're not as important because getting large amounts of plastic is more difficult than refined metal. Also one of the reasons I rush plastic is because I like playing with closed bases and no exosuits as much as possible. So I set up satellite bases filled with oxygen connected by the transit tubes. Putting the dupes in exosuits 24/7 bypasses a lot of problems which make the game fun for me.
  5. i would read it
  6. Map making dlc?

    Not having to spam the reroll buttons for 30 mins until you get the duplicants you want would be awesome.
  7. Bootstrap Oxygen Module

    I think this is going to hurt beginners lol. A beginner is better of just having the algae oxygen generator on it's own. Everything else there is waste of resources. I don't think the algae generators even produce enough heat that wheezeworts are needed. At the very least you will run out of algae before cooling them is ever a need. No point building anything more complicated until you have electolyzers and need to seperate the oxygen from the hydrogen.
  8. And you'll need a second breeding stable and hatchery to keep the numbers in the overcrowded stable from dropping anyway I've got a fully automated puft ranch for meat and egg farming that might give you ideas. You'd have to keep the one on the left under the overcrowding limit so they keep producing eggs, then make the limit of the second ranch however high you like. This was from early access though, don't know how much the game has changed since then, only started playing again yesterday. You have to scroll down on the first page to see the full final design.
  9. It's still better for industrial scale mass killings since you can put it on a timer and killl everything in one go each cycle. The OP's is good for early game though when theres no automation.
  10. Posted about it in the general discussions forum already. I've posted the link to the original thread. A metal tile (refined copper) was being damaged by over pressure from water. Instead of repairing I built some mesh tiles over it (iron ore) and a black blob spawned after the tile was deconstructed. the black blob showed up as 'copper' when I clicked on it. I then saved and reloaded the game and the black blob changed into an actual copper tile. I've uploaded 3 save files: Copper bug - after it happened. is the game with the bugged copper tile in it. Copper bug - before it happened. is the most recent autosave before the copper tile appeared. The water is still over pressure damaging the tiles and I haven't deconstructed them yet. Copper tile bug 1. is the same as copper bug - before it happened. But I deconstructed the metal tile that went buggy in the screenshots and 'copper bug - after it happened' save file. However when I did it this time, it was deconstructed normally and nothing happened. However the difference is I used the 'deconstruct tool' only. In the bugged save I built over the metal (copper) tiles with mesh (iron ore) tiles and the dark blob appeared after deconstruction. Copper bug - after it happened.sav copper bug - before it happened.sav Copper tile bug 1.sav
  11. Does that mean we will be able to make a colony that looks pretty and still gives dupes +12 decor morale without resorting to spamming statues? At the moment it's always a difficult choice between making a colony that looks nice, and spamming statues like this to meet the decor requirements for +12 morale. It would also be realllllllllly nice if you could give 'dry wall' tiles a decor bonus. +1 atleast, or varying decor dependant on the material you use for them. It takes a huge amount of resources to cover your base in drywall tiles so I think it would be balanced. As well as make up for the problem I mentioned previously, being forced to spam statues to get enough decor. I currently spam drywalls in my bases because it looks pretty. In this next screenshot. This base is objectively way prettier than my first screenshot. But the dupes in the first screenshot with statue spamming get +12 morale, but the dupes in the second screenshot vary quite a bit. ( I did end up spamming slicksters on each floor to make up the decor I needed for +12 morale though ). Also another point about critters that give decor. I think tropical pacus should have their decor range buffed because if you build an aquarium for hem inside your base, the decor range barely reaches outside the aquarium. It reaches the first 'comfortable bed' if the wall is vertical. And if beds are underneath the aquarium with a 2 tile gap for the bedroom height requirement, quite often the fish are too far away. (screenshot is example of aquarium) Also, if you want to have a hot water aquarium that doesn't leak heat into your base the only way to do it is with a vacuum surrounding it. I tried building everything surrounding the aquarium ceramic dry wall, painting, statues etc. as those are the only options you're given and it makes it manageable. But then the pay off you get from it is still meh. because of the low decor range of pacus and low decor they give. Just unbalanced imo. But I do it anyway because I like the idea of having an aquarium. I usually value making the base look nice more than getting enough decor because statue spamming looks so ugly lol. Just want to bring attention to these problems as they limit player creativity, you have probably thought about it already with the changes you mentioned but just letting it be known lol. I like being able to create 'pretty' designs from a roleplaying perspective that my dupes would like to live in. But currently having to accommodate statue spamming into the designs is very limiting. Giving drywalls a decor bonus would help massively with giving players some freedom for creativity imo. Maybe give the option to have gold or diamond used as a material that gives decor in dry walls, for balance. It would also be great if drywalls hid wiring and pipes behind them. would give another reason for building it. For aesthetics.
  12. All critters stand in one spot

    lol I have so many bugs in my current playthrough I'm about to restart. I have 3 ranches (slicksters, gulp fish, dense pufts) where the animals are being stupid standing in the same spot. And also every time I load the game half of my duplicants are outside of the base without exosuits on and end up dying.
  13. All critters stand in one spot

    save + reloading fixes it. They still do it again after a while though.
  14. Does this happen to anyone else? Not sure if theres any real downsides. But when it happens in my gulp fish farm, all of the water gets produced in one spot and it makes the water - polluted water distribution uneven in the water tank.