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  1. Dupes in the Dark?

    Would be cool if lights gave the duplicants a run speed boost. Speed boost because they're not tripping over rocks in the dark. And the dog leash for shine bugs is a cool idea. You could have a shinebug ranch at the entrance to your base, with a shinebug dock. A cross between the grooming station and exosuit dock. The shine bugs fly to it and they follow the duplicant on a dog leash, until the duplicant returns to base and passes the docking station again. And it gives the duplicant a run speed buff + work efficiency buff since they can see what they're doing lol. Also decor buff because they're cute. You could also turn the shinebugs into stationary lightbulbs with a special wall tile. One side of the tile faces the shinebug ranch. The other side of the tile would be a different room. When the shinebugs don't need to eat and are 'idle' they can fly into the tiles like a rabbit hutch. and they end up lighting up the opposite side of the wall. It might also make the game less laggy by reducing the amount of critters flying around. Since they'll stay in the 'rabbit hutches' until they need to eat or be groomed. There could be automated timers on the hutches to kick the shinebugs out as well on a schedule, for more creative automation builds. So many cool things you could do with the shinebugs if there was a proper lighting system lol.
  2. Flatulent dupe in atmosuit

    In the next exosuit design they're going to be forced to breathe in their farts lol.
  3. Dupes in the Dark?

    I always make it a rule in my games to put lights everywhere so the duplicants can see. Especially when you have a basement area at the bottom of the base where the mushrooms are growing in darkness. It feels just right lol. I make up a lot of my own rules for 'realism' and extra fun. glowing mushrooms would be cool. Those exist in real life.
  4. New drecko behavior

    we need a hulk critter to be added to the game, that can only be contained by bunker doors When it's hungry it gets angry and smashes through the walls if they're not made of steel lol.
  5. Pacus - Causes of death

    It's a very pretty fish tank though.
  6. New drecko behavior

    Many builds ago when I first started playing the game. I actually tried building 5 airlock doors next to each other. And the dreckos would still escape lol.
  7. Put all the seeds in the same container and then compost them. It will save you having to click multiple times
  8. Slicksters randomly dying

    ye an option to mute automation noises would be nice too lol. (unless they've done it already. I've not played in a while)
  9. New drecko behavior

    I've always found this to be the case in previous builds. If the top tile of water is a low number like 50kg critters just ignore it. (I don't know the exact number as I haven't tested it), I always made the water above 100kg atleast to stop pufts and dreckos from escaping. I've not played the current version of the game much though so not commenting on that. I think FPS has a lot to do with this type of stuff. The game behaves differently depending on the lagginess. Critters just stop moving altogether in my games after a certain point lol.
  10. New drecko behavior

    but you're accussing him of being wrong lol. I also agree that critters can move through pneumatic doors because they've done it in my games. It's usually the shine bugs that have done it in previous builds for me. This was before they added those background tiles to the pneumatic doors with the dry wall changes.
  11. Pretty sure this is it. You'd be able to get exosuits, plastic & other late game stuff extremely early otherwise. And like the above poster said, it's easier than farming. It would remove some of the challenge if you could start mass ranching hatchlings from cycle1. "If you can keep this plant alive for a month, we'll let you pet the hatchlings." lol.
  12. heat deletion from water sieves and other machines seem equally as 'cheaty' as wheezeworts to me. Even though I use both.
  13. Ranching Skill on QoL mk3

    Well when your favourite rancher that has special level 20 dog treats shows up, you're going to be sprinting towards them for that quality grooming time lol. In comparison to a level 1 stinky with sticky hands and no knowledge that critters like dog treats. Animals do that stuff in real life, they go crazy for their favourite humans lol.
  14. Slicksters randomly dying

    If you click on the critter it will tell you their body temperature. Once their body temperature goes below or above their minimum liveable conditions they die. that would be annoying if you have an industrial sized kill room based on temperature. You would get spammed with warnings constantly. You shouldn't need a warning if you know what temperature the critters can live in. If the room is too cold they WILL die eventually. I think that's enough warning for you. But it would be nice if it was easier to access all of this information about what a critter needs to survive and anything else thats important. All the information is spread out over those 4 sections 'Status / Germs / Errands / Properties / The book icon.' It's quite tedious when you want to find certain information about Duplicants and Critters. The User Interface in this game is tedious in general.
  15. ONI Biology thread deleted?

    Same I've complained about things on the forum (mostly gameplay balance) and they've been fixed in the next update lol. I think bugs are at the bottom of their priority list. Those are something you'd come to once the entire game is finished and you're done making huge changes to the game. It's a waste of time to fix minor bugs that are likely to resurface again during big gameplay updates.