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  1. Klei, I just retrofitted my Day 4951 World. Looking forward to celebrating 5k shortly. Still have plans to play for a long time to come. I hope to make it to 10k. It's a solo world, although I do have friends drop in from time to time to play with me. Solo my performance has been fine. I can play without feeling/experiencing lag most of the time and it doesn't interfere with combat or actions. I do have to make sure I keep excess clutter off the ground because if I don't it can start to get laggy. The game definitely has a lot to load/render on screen when I'm in base (which I am a majority of the time) but I'm in 50-60 fps usually. I do have a couple areas that are laggier b/c of a large tooth trap field and pigs/bunny pplz but still manageable with only little hitches while travelling through (I purposefully kept the number of pig houses/bunny hutches low, set to a certain amount). HOWEVER after the retrofit (which went off flawlessly thankfully. Took 4 min 25 sec to complete. It normally takes around that long to launch the world from host game screen) it's a different matter. Suddenly I i can't move without serious hitches to movement. I'm afraid the lag is going to prevent me from being able to play in my world properly! I'm getting probably half the frames I was before, maybe 60%. I have no interest in starting another world. I have tons of projects still in the works that I have yet to tackle. I miss my old diorama waves!! Is there any way I can alleviate this 50% drop in performance? EDIT: Can a moderator delete this thread? Just launched the game after the hotfix and cautiously optimistic whatever issue I was having might be resolved or at least greatly improved. Don't have time to check it out more right now. I'll make a bug report if necessary. Thank you!
  2. Seems to be the case, aye. Can confirm it's def a trend.
  3. I thought Beavers were water capable yo *scratches head* ;P
  4. Birds disappearing from cages

    I made my base around the Postern. The cage is prolly only a tile away from the Postern. Everytime I want to make eggs now I have to catch a new bird because the bird has disappeared. Not died, just completely despawned. Gone.
  5. I'm playing in a long term solo world with a lot of time invested in building. It's Day 4k+ and I'm finally getting into statue mechanics. I'm just now realizing my world generated without a Maxwell statue... and that with the current game state I'm permanently barred from obtaining the Kingly sketch as far as i can tell. Even if sketches were unlockable as tumbleweed loot (which I understand is broken atm), without a statue to mine in the first place they'd never be available from either source for me, ever. Is it possible to make the sketches a permanent addition to the tumbleweed loot tables that does not require an unlock? I'm concerned about how long it might take to obtain them from that source (given the 0.1% probability of getting the sketch you want) but at least it'd be a potential mechanic to legitimately generate them. I don't want to cheat the sketch in; I'd really prefer to obtain them from an actual game-provided source/means. In fact it doesn't even have to be tumbleweeds necessarily; just some alternate path for the player besides mining a world generated statue if it's unavailable to do so. Not only am I missing the Maxwell statue required to mine for the Kingly sketch, I've already mined the Pawn & Queenly sketches from their respective statues. Please allow any fixes to the tumbleweed unlock to apply retroactively to existing worlds in which the statues required to mine for the tumbleweed unlocks (King, Queen, & Pawn statue/sketches) are missing/already mined. Thank-you muchly!
  6. Tumbleweed sketches don't unlock

    My world did not include a Maxwell statue. I'd like to be able to access the sketch anyway by some other means, even if that just means making it available in tumbleweed loot despite not being able to mine the statue first. I hope that is taken into account when this bug is fixed. TY!
  7. Well, *rip* my Christmas hope and dream for a steam market version of the gingerbread chest like they did with the yuletide frock. ;P Ty for the new lantern! Wish there was a Christmas-y red lit version that was otherwise identical. The snowflake animations are truly lovely. ...What about the Snowfallen skins? Dare I ask? I don't see them available in the Shop and considering your announcement of no significant new content for Winter's Feast, what does that mean? Not having any Snowfallen option for either of my mains feelsbad. We've waited a year now. Also concerned the theme/style will be off from the rest of the set (if they are ever made) because of the time gap and possibility of a different artist involved. I'd really like to see the new ones remain faithful to the original 6 so they feel like one cohesive set. Not trying to complain; just bringing up my concerns. I'm very thankful for the gift of the new lantern skin, the new event skins, and having the wonderful Christmas event back Klei, ty ty!
  8. Game crashes around Boarilla point

