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  1. Seems to be the case, aye. Can confirm it's def a trend.
  2. I thought Beavers were water capable yo *scratches head* ;P
  3. Birds disappearing from cages

    I made my base around the Postern. The cage is prolly only a tile away from the Postern. Everytime I want to make eggs now I have to catch a new bird because the bird has disappeared. Not died, just completely despawned. Gone.
  4. Eating wood/twigs etc. is a mechanic that needs to stay from a practical standpoint. Being able to raise your log metre at whim allows you to stave off werebeaver form for as long as you wish unless full moon. I use it constantly playing Woodie. In fact I miss not being able to get rid of miscellaneous extra twigs by eating them when I play other characters afterward. It'd also be devastating if you couldn't use Living Logs to eat in certain situations such as human Woodie chopping sporecaps during the toad fight. If you can't replenish a large chunk of your log metre quickly you're going to be at a severe disadvantage/handicapped in your ability to contribute appropriately. He's got a curse. It's magical. I mean human beings have ate crazy things like broken glass or entire bicycles irl. *shrug* Obtaining logs/boards is one of THE biggest grinds in game, especially as a builder. Woodie's whole premise is being a Were-BEAVER so i feel like the focus should remain on his being a top notch wood (and other resources such as boulders etc.) HARVESTER. His advantage over Maxwell is precision in harvesting (I get to choose which resources I'm going to harvest so I can only harvest fully mature trees and avoid harvesting the others). Ie. SELECTIVE harvesting over having minions with no control over what they target other than vicinity, and even then they fork targets strangely sometimes. I see no flaws in human Woodie. When it comes to Lucy & Werebeaver it's an entirely other matter. Whoever decided to port Werebeaver and Lucy to DST SLASHED their stats to shreds. I want to be able to remain in Werebeaver mode indefinitely if skilled/experienced enough, with some sort of mechanics that allow werebeaver to replenish health & sanity on the run, with werebeaver equipped with enough insulation and armour to avoid being so squishy and constantly freezing/overheating, especially during long winter full moons, and enough damage (a flint axe worth is insulting; a tentacle spike AT LEAST please) to deal with twin terrorbeaks in a reasonable time frame. I still wanna see werebeaver get insane but perhaps not as quickly, or with ability to get regain sanity fast enough to maintain that rate of drain, and be able to be productive as a resource harvester throughout being werebeaver (so insanity creatures not too time-consuming). Lucy needs to be at least flint axe damage AND infinite. Again, having less damage than an infinite weapon willow's lighter is absurd. The above are my mains concerns, and involve making Werebeaver/Lucy practical and good at their roles of #1 Wood harvesting #2 Resource harvesting, period. If KLEI are feeling generous and would like to add extra, please make Werebeaver viable and a bonus in boss fights, with cool abilities like being able to gnaw out of bone cage or a master at removing toad's spore caps (with enough survivability to reasonably resist boom shrooms or ground slams); or moba-like moves like a tail slap to stun (pan flute replacement for dragonfly) or a drill dash through attack like Wheeler dodge but with Werebeaver teeth gnaw damage. Attacks that would replace equipment that Werebeaver cannot equip that certain boss fights require, such as enraged dragonfly. Being able (possible, not saying easy) to solo every boss fight as werebeaver would be living the DREAM. Also, I have such trouble finding my dropped items after I Werebeaver. So hard to find my cane, hat in winter/summer. Important stuff for survival. Some kind of compass back to my **** or some indication where I transformed would be such a luxury KLEI! P.S. Please do not revert to DS Werebeaver mechanics. DST version is preferable. Please keep the tree cone/nut planting +5 sanity perk. One gnaw per stump would definitely be beneficial. Some benefit with treeguards would be nice. I like to keep them alive but kiting them for long distances/time in werebeaver mode is challenging as you have to relocate them to continue to work at the chop site. Please let me remain Werebeaver for long stretches and be able to harvest an entire forest of hundreds of trees IF I can maintain my health/sanity in combat. Please don't remove the twin terrorbeak challenge, but please give us tools to deal with them in a reasonable fashion as far as armour/damage is concerned, and with enough insulation value to last that long in cold/heat. Current state is Werebeaver can only chop 6-7 or maybe 11? fully mature (1 that is one stage lower) trees before filling log metre, and transforming back to human Woodie. A PITTANCE of logs. Do that process TWICE and Woodie's sanity is at 0 and you're going to want to replenish your sanity stat before you transform again. Werebeaver wants to gnaw ALL the trees. In a continuous flow/dance. ;P Allow combat to either halt or regain log metre so long terrorbeak fights during full moon to do not result in 0 log metre and health loss so frequently. With as low damage as Werebeaver has it's what, almost 15 hits per terrorbeak, and with 2 that's a time-consuming process. Maybe elaborate on that follower bonus? I get that it's a thing b/c Woodie is a polite Canadian but maybe make it more of a useful mechanic? Woodie chain gang crew, ohhh make it so that pig woodchoppers target ONLY the trees that woodie/werebeaver tags, for example. That'd be amazing and so useful! Let 'em go for a rip with his buds, eh (bonus points if all of Woodie's followers gain temporary plaid jackets while hired, lul). ;P Having some cool carpenter crafting skills would be dope but DEFINITELY should take a back seat to making Werebeaver/Lucy viable. Woodie is my fav character and I've played him many hundreds if not thousands of hours so I feel fairly well acquainted with his issues and what I'd like to see him be capable of. TY.
  5. Woodie's rebalance

