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  1. I really love enraged Dragonfly; she's the most beautiful boss in the game, I think! Would <3 if you guys made a profile icon of enraged DF that we could use. *thumbs up*
  2. So if I've loaded my host game category and saw the 0 mods listed for a couple worlds, and then backed out without tinkering. I hope that info isn't lost and the fix restores the previous settings as some of my worlds have 30+ mods that I determined and set so long ago I'm not sure I'd be able to remember them... *gulp*
  3. It's at around a second at least to cook an individual food item, ya? When you release the key the item you're currently cooking wouldn't complete; I think that'd keep you from overshooting too easily. That's what I was thinking about anyway. With practice I think you'd pretty quickly learn to anticipate when u need to let go of the key. Otherwise they can, as I suggested in my OP, make it an option you could toggle on/off, either from the settings menu or by a shortcut key or modifier key ingame so that you could switch between either mode on the fly. I'd prefer the former to the latter though. It'd be more seamless.
  4. @ArubaroBeefalo Yes, I'm so down for that too! The day 'Lazy Crafting' mod broke is a sad day. You could batch craft cobblestone. Shove in 40 boards & 40 rocky turf into the alchemy engine and have it pop out 40 cobblestone turf... oh baby. Crafting it by hand is a huge pain. I've learned to loathe the crafting sound as you painfully craft one turf at a time... at least let us hold down the button to get the job. Batch crafting added to the game would be massive. O_o But even just hold key to craft as long as you have the crafting ingredients would be a big improvement. *thumbs up*
  5. Since we're on the topic of Quality of Life improvements that could be made to the game, would you consider the possibility of making (or adding to the option of in the config menu that you could toggle on or off) of cooking on holding the mouse key down instead of having to click for each individual item of food? I'd much prefer to hold down the mouse key continuously and for each piece of food in the stack you're cooking to require a certain time period to perform. If u let go of the mouse and the time period/animation for the last piece of food cooking is not complete, then it would cancel that animation and return the food to its place in the raw food stack. So, to clarify, say you have 40 pieces of raw food, and you've cooked 20, and you're cooking the 21st piece of food (having continuously cooked them by simply hold down the mouse key the entire time). If you lift your finger during the time period the 21st piece of raw food is cooking, and it wasn't able to complete the full time period/animation, then the animation is cancelled and raw food item is shown returning to the player/raw food stack, and the number showing the quantity of food in the raw stack would revert to 20 from 19 as the raw food item is replaced to that stack. Having to click each item to cook it easily becomes overwhelming and fatiguing. Just consider having 5 stacks of eggs you want to refresh... That's 200 eggs you have to click 200 times on a fire to cook and then an ADDITIONAL 200 times on the bird cage to feed it to the bird. It's hell, not to mention the irritation of the bird sleeping during the night. I feel like if the player wakes the bird up it should stay awake. I miss the ability to use the bird at night as you were able to in Don't Starve... Feeding the bird is a chore best saved for night time when you're more incentivized to be stationary anyway. Having to risk carpal tunnel by spam-clicking the bird before it falls asleep and having to spam-click 400 times to process 200 eggs is really inefficient, horrible, inconsiderate, and fatiguing. Just allowing the player to simply hold the mouse down until the stack of raw food that was required to be cooked (or fed to the bird) has been consumed would be really fantastic and an easy way to bring additional Quality of Life to your community. Secondarily, if you considered reverting the bird's behaviour to how it was in DS, where the bird would not fall asleep after a few seconds of being awake, but remained awake at night (whether it stayed awake at night or simply remained awake after being awoken), that'd also be a huge boon to and very considerate of your player base as well. Thank-you for the Quality of Life improvements you've been bringing to the game for us! We appreciate it. <3 P.S. I'm not suggesting changing the length of time required to cook a piece of food. Keeping it the same would be fine. Unless you wanted to make it faster for us? ;P
  6. I thought Beavers were water capable yo *scratches head* ;P
  7. I made my base around the Postern. The cage is prolly only a tile away from the Postern. Everytime I want to make eggs now I have to catch a new bird because the bird has disappeared. Not died, just completely despawned. Gone.
