How long are the sales on the item bundles going to last?


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22 minutes ago, Starphire said:

It strikes me as a psychological marketing ploy and I'm not a fan of that at all.

$60 dollars 'regular' for a bundle of character skins for each event is a bit much.

What exactly do you mean?

  • The Survivor Bundle (Magmatic) is $12.99. ($22.89 off buying separate)
  • The Weapon Bundle is $4.99.
  • The Armor Bundle is $12.99
  • Or Everything (Magmatic) for $19.99 ($10.98 off buying separate, or if you count the separate characters $33.87 off)

Buying each character separate for $2.99 would amount to $35.88 per event. Where are you getting $60 from?

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3 hours ago, Bluegeist said:

Perhaps Starphire means the Magmatic bundle, which is 53.86 but on sale for 19.99.

Yeah ok, I think that's a misunderstanding. It's not on sale, it's showing the value compared to buying each piece individually—it's the bundle discount, the "true worth" if you will.

The individual prices aren't bad if you want one character set, but if you're buying in bulk then the bundle is the way to go.

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30 minutes ago, Bluegeist said:

Yeah, but I understand how it appears to be tricky marketing what with the Klei weekend sale going on. I'm glad the bundles are such good deals regardless of a sale though.

Understandable, it could benefit from "$53.86 in value," instead of the current description we have.

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