    I created a Forge bug report (Forge Crashing Over and Over and OVER Again) which is on page 2 atm. Check it out GeoDashPro51. If our crashes are being caused by the same problem (and ur description of the problem sounds similar), if you set your Sound FX volume to 0 it should stop your crashes from occurring. Can you try this and see if it stops the crashes from happening for you, and get back to this and let us know? Hopefully Klei will fix this problem properly for us, but if this temporary fix works for you, it'll establish that these crashes are all coming from the same source issue.
  9. Random "DST Has Stopped Working"

    I created a Forge bug report (Forge Crashing Over and Over and OVER Again) that's now on page 2 I believe. If we're both facing crashes by the same cause, setting your Sound FX volume to 0 should stop the crashes from happening. Try it and let us know if it helps Rockbigman? Hopefully Klei will properly resolve the problem for us, but in the meantime this will help you complete your rounds and at least get your XP, and also provide feedback to help build a case of what's causing these crashes.
  10. Yes, you can read my bug report of the issue on page 2 of the bug report forums (Forge Crashing Over and Over and OVER Again). Turning your Sound FX volume to 0 should cure your crashing problem (at the expense of sound cues/immersion) if it's the same issue (as the similarity of your description of the problem would suggest). Doing this stopped the crashes for myself and a few other people I know who are also experiencing it. Try it and let us know if it helps you C0Rb3N. If it doesn't then your crashes are prolly caused by something different.
  11. Wilson Quest

    Hotblack was denied this quest when he got the Doctor card. When he got Healer instead next round, it popped the Quest completion. Go figure right?!
  12. This sounds awfully familar C0Rb3N. Until they fix it properly (knock on Woodie), try setting ur Sound FX volume to 0 and see if that resolves the crashes. There is definitely an issue tied to Sound FX atm it seems. I look forward to ur feedback. Even being able to finish a round to get that meagre XP is worth, right?
  13. That sounds horrific KU. My sympathies. Having to reboot is the ultimate bug crash insult. My hope is that they're AT LEAST quietly investigating this in the background? Cause we've had 0 feedback so far; not even an official acknowledgement of the issue. Crash bug reports seem to have all been left 'Pending' I got my hopes up after having a few crash free games with Sound FX volume set to 5, but as SOON as I posted about it the problem returned and back to playing Forge in silent Wes mime mode again. ;_;
  14. Nevermind. Should have knocked on Woodie after making that post. After having a few hours crash free, the next Forge session following this post, the problem returned with a vengeance! Had to Sound FX 0 again. RIP. Feelssobad after having my beautiful sound back for day. *Sadness*
  15. DST has been crashing regularly for me during this event. It crashed during beta, it's still crashing now, and it's getting more frequent. It's really interfering with game play for me and making it very difficult to either play or enjoy the event. It feels like I'm crashing every 2nd match AT LEAST and it's making me feel terrible to let my team down like that, over and over again. It's getting to be too much. I just had to stop playing because it started crashing more frequently. Crashed in arena, returned, crashed again in lobby, returned, crashed again in arena... ya, I really hope there is a fix. Every event I've participated in DST in has had the same pattern of crashing (both original Forge & Gorge). Sometimes the sound stutters immediately preceding a crash, but most of the time it just goes black and drops me to desktop suddenly without sound or error message. Here's a couple client_log.txt & a DXDiag.txt. If you require anything else please ask. The last MDMP seems to be from gorge's time period, so if you want that too I can provide it. client_log.txt client_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  16. Have you guys addressed this issue silently? I recently had my sound FX volume on (b/c single player) for Forge and didn't experience a single ingame crash. I've since played a number of hours with it on and still no crashing... this is so amazing/such a relief, ty! Now the only crashes I'm experiencing are the lobby double-click crashes. Just a single double-click while the lobby is non-responsive and I still am crashing, but thank god crashing is no longer an issue for me during the match itself (thus far). The boarilla roar animation on it spawning is still silent for me btw. Not sure if that's a glitch or not, but it keeps striking me as strange when u see the animation of the roar take place and no sound to go along with it.
  17. So excited to see these new side show skin additions. Was afraid they'd never implement these; the umbrella, tent and thermometre skins are some of my favs! The umbrella skin will def be my new go to. <3
  18. I've experienced quite a few crash-to-desktops from the Forge lobby after a match as if you spam any any button (mouse or keyboard) out of impatience while hovered over a lobby button (like continue) during lobby lag/load, while it's temporarily unresponsive. I mean after you've loaded into the lobby (having returned to it from the end of the match); not the transition screen while u load from the end of the round into the lobby. When the lobby GUI is visible again. Being as it takes so long to reload the game, this can cause you to return to the server browser and find the lobby ur returning to has filled in ur absence. If you're playing a mixed game with friends and randoms and with no proper lobby vote kick system present (please Klei, this would be SUPER useful for us to have, especially with the frequency afk lobby griefers are encountered), this can be a very troublesome issue to face time and time again.
  19. Since turning the sound FX volume to 0, I've experienced no crashes during the forge rounds (I still crash in lobby but that's from a non-related cause afaik that I need to make another bug report for). I remember missing sounds from things like the boarilla roaring when spawning previously with it on, if that info helps at all... Please fix this Klei and let us know if/when you do so I can turn my sound fx back on and experience the full forge experience... not the Wes mime one. :/ I know of several others who've been experiencing this same issue that have also experienced no crashes after setting their sound fx volume to 0, so hopefully that info is also useful.
  20. Cheat Console

