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  1. Meaty nettles

    I think a new recipe should be added to the game. This would require any meat and 3 nettles (or 2 since you are using meat, which is harder to get than a twig) and would result in a meat varian of the nettle rolls that spoils a bit faster but gives more food. This way Wigfrid would get de benefits of the nettle rolls in a way that fits well in the game and it's not cheaty like making her able to eat the normal nettle rolls. I know there will be a lot of Wig mains that will say that it's not that hard to go through the Lush season without eating nettles but there is still a lot of people that would be grateful to have a feature like this one because it's not hard really to survive with hay fever; it is ANNOYING AF and sometimes I can't stand it. That's it, just a short topic that i'd like people to give their opinions about, and I know it that Klei probably is not making an update any time soon, but I still think they will or at least should take a look back at Hamlet after they are finished with RoT, Character Reworks, and basically all the DST things they have planned because this is what the community wants. Or maybe a mod could be made idk.
  2. I dunno but if you see someone play and enjoy playing Wendy or Wigfrid. Then they are not gonna use another character never ever.
  3. What would YOU like to see in a (hypothetical) QoL 2?

    I just ONLY want ONE thing:
  4. RIP cool extremely salty water
  5. I just want the Werebeaver to be able to open the f**king map so I can map out the caves for free.
  6. What if you actually need those avocado stones from the lunar island but without mining them first?...
  7. Yes. Another example of this is how the ancient gateway resets the cave in-game, but lore-wise it actually takes the survivors into The Forge, then The Gorge and so on, like we can see it in The Forge video.
  8. Wardrobe makes game crash when using it.
  9. I just hope they add more shadow creatures. For real.
  10. Marble portrait makes a black square around the portrait.