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The Hamlet non-human character

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thevicelion    45

So I wanted to point up something.

Have you noticed that every DS expansion has a non-human character (including vanilla)

For DS: WX78

For ROG: Webber

For SW: Wilbur


For HAM:???

So basically I can be sure to tell you that we'll have a character coming soon on Hamlet and it's not gonna be a human.

So now, speculation: what we have on Hamlet. In terms of theme and ambient, we have ancient ruines, jungles, a city IN THE SKY and more than everything we have... Pigs.

Now I don't really think we will have a pig character on Hamlet that would be weird and out of tune, we had pigs since like the first alpha.

But what's related to jungles and ancient ruines??

If we have a look at the unimplemented or unfinished characters that never saw light, we can only see 2 non-human characters: Wortox and Wilton... 

But they seem like they don't fit on what we have here, Wortox is a demon and Wilton is an skeleton.

So what would the new character look like?.

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bugsmand    740

Wonder if there's gonna be more than 2... in SW there was 4 new ones.. hmm.. Maybe there's too much content into hamlet that we only need 2. But 2's fine also, so.

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