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  1. To add to this bug, when my team and I defeated the Grand Forge Boarrior the healing garland (it's proper name escapes me, apologies) dropped outside the arena and we were unable to pick it up.
  2. When hovering my mouse of portraits it occurred to me that many of them had switched qualities. As you can see in the screenshot my portrait's quality had switched with ViaVelta's. Hope this is of some use to you <3
  3. So, I am on my second winter now and am in the process of fighting Klaus, I'm more than well equipped to beat him and know the kiting pattern off by heart at this point. However...about a third of the way into the fight (more or less where he summons krampuses) I start to get an absurd amount of input lag, to the point where the game is virtually unplayable. I suspect it might be server lag, which frustrates me because I'm playing alone and as far as I know there is zero way to play offline. What makes it even more frustrating is that the game runs fine when I first load up the world, the start of the boss is an absolute breeze. Does anyone have any suggestions as how I can fix this?
  4. So yeah, here's my friend's OC, Niarraha in the Don't Starve Style. I changed her design a little so that it matched the 1920's clothing style of Don't starve and also because a wedding dress fits with the character's backstory quite well and suggests how they might have ended up in the Constant. My friendo absolutely loved this and is an awesome, friendly, kind person, so show her some love on instagram @NiaTheElf