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  1. I don't know if someone said this before but, when you are in the ruins, shadow creatures will pop out from the krisures, and those are different from the sanity shadow creatures for 2 things, one they don't have a spawn limit of two per player so multiple can come after you, and two they don't restore sanity after death. My unknown mechanic is that you can actually know if a shadow creature is a sanity one or a nightmare fase one by holding ctrl and hovering the mouse over them: normal sanity shadows have this names "Crawling Horror" and "Terror Beak". And the nightmare fase variants have those instead: "Crawling Nightmare" and "Nightmare Beak" So if you need sanity restoration and want to kill some shadows, avoid the ones named "Nightmare" unless you want the nightmare fuel.
  2. Wardrobe makes game crash when using it.
  3. Marble portrait makes a black square around the portrait.