  8. I'm playing in a long term solo world with a lot of time invested in building. It's Day 4k+ and I'm finally getting into statue mechanics. I'm just now realizing my world generated without a Maxwell statue... and that with the current game state I'm permanently barred from obtaining the Kingly sketch as far as i can tell. Even if sketches were unlockable as tumbleweed loot (which I understand is broken atm), without a statue to mine in the first place they'd never be available from either source for me, ever. Is it possible to make the sketches a permanent addition to the tumbleweed loot tables that does not require an unlock? I'm concerned about how long it might take to obtain them from that source (given the 0.1% probability of getting the sketch you want) but at least it'd be a potential mechanic to legitimately generate them. I don't want to cheat the sketch in; I'd really prefer to obtain them from an actual game-provided source/means. In fact it doesn't even have to be tumbleweeds necessarily; just some alternate path for the player besides mining a world generated statue if it's unavailable to do so. Not only am I missing the Maxwell statue required to mine for the Kingly sketch, I've already mined the Pawn & Queenly sketches from their respective statues. Please allow any fixes to the tumbleweed unlock to apply retroactively to existing worlds in which the statues required to mine for the tumbleweed unlocks (King, Queen, & Pawn statue/sketches) are missing/already mined. Thank-you muchly!
  9. My world did not include a Maxwell statue. I'd like to be able to access the sketch anyway by some other means, even if that just means making it available in tumbleweed loot despite not being able to mine the statue first. I hope that is taken into account when this bug is fixed. TY!
  10. Well, *rip* my Christmas hope and dream for a steam market version of the gingerbread chest like they did with the yuletide frock. ;P Ty for the new lantern! Wish there was a Christmas-y red lit version that was otherwise identical. The snowflake animations are truly lovely. ...What about the Snowfallen skins? Dare I ask? I don't see them available in the Shop and considering your announcement of no significant new content for Winter's Feast, what does that mean? Not having any Snowfallen option for either of my mains feelsbad. We've waited a year now. Also concerned the theme/style will be off from the rest of the set (if they are ever made) because of the time gap and possibility of a different artist involved. I'd really like to see the new ones remain faithful to the original 6 so they feel like one cohesive set. Not trying to complain; just bringing up my concerns. I'm very thankful for the gift of the new lantern skin, the new event skins, and having the wonderful Christmas event back Klei, ty ty!
  11. I created a Forge bug report (Forge Crashing Over and Over and OVER Again) which is on page 2 atm. Check it out GeoDashPro51. If our crashes are being caused by the same problem (and ur description of the problem sounds similar), if you set your Sound FX volume to 0 it should stop your crashes from occurring. Can you try this and see if it stops the crashes from happening for you, and get back to this and let us know? Hopefully Klei will fix this problem properly for us, but if this temporary fix works for you, it'll establish that these crashes are all coming from the same source issue.
  12. I created a Forge bug report (Forge Crashing Over and Over and OVER Again) that's now on page 2 I believe. If we're both facing crashes by the same cause, setting your Sound FX volume to 0 should stop the crashes from happening. Try it and let us know if it helps Rockbigman? Hopefully Klei will properly resolve the problem for us, but in the meantime this will help you complete your rounds and at least get your XP, and also provide feedback to help build a case of what's causing these crashes.
  13. Yes, you can read my bug report of the issue on page 2 of the bug report forums (Forge Crashing Over and Over and OVER Again). Turning your Sound FX volume to 0 should cure your crashing problem (at the expense of sound cues/immersion) if it's the same issue (as the similarity of your description of the problem would suggest). Doing this stopped the crashes for myself and a few other people I know who are also experiencing it. Try it and let us know if it helps you C0Rb3N. If it doesn't then your crashes are prolly caused by something different.