    Lucy being weaker than an infinite durability cane is no bueno. She should at least match the cane if not straight up be a full infinite axe b/c that's Woodie's thing and she makes u pay with her voice, lol (Is an infinite magical axe too much to axe for?) Werebeaver only doing intro weapon spear damage also doesn't cut the mustard imho. I'd like to see him match a tentacle spike or so. Also, Werebeaver is too squishy and lacks insulation. Would like to see those made more durable/increased reasonably. He takes weather damage a little too easily and is so fragile that he can't handle very many hits from the twin terrorbeaks he normally hosts after his sanity drains in short order. I have no problem with human Woodie that I can think of atm. Seems good enough (please keep 5 sanity per tree cone/nut plant), but I'd really like to see Werebeaver become more viable in combat and harvesting. As it is u can only harvest 6 fully mature trees and one lower tier tree before filling log metre and returning to human form (I may have forget proper stats but it's something like that. 6-7 or maybe 11? Nothing more than that for sure.) Sanity drains too fast, you can't regain sanity/health stats via any mechanic, and so u can't easily extend Werebeaver mode to make it really worthwhile. I wanna be able to remain in werebeaver for extended periods of time (even indefinitely) if you have the experience/preparation/skill to manage some introduced mechanic(s) to regain sanity/health. I plant a 10x10 tree farm (400 pine trees) and would really <3 to be able to harvest it in one go if you can manage the werebeaver minigame stat balance (be able to fight shadows, survive more than a few hits, maybe regain sanity/health in some manner via combat with shadows or by eating logs, etc. and be able to finish the job before transforming back). I really appreciate being able to choose my tree target to selectively harvest trees vs. the max axe shadow minions' everything goes approach. ;P It also bothers me that during a full moon, combat does not in anyway count as replenishment of the log metre. Yes, it's not 'wood' material, but ur gnawing on something with ur incisors, so if it at least 'suspended' the drain or lessened it considerably that'd be amazing! If you can kite and bite successfully you should be rewarded for it imho. Let surviving long term in Werebeaver be tough but fair; a reward to the player for learning the mechanics to replenish stats and survive the combat and environmental challenges you'll encounter. The longer you can maintain the Werebeaver flow the greater ur harvest and combat success. I'd really like to see Werebeaver be viable in certain scenarios in boss fights. Right now u **** ur pants if u become Werebeaver during a Toadstool fight b/c good luck via big burst damage (boom shrooms and stomp) but shouldn't Werebeaver be survivable and a legitimate strategy to use to take out Sporecaps, for example?! Fuelweaver gnaw out of bone cage potential? Or night vision for lighting free boss night fights! I hope to see boss fights being possible and proper ruins combat etc. rewarded for Werebeaver in a skilled/experienced player's hands. Thank you for the opportunity to share our feedback and see it possibly come to fruition during this character rework Klei! P.S. You know what really sucks Klei? Having to make an axe for a weapon to kill a Koalefant early game because Lucy is useless in comparison. It requires 37 hits to kill a Koalefant with Lucy vs. 19 for a non-magical, FINITE, regular axe made from a hunk of flint. WHAT? That's about TWICE the effort to kill a Koalefant early game, and TWICE the opportunities for failure. It feels really bad to have to craft that flint axe when Lucy is hanging off ur belt/whining in ur bag to be let out to do work/fight but she's way more of a risk than a reward. What's even MORE outrageous is that a mere WALKING CANE, a TORCH, and Willow's LIGHTER (an infinite weapon) among others, all make a better Koalefant killer than Lucy the magical axe, as they each require only 30 hits. Feels bad indeed. Make Werebeaver cool again, and a real weight puller/team player in terms of harvest & combat (yes, even boss combat) potential! An intelligent human director wrapped up in a robust water-resistant, weather-resistant, thick-skinned hide; a sharp-toothed Were-Beaver gnawing machine/beast suit. In other words, a force to be reckoned with.
  6. I'm playing in a long term solo world with a lot of time invested in building. It's Day 4k+ and I'm finally getting into statue mechanics. I'm just now realizing my world generated without a Maxwell statue... and that with the current game state I'm permanently barred from obtaining the Kingly sketch as far as i can tell. Even if sketches were unlockable as tumbleweed loot (which I understand is broken atm), without a statue to mine in the first place they'd never be available from either source for me, ever. Is it possible to make the sketches a permanent addition to the tumbleweed loot tables that does not require an unlock? I'm concerned about how long it might take to obtain them from that source (given the 0.1% probability of getting the sketch you want) but at least it'd be a potential mechanic to legitimately generate them. I don't want to cheat the sketch in; I'd really prefer to obtain them from an actual game-provided source/means. In fact it doesn't even have to be tumbleweeds necessarily; just some alternate path for the player besides mining a world generated statue if it's unavailable to do so. Not only am I missing the Maxwell statue required to mine for the Kingly sketch, I've already mined the Pawn & Queenly sketches from their respective statues. Please allow any fixes to the tumbleweed unlock to apply retroactively to existing worlds in which the statues required to mine for the tumbleweed unlocks (King, Queen, & Pawn statue/sketches) are missing/already mined. Thank-you muchly!
  7. Tumbleweed sketches don't unlock