    I'm really wondering if people are using these kind of exploits in leaderboard placement attempts. Wouldn't surprise me if they were. Unfair scenario for those who aren't cheating for sure.
  21. Ty for posting a possible workaround Splorer. More and more it's seeming to be a sound related issue huh. I'm still getting missing sounds/animations for hits on the boarilla. It's harder to anticipate and cancel animations b/c of it. I really rely on sound cues to guide me during forge game play, so I really hope they provide a proper fix, but i'll try this and see if it helps. The crashes are often preceded by a black screen as well btw KU, but it's only momentary as the crash occurs. Sometimes I don't notice one or the sounds and game stutter right before also.
  22. Game crashes in Forge over and over again

    You're not planning on addressing the issue in the immediate future?? I love you Klei so please tell me this isn't so...
  23. Doesn't help that the game takes forever to launch, windows wheel spinning furiously as its unresponsive. It also often prevents me from using my push-to-talk key in discord while on a loading screen/launch, and makes me fall into radio silence with people wondering what's going on and if I'm gonna return or not. So ya, the frustration is real. The game didn't use to be so unresponsive or take so long on launch but I suspect my long mod subscribed list is probably mostly responsible for that? I remember when DS end-tasked u could load the game and ur world and be back in business in less than a minute. It was impressively snappy. ;P It's also caused me to lose out on my match XP over an over again, lol. With only being able to get 2 matches done in an hour at best under most circumstances, that starts to hurt.
  24. [Game Update] - 291461

    I've heard if you cut the tea trees down the squirrels (Poki?) stop spawning? I'm assuming that's a beta issue if so? How many nettles spawn on average? And again, that time crunch to collect them still feels like an issue for first season usage. Lemme live with the gas mask sanity drain for a bit, but my first impression is that it feels a bit steep. So besides the gas mask, nettle, tea tree pods, and that fancy fan that requires gears and i'm assuming requires a stationary location, are there any other mechanics for removing/preventing/reducing hay fever?
  25. [Game Update] - 291461

    Is there enough nettle in the world and does it regrow fast enough to be able to eat it every day of the season (assuming it removes the hay fever symptoms for an entire ingame day)? That's a lot of time pressure on the player to use that as a viable strat for the first season (search the jungles fully by day 24 on top of crafting the science machine, alchemy engine, lightning rod, and a pith hat. Or are you just meant to be insane for the entire first season while using the gas mask? Not to say you couldn't manage it for a season or two, but that'd get really punitive over the course of multiple seasons and make people not want to use the gas mask for hay fever prevention long term. If there's a better, valid alternative to hay fever that allows u to travel freely, and that's what's intended for us to move onto from the gas mask, okay...