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  1. Yeah, I know what you mean, maybe it is not the direction you'd want for Wormwood, but they still need to expand on the "friend of plants" perk and now it is the perfect time to do so with the RoT updates, and it would be a nice addition to the game combining the new RwyS and the RoT theme. You are right, maybe a generic body template would be necessary but still making different crops have different abilities, like for example watermelons could shoot at distance, maybe pumpkins could tank for longer, asparagus could have a longer mele attack range and pomegranate have some explosive/AoE attack, maybe just explode and die in the process like creepers idk.
  2. [Suggestion] I think with the new RWYS beta Wormwood seems to have lost one of the most useful of his perks: planting seeds fo free Before the update it would take 288 cut grass, 216 manure, and 144 rocks to plant 36 crops, and Wormwood could do that for free, making crops something that is actually useful for once in early to mid game. But with the new update, while they still gave him little new things and nice perks, it only cost 12 logs, 6 cut grass and 2 flint to grow the same amount of crops than before, and it is actually better to use the Garden Rigmajig and hoe than planting stuff in the ground by Wormwood, since you can't fertilize the normal turfs and can't produce the Big crops unless you plant them in the Farm fields, and even if you plant them in the farm fields, sometimes they don't really detect it and thin they are planted in normal turf instead. Besides, if you are gonna plant them in the farm fields, why using Wormwood anyway. Still planting crops in the ground has its benefits and is a good thing to be able to do but still this update just made Wormwood's special power kinda lacking the "special" and just being a normal perk. NOW for the actual topic in the title: I was watching a streaming on the beta when suddenly I looked at an onion and thought "Hmmm, that looks kinda like a head or something, it'd be funny to see an onion grow some arms and legs and start walking around" then i made a suggestion in the stream chat and everyone seemed to like it. What if you decided to make farms in the Lunar Island or Lunar Grotto Biome and when harvesting the crops, some of them suddenly came alive and started walking, some of them aggressive, some of them neutral? I say the lunar biome because it has showed to make plants come alive multiple times with things like carrats, saladmanders, bulbous lightbulbs and so on, and also so it would be a nice way to control if you want to grow normal plants (main island) or living ones (lunar biomes) And then what about Wormwood actually being able to befriend the living plants, this way giving more emphasis in one of the other perks that really needs more attention by Klei; the fact that Wormwood is a plant-creature hybrid that can relate and befriend plants, since there is a really small portion of the living plants that are actually passive to Wormwood. So this way you can reproduce carrats and saladmanders by planting carrots and dragon fruits respectively in the moon, but also have more living versions of other crops that could act as followers for Wormwood and maybe not be so useful for other characters, so it's a Wormwood-only perk and more of a little annoyance to some players that want to base in the moon. But not only this, what if you actually grew the big versions of the crops and then those came alive? then you'd have a bigger and stronger version of said living plants. (Imagine new Giant Carrats and Saladragoons) [you could use Giant Carrats to win easier in the carrat races if you activate the year of the carrat event] There is one downside to this tho, and it's that making this changes to Wormwood would turn him in another monster-character-that-befriends-its-own-species like Webber and Wurt are, but still would make him somewhat interesting and it is different since he has to grow his new little friends. TL;DR Wormwood is not so special anymore so I suggest new crops come alive when grown in the Moon biomes and he can befriend them to have them as followers. Just imagine a Wormwood with an army of walking onions and tomaroots.
  3. I don't know if someone said this before but, when you are in the ruins, shadow creatures will pop out from the krisures, and those are different from the sanity shadow creatures for 2 things, one they don't have a spawn limit of two per player so multiple can come after you, and two they don't restore sanity after death. My unknown mechanic is that you can actually know if a shadow creature is a sanity one or a nightmare fase one by holding ctrl and hovering the mouse over them: normal sanity shadows have this names "Crawling Horror" and "Terror Beak". And the nightmare fase variants have those instead: "Crawling Nightmare" and "Nightmare Beak" So if you need sanity restoration and want to kill some shadows, avoid the ones named "Nightmare" unless you want the nightmare fuel.
  4. Honey Nuggets and Honey Ham just seem to be delicious! I love salty foods combined with sweet sauces and those are the ones I'd try first from all Don't Starve Foods.
  5. Sounds like a mod that should be made after the final release, because tbh I don't think we'll see changes to vanilla Mandrakes, but can't say it wouldn't be good.
  6. Wardrobe makes game crash when using it.
  7. Marble portrait makes a black square around the portrait.