    My world did not include a Maxwell statue. I'd like to be able to access the sketch anyway by some other means, even if that just means making it available in tumbleweed loot despite not being able to mine the statue first. I hope that is taken into account when this bug is fixed. TY!
  8. Well, *rip* my Christmas hope and dream for a steam market version of the gingerbread chest like they did with the yuletide frock. ;P Ty for the new lantern! Wish there was a Christmas-y red lit version that was otherwise identical. The snowflake animations are truly lovely. ...What about the Snowfallen skins? Dare I ask? I don't see them available in the Shop and considering your announcement of no significant new content for Winter's Feast, what does that mean? Not having any Snowfallen option for either of my mains feelsbad. We've waited a year now. Also concerned the theme/style will be off from the rest of the set (if they are ever made) because of the time gap and possibility of a different artist involved. I'd really like to see the new ones remain faithful to the original 6 so they feel like one cohesive set. Not trying to complain; just bringing up my concerns. I'm very thankful for the gift of the new lantern skin, the new event skins, and having the wonderful Christmas event back Klei, ty ty!
  9. Game crashes around Boarilla point

    I created a Forge bug report (Forge Crashing Over and Over and OVER Again) which is on page 2 atm. Check it out GeoDashPro51. If our crashes are being caused by the same problem (and ur description of the problem sounds similar), if you set your Sound FX volume to 0 it should stop your crashes from occurring. Can you try this and see if it stops the crashes from happening for you, and get back to this and let us know? Hopefully Klei will fix this problem properly for us, but if this temporary fix works for you, it'll establish that these crashes are all coming from the same source issue.
  10. Random "DST Has Stopped Working"

    I created a Forge bug report (Forge Crashing Over and Over and OVER Again) that's now on page 2 I believe. If we're both facing crashes by the same cause, setting your Sound FX volume to 0 should stop the crashes from happening. Try it and let us know if it helps Rockbigman? Hopefully Klei will properly resolve the problem for us, but in the meantime this will help you complete your rounds and at least get your XP, and also provide feedback to help build a case of what's causing these crashes.
  11. Yes, you can read my bug report of the issue on page 2 of the bug report forums (Forge Crashing Over and Over and OVER Again). Turning your Sound FX volume to 0 should cure your crashing problem (at the expense of sound cues/immersion) if it's the same issue (as the similarity of your description of the problem would suggest). Doing this stopped the crashes for myself and a few other people I know who are also experiencing it. Try it and let us know if it helps you C0Rb3N. If it doesn't then your crashes are prolly caused by something different.
  12. Wilson Quest

    Hotblack was denied this quest when he got the Doctor card. When he got Healer instead next round, it popped the Quest completion. Go figure right?!
  13. This sounds awfully familar C0Rb3N. Until they fix it properly (knock on Woodie), try setting ur Sound FX volume to 0 and see if that resolves the crashes. There is definitely an issue tied to Sound FX atm it seems. I look forward to ur feedback. Even being able to finish a round to get that meagre XP is worth, right?
  14. That sounds horrific KU. My sympathies. Having to reboot is the ultimate bug crash insult. My hope is that they're AT LEAST quietly investigating this in the background? Cause we've had 0 feedback so far; not even an official acknowledgement of the issue. Crash bug reports seem to have all been left 'Pending' I got my hopes up after having a few crash free games with Sound FX volume set to 5, but as SOON as I posted about it the problem returned and back to playing Forge in silent Wes mime mode again. ;_;
  15. Nevermind. Should have knocked on Woodie after making that post. After having a few hours crash free, the next Forge session following this post, the problem returned with a vengeance! Had to Sound FX 0 again. RIP. Feelssobad after having my beautiful sound back for day. *Sadness*